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Artist - GIL KANE


Letterer , colorist - ARTIE SIMEK , G. ROUSSOS






TITLE - The Day Of The Death Birds !

Long weeks ago , one of Adam Warlock's young followers died -- during the deadly combat with the monster called Triax ! Warlock was filled with guilt -- Assailed by arrows of self-doubt . In the Mojave Desert in southern California covering an area of roughly 15,000 square miles . It has always been a place of intense place of heat and a calm , dry tranquility . Until today because there is going to be a bomb test . Geologist drive up the road and what do they see . The geologist have spotted an uncanny pulsing object . As they approach slowly , cautiously , their hearts filled with a gnawing nameless fear the gigantic cacoon suddenly bursts open ! For a moment they cannot see what is in the glowing receptacle . And then a powerful red-clad figure emerges , amid unearthly lights and rumblings . It is Adam Warlock . From this moment everything will be different for these two watching men , and for thousands of others . For this will be like a day like no other . This will be The Day Of The Death Birds ! A light from beyond the world bathes the emerging figure . Warlocks thoughts are drawn back to the day when the bestial Triax attacked his young friends . And he remembers the smell of the fresh-turned Earth covering the coffin of Eddie Roberts . Adam Warlock remembers when he told his friend he was going to leave because his presence only brings death . Self-Anger filled him . The jewel on his brow glows and intense blue . The golden gladiator levitates and speeds away from all those he known on Counter-Earth . Counter-Earth : This recently born twin of the true Earth , which orbits forever unseen on the far side of the sun . Warlock tries to expel his anger and guilt , in the vast go-round of violence . And then from the reaches of space -- a voice -- The High Evolutionary ! " Ready to resign Adam Warlock ? Will you admit now you can not help this world ?" Adam Replies , " I ... NO I shall not quit ! But ... I would withdraw for a time ! " The High Evolutionary replies , " Very Well . Return to the cacoon from which you came . There you will be free of all thought , hence of all remorse . I will summon you forth after a time ... to see if you still cling to your stubborn faith in the people of this world I made !" While the guilt ridden Warlock sleeps the world moves on , and change . For instance , politician Rex Carpenter is elected president and takes office . And now long weeks later Warlock is awakened . The geologists tell Adam Warlock to leave because there will be a Bomb Test in two hours , and they believe the test might cause an earthquake if they don't stop it . The test might activate the San Andreas fault . Some miles away : A California locale known as the livermore valley Professor Von Doom checks and rechecks the geologists' figures and believes that it will trigger the San Andreas fault , and that it will cause untold havoc . Doom also knows of a cache of outlawed War Weapons buried to near that fault . An earthquake might detonate them -- destroying millions of people . Doom believes there is no alternative the test must be canceled , and he informs the president at once . Across the country in the white house a very special phone rings . Doom tells the president about the whole thing . The president believes it is worth the risks , and the bomb test will take place . Lacking the new presidents faith , thousands of people begin to pour out of the test vicinity . At the test center the fateful countdown progresses . A long moment of silence follows the underground blast . And then , The Earth begins to shake and tremble . Vast cracks fork across the land . The upheavals of the Earth come stronger . At the San Andreas Dam a crack begins to zigzag down the retaining wall . The crack grows bigger and bigger until the imprisoned water breaks free ! The escaping water soon surges by Warlock . Warlock sees the water and has to save the people of Counter-Earth . The Soul-Jewel glows and power infuses him . Imbued with new purpose he sours skyward . Swift seconds later , the golden gladiator swoops down on the dam . Warlock summons up a tremendous flow of cosmic energy , and focuses its full force upon the tumbling walls ! The material melts , fuses and hardens . The wall holds ! Now Adam Warlock must stop the water which got away . He concentrates another enormous charge of energy , and begins to cut a channel in the Earth . The escaping waters are caught in Warlock's channel and led safely to a nearby lake . Tremors continue to shake the land , scattering tons of rock and Earth . The walls of a sealed cavern breaks away . The outlawed weapons stored there are ferociously shaken . The intense convulsions of the ground shake the weapons into activity ! These are Anti-Personal missiles , nicknamed DeathBirds . It was decided they were too vicious for civilized warfare . Now the quakes have caused them to take flight ! While at Professor Von Doom's Head-Quarters Doom calls up the president to tell him about what had happened . The president says that he will angle the Air Force angle and tells Doom to do what he can . Doom grabs a portable deactivator and runs for his car . Back in the Desert the people notice the DeathBirds . The DeathBirds were made to kill from the air ... finding their victims by body heat . Then they open fire , just as they were programmed to do . Stray shots explode a truck ! The explosion reaches Warlock . He finds the dead and dying in the wake of the runaway missiles . The DeathBirds drone on , doing their work . Warlock is attacked by them . Straining , drawing on his utmost inner resources Warlock begins to glow until he flares with a powerful intense heat . The deadly missiles turn ... all aim for Warlock . Like a levitating Pied Piper , the glowing Warlock leads them . He makes a sudden turn , but before he reaches the first DeathBird the missiles all destruct with a deafening impact . The shock of the blast slams Warlocks back . It sends him hurling towards the Earth . Down and down and down until he plummets . Stunned by the force of the blast , weakened by his expenditures of energy . Straight towards the jagged rocks he falls , then , his eyelids flicker , and scant feet from the ground he pulls up . Warlock ends up falling anyway from just a few feet . The power consumed in the last hour takes it's toll . Warlock tumbles to the ground sprawls flat and lies still . Warlock sees Professor Von Doom . The man whom destroyed the DeathBirds with his deactivator . They meet and greet and go to Dooms car . A bit later , the two arrive at the makeshift camp . The people seem to sense that Warlock is something special . They flock toward him , awed and silent . Warlock avoids them but a woman runs up to Adam Warlock and thanks him with tears in her eyes for saving her life . Warlock trys to be humble . For several moments no one speaks . They simply watch Warlock in silence . Doom tells Warlock how he should be a leader of men . Warlock retaliates by saying that he must first learn where to lead himself before leading others . Later , Doom and Warlock are watching television . Doom wonders how the president is going to explain the events . The president says , " My fellow Americans , Let me first say how deeply I regret this tragedy . But let us remember that in dangerous times , for the good of the nation , we must all make sacrifices ! I must tell you our country faces a serious danger ! We must stop at nothing to rid it of this danger ! And the danger is a man ... A man named Adam Warlock !" The people around Warlock stand in amazement . They wonder why the president would say that when Warlock saved all their lives . Slowly , reluctantly the crowd draws back from Warlock . They are puzzled , confused , and none is more puzzled than the golden gladiator himself . What does this mean ? Why has Rex Carpenter turned against him ?


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ART - 9 Soul Points

STORY - 9 Soul Points

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