20 cents


Plot and Editing - ROY THOMAS



Finished Art - TOM SUTTON

Spiritual Advisor - GIL KANE





TITLE - Count-Down for Counter-Earth !

The story starts out with Adam Warlock restrained by the Man-Beast's minions in a subterranean H.Q. . Adam Warlock quickly gets loose and begins to attack his captures . He first takes out those who held him then jumps for the Man-Beast . Then Adam Warlock is stopped by a chain which catches him by his neck . The one with the chain is named Monck who is on top of an archway above Warlock . Instead of doing anything Monck talks to much and Adam Warlock uses his momentum to swing to the top of the archway and grabs Monck . He then uses his Soul Gem to devolve Monck . When Adam Warlock disposes of Monck . The Man-Beast tells Warlock to stop fighting and that they should have peace . Warlock listens to the Man-Beast . The Man-Beast does not want to upset Adam Warlock so he chooses his word carefully because he believes Warlock can defeat him . The Man-Beast uses his cape to beam Warlock and himself to the surface so that they may talk in privacy . The Man-Beast offers partnership . Warlock rejects the offer . The Man-Beast questions Warlocks Purity and Innocence . Adam Warlock assures that he is Pure and Innocent . The Man-Beast gives a hypnotic gaze to Warlock . Adam Warlock gets light headed and recovers . The Man-Beast tells Warlock to look towards the Earth . Warlock looks down and see's a mob chasing his four best friends . When his best friends are cornered they start to blame them for property damage done by their friend Adam Warlock in time of battle . Each of them deny knowing Warlock personally . They say they don't even want to know him . This enrages Adam Warlock . Warlock unleashed his true power and the Man-Beast is dispersed into oblivion . Warlock states that his immediate threat has been eliminated and it is good . He then goes down to the Earth and doe a lot of property damage . The government send jets to stop the rampaging Warlock . Warlock is hit by a missile but is unhurt . He then destroys the jet that shot at him . The pilot ejects out of the cockpit to safety . Adam Warlock decides to destroy the pilots parachute and the pilot falls to his death . Warlock is pleased and continues his rampage . The people of the government are planning to destroy Warlock so they use their most powerful weapon , The Atomic Bomb . They nuke Adam Warlock and kill thousands of other people in the process . They detect life signs . It is Adam Warlock and he's a little upset . He flys away to kill the people for doing what they did . He finds the four friends of his who betrayed him . He threatens their annihilation . They do not fear him . They tell him of how he used to be good but is now evil and that he should stop his reign of destruction . They only said what they said because they were scared and that they did not have power like Warlock to defend themselves . Warlock remembers when he touched their souls with the Soul Gem and that he found good . He decided to give up his rampage . His four friend started wisping , blurping , merginging , shaping into the Man-Beast . Adam Warlock learns that the experience was all a hypnotic dream conjured up by the Man-Beast . The Man-Beast tells Warlock of how if he had killed his friends that he would be just like the Man-Beast . The Golden avenger and the evil Man-Beast battled . Warlock devolved the Man-Beast . Adam Warlock flew around Counter-Earth . It was fine . Nobody was afraid . He found his four friends , and they greeted him with open arms . Adam Warlock is happy .


Good story and good Art


The battle between Adam Warlock and the Man-Beast was too short


ART - 7 Soul Points

STORY - 7 Soul Points

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