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Chapter 1: Warlock and the being called Gemini meet in the skies and realize their DNAs are similar. Gemini explains that he is a composite of two twins, Noel and Erik created by a supercomputer named Genie to harness the power of Shu-ji, an alien power only a chosen few can possess. Gemini, being a bit brash, attacks Warlock. Warlock in turn takes control of his physical body and sends him flying off to a nearby satellite in Earth orbit. The two collide and the satellite explodes, sending him hurling back down several thousand miles from Los Angeles (their original location). Because of the time differential, it is almost dark and Gemini, after waking from his unconscious state begins transforming into a dracula-like creature giving the Erik half control of the body (previously Noel had control). Warlock falls to the ground at the realization of a suppressed memory.
Chapter 2: Warlock internally begins remembering the events that have led him to his present situation. He remembers going off into space in an attempt to search for the Infinity gems and abruptly encountering a spatial anomaly. The newborn interdimensional singularity pulls him in. Warlock found himself in a new place where he is worshipped and expected to defeat the evil that is there. Soon a battle begins and Warlock feels compelled to defend the good people against one who calls himself the Prince of Void. The battle is very physical and Warlock not used to fighting without the renewing vitality that the soul gem used to offer is stabbed by the demon prince. The dracula-like creature is unable to steal Warlock's soul as he lays there because of Warlock's strong mastery over his soul. Warlock immediately spins a cocoon about him.
Chapter 3: Warlock finishes his recollection and jumps to his feet ready to destroy Erik. The two begin to fight but Warlock soon realizes that his is but an aspect of the dark god. He then realizes that to answer more questions he will have to enter Erik's/Gemini's soul. Having the newly developed power to do this, Warlock enters and finds that the two halves are battling for dominance. He then sees that a bargain was struck. To Noel went the daylight hours and control of the cosmic powers. At night, Erik took control and attempted to satisfy his bloodlust set by Rune. With the pact in effect, the brothers began to change. Noel, originally being kind and noble began changing to be more harsh, judgmental and brutal. Erik in turn began to continually lose his sanity. Seeing only one solution, Warlock exorcises Erik's demon soul from Noel of which the soul begins to dissipate in the air. Noel turns back to human apparently losing all power from the disincorporation of the two.
Epilogue: Warlock feels as though he and Noel are kindred beings - both being made of the same DNA. He decides to leave the universe back to his own and wonders whether he should seek Kismet out to explore "possibilities". He finds the spatial anomaly he first encountered and traverses it back to the Marvelverse. Meanwhile, Noel reveals he pretended to lose all power. He interfaces with the head of a Rune-like robot he had collected previously and travels through cyberspace to destroy Genie - the supercomputer. On a lonely street, two cops walk down talking about the Rune case. All of a sudden Erik's soul appears as he enters one of the cops. He explains that Warlock didn't realize that he had kept a little energy stored within him in case of such an emergency. The energy allowed him to keep cohesion long enough to find another body. The new Erik rapidly begins rejoicing as he feasts on the other police officer.

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