Real name:
Adam Warlock
NickNames: God Slayer, Goldilocks, Him
Dual Identity: Magus
Current occupation:adventurer
Former Occupation:
Citizenship: Created artificially on Earth
Place of Birth: Earthen Scientific Complex called The Bee Hive
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Her renamed Kismet (also created in The Bee Hive)
Known Confidants: High Evolutionary, Pip the Troll, Gamora, MoonDragon, Drax the Destroyer
Known Allies:
Thanos of Titan, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, and basically all the good guys when in time of crisis
Major Enemies: Thanos of Titan, Mephisto, Mistress Death, etc. al.
Usual Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe
Favorite Places: Earth, Counter-Earth, Soul World
Former Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe
Membership: Former member of The Infinity Watch
Extent of Education: Unrevealed

Physical Description

Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: Gold
Skin: Gold
Unusual Features: No pupil in eyes

Powers and Abilities

Beyond Human. Adam Warlock sees things differently than others
Strength: Superhuman Class 50
Speed: SuperHuman
Stamina: SuperHuman
Durability: Nearly Inexhaustible
Agility: SuperHuman
Reflexes: SuperHuman
Fighting skills: Adam Warlock's fighting skills were not taught to him . He developed them on his own while fighting enemies. He has developed fighting skills to rival the best Martial Artists.
Special Skills and Abilities:
Vast Knowledge of Strategy, and the Occult. Adam Warlock has the ability to fly. He is outside the realm of Chaos and Order so therefor he knows the Universe as no other mortal. He has demonstrated superhuman physical powers with his new abilities to see a person's aura and touch/go into their soul.
Superhuman Physical Powers:
Besides the above listed attributes, Adam Warlock has none.
Superhuman Mental Powers:
Adam Warlock has demonstrated no psionic abilities. But he seems to have a defense to psionic attacks. He also has a firm grasp on reality.
Special Limitations: Getting too insane can turn him into the Magus
Source of Superhuman Powers: Adam Warlock's power were gained by the means of his birth. The scientists endowed him with powers so that he could be the perfect human. He also gains extra power from his Soul Gem.


Costume Specs:
A robe. It possesses no special properties
Personal Weaponry: Soul Gem, and his staff which he sometimes uses to project his spiritual energy. With the Soul Gem Warlock can steal souls, and also use a Karmic Blast to knock his opponent out.
Special Weaponry: Adam Warlock once possessed the Infinity Gauntlet. It gave him total control over all Space, Time, Power, Reality, The Mind, and The Soul. With it Adam Warlock was omnipotent, and had few rivals if any.
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Adam Warlock makes the staff using the Soul Gem. Gamora made his latest robe.


First appearance:
Fantastic Four #67 as "Him" (cameo)
Origin Issue: Fantastic Four #66
Him was birthed at an Earthen scientific complex called The Bee Hive. The goal of his creators was to birth the perfect human. But it was a dream beyond their scope, if not their abilities. While in the cacoon Adam Warlock learned of the evil schemes his creators had. Realization soon dawned on the creators that they had created something beyond their control. And so Adam Warlock came into this reality. A being without parentage. A creature who would reach maturity without supervision and uncontrolled. After abandoning his home world (Earth), Warlock's next encounter with sentient life was with the Asgardian, Thor. In this meeting, Warlock attempted the physical abduction of the goddess Sif in order to force her to become his mate. Adam Warlock then battled Thor, and got himself killed in the process. Adam Warlock resurrected from his death and his behavior improved, of course, when he met the being known as the High Evolutionary. Under his guidance, the young godling's life was given direction, purpose and, fortunately, one thing more. THE SOUL GEM! One of the Infinity Gem. Warlock then became involved in a project of the High Evolutionary's that had gone awry -- Counter-Earth. His attempt to create a utopian society out of the framework of the original Earth had been contaminated. It had fallen under the influence of the nefarious Man-Beast. Warlock sent out to nullify the beast's hold on Counter-Earth. But his method to rectify this problem involved his own crucifixion. His narcissism drove him to death. A death even he wasn't certain he could resurrect from. To say this was a rash gamble would be a major understatement. Then there was the Magus. He created the Universal Church of Truth, a quasi-religious militia which conquered and ruled a thousand worlds with an Iron Fist. Adam Warlock's other self forced billions to worship him as a god. How many millions died at this false prophet's hand? By traveling through time to confront his other self only a short time before Adam Warlock was destined to give birth to the Magus and by stealing his own soul the sole Infinity Gem he then possessed. Some might call it a brilliant strategic move. Adam Warlock then resided in the Soul Gem for many years. Until one day an intruder entered the paradise of the Soul World. They were a strange pair. One was sheathed in a metallic silver coating (The Silver Surfer) and a huge green dumb looking being (Drax the Destroyer). Drax the Destroyer engaged Adam Warlock in battle. Adam Warlock used trickery and his fighting ability to take down Drax the Destroyer. After talking with the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock sent him and his companion back to their universe. Adam Warlock had known that Thanos the Mad Titan had taken control of the Infinity Gauntlet for a while and decided to attempt to stop Thanos' mad scheme for fear that he may attach the Soul World when finished with the normal Universe. Adam Warlock contacted Dr. Strange and then came into our reality to lead the most powerful hero's and Dr. Doom into battle against Thanos. Adam Warlock also devised a strategy with the Cosmic Gods. Adam Warlock kept the strategy to himself because he knew Thanos wouldn't try to read his mind because of how difficult it would be. Then at the moment of truth Adam Warlock told the Silver Surfer the plan , but it failed . The plan was to win by deception, but it failed. Then later Thanos lost the Infinity Gauntlet to his Grand Daughter Nebula. Nebula couldn't see Warlock because he is outside the realms of Chaos and Order and Nebula was mentally deficient at the time. Adam Warlock then touched the Gauntlet and entered the Soul World bringing the Silver Surfer with him . Adam Warlock used the Silver Surfer as an anchor so that he wouldn't get lost when reaching out to the other gems. Then Adam Warlock gained possession of the Infinity Gauntlet to become GOD. Later, Adam Warlock was put to trial by Eternity. It was proven that Warlock was mentally unable to have the gauntlet without there being a chance of him destroying the universe. So Adam Warlock gave the gems to 5 courageous souls: Pip-Space Gem, Drax the Destroyer-Power Gem, MoonDragon-Mind Gem, Gamora-Time Gem, Thanos-Reality Gem. The next time Warlock required to reform the Infinity Gauntlet was when the Magus was back (When Adam Warlock was god he shed all good and evil from his being). The Gems didn't work but Thanos and Warlock had anticipated this and created a mock Reality Gem. When the Magus abducted Adam Warlock he gained the gems. When Galactus got the Living Tribunal and Eternity to make the gems work as one. Then the Magus was nearly omnipotent. Warlock managed to grab onto the Infinity Gems when and was a god along with the Magus. Warlock eventually won out with the help of Eternity and Infinity the Magus was vanquished to the Soul World, and Adam Warlock was in a coma like state. When Warlock awoke he had to do battle with the goddess (his good half). She sought to kill all life with the Cosmic Egg and recreate the universe for the "better". She possessed many of Earth's defenders, but was thwarted by Thanos and Adam Warlock in the end. After that the Infinity Watch broke up.

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