--September 15th, 1999

The Power of Adam Warlock web site has moved to Marvelite.Prohosting.Com and is now being maintained by Marvelite.  The creator of this site, Soul Gems, however, will still be making updates from time to time and continues to hold full creative control.  Profiles of Gamora, Pip, and Drax have also been added to the site and the fan fiction and chat links now go to the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group and weekly chats.   Lastley, the Power of Adam Warlock web site is now being sponsored by AnotherUniverse.Com.  All funds generated from AnotherUniverse.Com go to maintaining web space and to the designer of this site.

--February 17th 1999

News from Tom Lyle on the Warlock mini-series. "The mini-series sold in the vicinity of 30,000 for issue one and 20,000 and lower for the other three issues. Not great, but not terrible in this market. Still not good enough to get an ongoing, though. Not even really close."

--August 14th 1998

Warlock No. 2 (of 4) (Creator) Tom Lyle, Robert Brown The perpetrator of last issue's murder stands revealed and neither you nor Adam Warlock will believe your eyes! Now the well-known killer must face Warlock in cosmic combat that will blow your mind and melt your eyes right out of your sockets! But there's a more sinister scheme behind it all, and the mastermind responsible strikes his first deadly blow against Adam and his allies! The plot thickens in this second chapter of this scintillating space opera!

--August 10th 1998

More info. from Warlock mini-series writer Tom Lyle.....

There are four villains "totaled" in the mini-series. One is gone by issue two and is under the control of our main villain. He has never been a villain before and will never again. The main villain defiles this man's legacy by this use. Our main villain is SYPHONN. He resides in the negative zone and his plot involves WARLOCK by the use of the first villain and who he kills. The other two villains are a secret and do not become a factor until the end of issue three. Lots of mayhem in this series. No word yet on sales for the mini (which are selling badly lately) and whether or not we might get a regular book out of this. Take care- Tom Lyle

--July 18th 1998

From Mania.com
Warlock No. 1 (of 4) (Creator) Tom Lyle, Robert Jones After his travails in an alternate universe, Adam Warlock has returned to familiar surrounding and friends on Saturn's moon Titan, only to be drawn into a bizarre murder mystery! A longtime ally of Warlock has been killed and it looks like the murder could only be the work of his former Infinity Watch teammate, Drax the Destroyer! A disbelieving Adam decides the best thing to do is to hunt down his long-absent other teammates: Gamora, the deadliest female assassin in the galaxy; and the irreverent interstellar party animal, Pip the Troll! But perhaps even this reunion of powerful friends may not be enough to stand against the power of Drax! And neither they or you will be prepared for the shocking return of a Marvel character you thought you'd never see again in a state you've never seen him in before!

--May 30th 1998

More news about the story line from Lyle "Well, I've started issue two and things are looking good. Adam and company are in pursuit of a cosmic serial murderer and found much more than they ever thought they would. Genis is trying to figure out how to live without his ... OOOPPPSS, too much. He's angry, anyway. Mentor is Mentor and Gamora looks good. Pip is smoking cigars and being a smart alec as usual. Me? I'm having fun. Thanks for the opportunity. Tom Lyle" and that is that.

--April 14th 1998

A summary of the upcoming Warlock mini-series by Tom Lyle "Well, for those who haven't been reading my postings all over the place as I try to become a one man promotion team, here goes..... I am writing and drawing a four issue mini-series featuring ADAM WARLOCK. It backtracks some and starts a new direction for our hero. The first issue is scheduled to be released in September (the 23rd, to be exact) and will be monthly. I would love for it to lead to a regular series, so if you like the book when it comes out, get your friends to buy lots of copies. The mini-series will feature Drax, Gamora, Pip, Genis (the new Captain Marvel), Elysius, Mentor, a new villain and one, big, huge surprise guest (not Thanos.) There is no Infinity Watch. Warlock has regainded his soul gem. The other gems are missing, possibly destroyed. I am trying to get WARLOCK back to a situation inspired by and close to Jim Starlin's take on WARLOCK in the 70's. A loner who is searching for his identity and a reason to be here. Enough for now." Thanks- Tom Lyle

--March 17th 1998

News from Lyle, "The WARLOCK mini-series is now finally on the schedule and I've already finished the plot to issue one. It will be a four issue mini-series written and drawn by me and inked by Robert Jones. Issue one will ship on September 23, 1998. Thanks- Tom Lyle"

--February 21th 1998

More info. from Tom Lyle(Writter of upcoming Warlock mini-series) "I'm going to tone down Warlock's powers a LOT. The Infinity stuff made all those characters too powerful."

--February 19th 1998

Tom Lyle said "Well, I can say there is one HUGE surprise in store for readers that is revealed by the end of issue one. The new villain is not the surprise and I cannot say too much about him as that is the crux of the plot. I will say that this story will involve the negative zone and some aspects of the two universes and how they exist. I can also say that I will be going for a more traditional superhero/space hero story than the INFINITY stuff ever was. That was too much fantasy. I will be ignoring the other soul gems and the the island and many aspects of the last series (for now.)"

--February 3rd 1998

Former Spider Man artist Tom Lyle will be writting and drawing the Adam Warlock upcoming mini-series . Tom says that he will make it closer to Jim Starlin's original 70's series . He wrote the story about six years ago , and it will feature a new villian . Pip and Gamora will also appear in the series

--October 12th 1997

This Month Adam Warlock Turns 30 . This is truly a milestone in comics . Happy Birthday Adam Warlock

--August 20th 1997

From Marvel's official AOL Site I learned something about Adam Warlock's future . " Bullpen sources say keep your eyes open for Man-Thing, Warlock and Killraven! " says John Cerilli on March 5th 1997 .

Adam Warlock will appear in "The Silver Surfer : Animated Series" in an episode called
" The Forever War "

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