Biographical Data

Real name:
Other current aliases: None
Former aliases: None
Dual Identity: Warlock's future self
Current occupation:Opportunist / Conqueror / God
Former Occupation:
Protector of Counter Earth, Supreme Being of this Reality, Leader of the Infinity Watch
Citizenship: Created artificially on Earth
Place of Birth: Earthen Scientific Complex called The Bee Hive
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Her renamed Kismet (also created in The Bee Hive)
Known Confidants: None
Known Allies:
Major Enemies: Adam Warlock, Thanos
Usual Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe
Former Base of Operations: Universal Church
Membership: Leader of the Universal Church
Extent of Education: Unreavealed

Physical Description

Weight: 240 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, Afro
Other distinguished features: Greyish-purple skin

Powers and Abilities

Beyond Human. The Magus sees things differently than others as he has an insane grip of reality. He is also very cunning.
Strength: Superhuman Class 50
Speed: Superhuman
Stamina: Superhuman
Durability: Nearly Inexhaustible
Agility: Superhuman
Reflexes: Superhuman
Fighting skills: The Magus' fighting skills were not taught to him. He developed them on his own as Adam Warlock while fighting enemies. He has developed fighting skills to rival the best martial artists.
Special Skills and Abilities: Vast knowledge of strategy, and the occult/mystic. The Magus has the ability to fly . He is outside the realm of Chaos and Order and therefore knows the Universe as no other mortal. He has demonstrated superhuman physical powers as Adam Warlock with his ability to see a person's aura and touch or go into their soul.
Superhuman Pysical Powers:
As listed above
Superhuman Mental Powers:
The Magus has demonstrated no psionic abilities but has a defense to psionic attacks. He also has a very weak and distorted grasp of Reality enabling him to see things others can't as well as being unpredictable and cunning.
Special Limitations: None
Source of Superhuman Powers: The Magus' power were gained by the means of his birth as Adam Warlock. The scientists endowed him with powers so that he could be the perfect human. He also gains extra power from his Soul Gem. Additionally, Adam Warlock gave in to insanity and embraced the full power of the soul gem making him more powerful and close to a god.


Costume Specs:
The Magus wears clothes appearing closer to Adam's early Counter Earth uniform. They possess no special properties.
Personal Weaponry: None
Special Weaponry: The soul gem. With the soul gem, the Magus can steal souls , and also use a karmic blast to knock his opponent out.
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: None


First appearance:
Strange Tales #178
Origin Issue: Strange Tales #178
Adam Warlock put a stop to a group of aliens chasing a woman, but before he could stop them, they killed her. He reanimates her soul briefly with his soul gem, and the woman reveals information about a group of religious fanatics named the Universal Church who sought to enslave everyone under their domain. The leader of the church appears to Warlock next claiming the title of the Magus. Very quickly, Warlock learns that this god-like being is indeed a future version of himself. Despite the odds, Warlock decides he must try and put a stop to his future self. On his way there, Warlock is captured by Captain Autolycus, a general in the Church's armada. He meets Pip the Troll there as a prisoner and organizes an escape while refusing to be the escaped prisoners leader. A one on one fight follows as Warlock fights Autolycus and accidentally takes his soul into the soul gem. His memories become Warlock's, and Warlock learns of the location of the Church. Pip decides to accompany Warlock. They reach the motherworld of the Universal Church and Warlock is captured by the Matriarch, the temporal head of the Church. He is put on trial, but in trying to escape, takes the soul of the judge creature Kray-tor and fails to escape. At the same time, Pip meets Gamora who is working for an agent unknown. She and Pip try and free Warlock from a mind control device designed to make Warlock go crazy. Without outside interference, Warlock destroys the machine with his mind. The Magus appears and tells Warlock and Pip about his past which is Adam's future. He knows every word and action Warlock will say and do. He cannot see Gamora however, she being injected and camouflaged as an alien element into the Magus' world. At a precise moment, she tries to attack the Magus and kill him but he realizes what is going on and stops her. Her agent, revealed to be Thanos, transports himself to interject and interfere directly. He appears and helps Warlock escape. He then explains that the Magus is a warped version of Warlock that he does not want to deal with an will aid Warlock in killing him by having Warlock commit suicide using a time machine. The Magus understands the plan and attempts to stop it. Warlock enters the time machine and meets the In-Betweener who is instrumental in creating the Magus from Warlock. Before the In-Betweener can get to him, Warlock uses the soul gem to erase his time line. The Magus disappears as though he never existed. Warlock appears to a future version of himself and takes his own soul effectively becoming a paradox. The future self of the Magus is erased in this time line, but retained in his and Thanos' memory as well as the Celestial beings who are beyond time lines and retained the memory also (displayed in Warlock's trial in Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1). The Magus effectively is as though he never existed, although the seed for generating him lies within Adam Warlock.

This Profile was written by Mystic

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