Real name:
Other Current Aliases: Her
Dual Identity: None. The general populace of Earth is unaware of Kismet's existance
Current occupation: Adventurer
Former Occupation:
Citizenship: Inapplicable
Place of Creation: Citadel of Science ("Beehive"), Shard Island, Atlantic Ocean
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Known Confidants: Quasar
Known Allies:
Quasar, Makkari, Alpha Flight, Thing, High Evolutionary, Starhawk, Aleta
Major Enemies: Soul-Eater, Enclave, Moondragon
Usual Base of Operations: Mobile on Earth
Former Base of Operations: Outer Space
Membership: None
Extent of Education: Self-Taught

Physical Description

Weight: 390 lbs.
Eyes: White (No visible irises)
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Gold

Powers and Abilities

Strength:Superhuman Class 75
Speed: Enhanced Human
Flight Speed: Orbital velocity, (in outer space, enhanced by cosmic energy) warp speed Stamina: Superhuman
Durability:Metahuman regenerative
Agility: Enhanced Human
Reflexes: Enhanced Human
Fighting skills: No known skill in hand-to-hand combat, relies on superhuman powers in combat
Special Skills and Abilities:
None Known
Superhuman Physical Powers:
Aside from the above listed attributes, Kismet has the ability to tap, store, and munipulate cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including the projection of concussive force bolts and flight. Cosmic energy enhances her physical attributes, her metabolism, and her life force, preventing her from aging. It also makes her virtually immortal. She can recover from serious injuries by creating a cosmic energy cacoon from surrounding molecules in which she can rest and regenerte. She can reanimate dead tissue by projecting a portion of her cosmic life force into it.
Superhuman Mental Powers:
Ability to use cosmic energy to rearrange molecular structures (of about three cubic feet at a time)
Special Limitations: Kismet cannot restore a being's spirit (astral self) to a body that she resurrects if that spirit has left the body.
Source of Superhuman Powers: Genetic engineering by the Enclave


Costume Specs:
Personal Weaponry: None
Special Weaponry: None
Transportation: Flight under her own power
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: (costume) Kismet


First appearance:
(as Paragon) Incredible Hulk Annual #6; (as Her) Marvel Two-In-One #61, (as Starduster) Marvel Comics Presents #35, (as Kismet) Quasar #41
Origin Issue: Incredible Hulk Annual #6
Significant Issues: Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (as Paragon, created by Enclave, destroyed Citadel of Science, retreated into it's cacoon); Marvel Two-In-One #61-62 (as Her, emeged from cacoon, took on form of female version of Adam Warlock, unsuccessfully attempted to resurrect Warlock, set out to explore the cosmos to find a possible mate); Marvel Comics Presents #35 (helped ecologically ravaged planet U'sr'pr recover, invoking wrath of the Consortium, called by the natives J'ridia Starduster); Alpha Flight #97-100 (aided by Alpha Flight and the Avengers, against the Consortium); Quasar #27-29 (rejected as mate by resurrected Adam Warlock, set out to find a replacement by Earth's superhumans; implanted reproductive pods on various male superhumans she chose as mated, including Quasar, Hercules, Wonder Man, Hyperion, Doc Samson, Gilgamesh; battled Quasar; attacked by Jack of Hearts, saved by Quasar from Moondragon, pods were destroyed, decided to become Quasar's companion); Quasar #33 (battled Starbolt during Kree-Shi'ar War); Quasar #34 (battled Super-Skrull and Binary during Kree-Shi'ar War); Quasar #36 (engulfed by Soul-Eater, rescued by Quasar), Quasar #40-41 (battled Black Fleet destroying planet Scadum)

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