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[The End Begins Here][From Bad To Worse]
[Preparations For War]
[Cosmic Battle On The Edge Of The Universe]
[Astral Conflagration]
[The Final Confrontation]


Thanos gained the Infinity Gauntlet by trickery . He tricked his love , Mistress Death , into resurrecting him with ten times his original power to seek something that would help him even out the cosmic balance . There were more people alive now than have ever died . Mistress Death didn't like this so agreed to Thanos' terms . Thanos took each Infinity Gem from their respective guardians with ease . The Mad Titans goal was to kill half the living beings in the universe . Mephisto talked Thanos into letting him be his advisor . In the mansion of the mystic Doctor Strange there was a loud crash which seemed to come from an upstairs room . Strange raced upstairs only to find the Silver Surfer . The Surfer was obviously weakened and was muttering " must reach strange , great danger ." The Silver Surfer told Dr. Strange his story . He told him about Thanos' plans and that he must be stopped . Elsewhere , there were three crooks . Lowlife scum whom had robbed a liquor store , and killed the merchant . They spent the night at a local bar . After they left they were going to flee the country , but in his drunken state the driver drove off a cliff and they plunged to a bloody death . Back at the mansion of Dr. Strange , the Silver Surfer tells about how he and Drax the Destroyer foolishly confronted Thanos . After toying with them Thanos stole their souls and trapped them in the Soul World . While in the Soul World and Enigmatic man called Adam Warlock . Apparently the spiritual leader of the Soul World . Adam Warlock used a spell to sent the Surfer and the Destroyer back to their reality . By the time they had regained their bodies Thanos had long departed . They were informed of Thanos' power by Mephisto for unknown reasons . The Silver Surfer then set out for Earth . Thanos delayed him with a few obstacles , and prays his arrival wasn't too late . Back with the dead thugs , There was a flash . The corpses started to move and change . In Deaths Domain , Thanos attempted to make Mistress Death love him . She ignored it so Thanos built a monument of the far side of the universe for his beloved . Mistress Death was moved for a moment , but then quickly shunned Thanos . Thanos created a near-dead twisted , mangled , version of his Grand-Daughter Nebula . Death was still unpleased . Mephisto made a suggestion about what Thanos hasn't done . Thanos walked over to the edge of the monument looking menacingly at the Infinity Gauntlet . He put his arm in the sky and snapped his fingers . The Jewels on the Gauntlet glowed as one . While in New York , Spider-Man sticks to a wall to relax from a hard days work . He looks down at Times Square and looks at all the people walking around even at the late hour . Suddenly his Spider-Sense goes of with violent , head-splitting pain . He looks down and half the people are gone . He wonders if only Times Square has been effected , then it his him " MARY JANE ." Captain America had just stopped by Avengers Headquarters to go through some computer files involving a case he was working on . Everything seemed peaceful enough . He should have known it wouldn't last long . He didn't expect to see Hawkeye , in from the West Coast , keeping Sersi company during her stint on monitor duty . Captain America was reaching for a file when it happened . They were Disappearing ! There was absolutely nothing he can do . Nothing at all . They were gone . Cap. felt so helpless . And scared . Because deep down inside he knew that this was only the beginning . The beginning of something that was destined to become much bigger and more horrible than anything the Avengers had ever before faced . At S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters , Half the crew disappeared . Nick Fury is discussing the occurrence with the president . Nick Fury learns that half the worlds population vanishes , and the worlds greatest spy network can't figure out what caused it . In a bar on Earth the hulk listens to the TV . The reporter says that it is not just people who are vanishing , but all life . Half the Skrull empire vanished . The Skrulls believe that the Kree are involved . There will be WAR . Back in Dr. Strange's mansion , The Silver Surfer can feel the agony the confusion of all the people disappearing . It is almost too much for him to handle . When Wong disappears it is too much for the Surfer , he sobs . Few know that life exists on Saturn's moon Titan . There within the bowels of the artificial satellite , lives a race of demigods in a peaceful paradise . Eros has gotten himself help against the Mad Titan in the person known as Firelord . When Eros introduces Firelord to Mentor , Mentor disappears . Drax the Destroyer blames Firelord for the old mans disappearance , but Eros eases his rage . Isaac , Titans computer system , comes on line . It says , " reported planet wide phenomenon . Half of population has suddenly vanished without a trace . I currently have no explanation for the occurrence ." The previously dead scum in the hotel are sitting around . The woman has turned green and is knitting . The short fat one is smoking a cigar , and talking about how good it is to be alive again . When he is admiring himself in the mirror , he sees the green one vanish . He freaks out and runs into the bedroom only to find a cacoon .


All is right in the heavens for Thanos possesses the six Infinity Gems . The universe will now be set right . Made over to fit his unique view of what should be . Let nihilism reign supreme ! Flight 806 was circling for clearance to land when the great disappearance struck . It took out both the pilot and the co-pilot . The jet finally ran out of fuel and landed it onto Fifth Avenue . A pretty clean hit really . Those passengers were lucky the Avengers were on hand to help out . And luckier still that Thor was passing by . But the Avengers can't be everywhere and the whole world's currently one big emergency ! When the first reports of the great disappearance came in , Quasar's alias is in his office at Vaughn Security Systems , wondering what he can do to help . He figured Epoch might have some answers . But before he can ask him , Epoch arrives . Quasar runs to the door and see's Epoch in his pocket universe with someone else . Someone Epoch says can help with the current crisis . The cosmic guardian Quasar must now undertake a new mission ! He has a Astral Rendezvous to arrange . Elsewhere , Bulletins continue to flood in from all over the Kree Empire . Half of their people have mysteriously disappeared . There can be no doubt who is responsible for this outrage . This tragedy reeks of Skrull treachery . The entire fleet has been put on red alert status . The war to end all wars begins . Glory to the Kree Empire . At Dr. Strange's mansion , Strange thinks ," The condition of my unexpected house guest was such I though it prudent to seek an outside consultation on the matter . Fortunately Dr. Henry Pym happened to be in town ." Pym went to warn the West Coast Avengers of the approaching crisis . Strange started to mutter words and looked completely out of it . Strange was in his astral form . He met a being . The being wanted to be the leader in the war against Thanos . Dr. Strange questioned his leadership , so the being opened his soul to Dr. Strange . Things are now clear to him . In Dr. Dooms castle , his instruments indicate that the force responsible for the great disappearance originated on the far side of the galaxy . He has never before encountered such powerful readings . He is picking up similar emanations from a small town in upstate New York . These transmissions are being directed to the home of Dr. Stephen Strange . What is the connection ? This question he must have answered . For this is his universe . These are his people disappearing , and no one should dare tamper with what belongs to Doctor Doom ! Plus , there is the fact that great disasters of this magnitude also present a curious intellect with great opportunity . A chance to expand on Doom's scientific knowledge and personal power . On Saturn's moon Titan , Half the galaxy's population blinked out of existence . Eros suddenly disappears . He has been in many a difficult situation in his life . But he knows the very moment he opened his eyes that this is a whole new cosmic level of trouble . He immediately recognizes the legendary Infinity Gems his brother wears as the source of his newfound might . And if that weren't bad enough , a few feet away stands powerful Mephisto . The devil , you say ? Yes , sir , he's into it up to his ears this time . And there is Mistress Death , a regal sight he had hoped never to see . It takes him a while to realize who the stumbling wreck wandering about is Thanos's grand-daughter Nebula . She's a real mess . Thanos introduces everyone to Eros . Thanos tells how he made sure Mentor was among the disappeared . Eros attempts to use his emotion manipulation powers on Thanos . Thanos quickly stopped that by taking away Eros' mouth because that is how it shall be with all things that irritate proud Thanos . Annoyances will simply cease to be . In Avengers H.Q. , Captain America tally's up all the missing heroes . He is attempting to gain as many allies as possible . In Asgard Great Odin rounds up all the Sky fathers to battle whatever evil was destroying half their population . In the hotel the Fat scum seems to have turned into Pip the Troll . He is sitting back eating , drinking , and smoking when the wall to his left where the bedroom with the cacoon on the bed was had exploded . The one in the cacoon said they are going after Thanos . The Silver Surfer slowly awakens . At the best of times the resumption of lost consciousness is a jarring , disorienting experience . But at a moment like this it can be devastating . The Silver Surfer sees Dr. Doom , and Dr. Strange is being held by Doom's mechanical menaces . The Surfer demands that Doom unhand his comrade . Dr. Doom answers with an energy blast . The Silver Surfer in his weakened state cannot take it and falls to the ground . Doom turned to Strange holding up his arm with energy read to be released from his metallic arm and asks Strange to tell him the story of the great disappearance . Doom's machines disintegrate , and Dr. Strange is released . Dr. Doom turns and sees a man who was supposed to have been killed nearly a decade ago while battling Thanos . He is Adam Warlock , and he will tell Doctor Doom of what is now occurring . Elsewhere , Thanos entertains Mistress Death with Eros and Nebula . Death is not amused . That is no problem because other entertainment can be arranged . Back at the mansion , Warlock finishes telling Dr. Doom his story , and Strange learns that Adam Warlock was the entity he communicated with earlier . Warlock says that the only way they can triumph over Thanos is if Warlock takes the position of leader . Doom questions Warlock . Warlock explains that he alone is the most familiar with the secret workings of the Infinity Gems and that knowledge is the universes only hope . Dr. Strange agree's with Warlock , and the Surfer says it is better than following Doom . Doom goes along with it . Thanos tries changing entertainment by turning Nebula and Eros into multiple cubical objects . Death is still not amused . Thanos says that he will do anything to make her happy . ANYTHING . The dark gods anger and frustration are awesome in force. The psychic wave of power rises from the stellar monument of love and washes out into the ether . The first heavenly body to encounter the wave is a 20,000,000 year old red giant star . Every law of nature revolts against this jewel's continued existence . It's end is breathtaking . Yet it is but one of many that will fall before the wrath of Thanos . The supreme being of the universe and reality . A planet Mighty Galactus was about to consume crumbles beneath the Titan's rage . Galactus keeps his anger in check . He has to for he realizes that even his staggering might is nothing compared to the near infinite power Thanos now wields . But think not that Galactus plans to turn tail and run from this upstart demigod . Galactus is a being of power and intellect . Plans must be conceived and alliances formed . Only then may Galactus savor the cold feast of vengeance . The readings on Thanos's destructive psychic emanations are astounding . The wave devastates nearly a quarter of the galaxy . It will only be at 2 percent of its peak strength when it hits that planet Norrin Radd once talked Galactus out of consuming . The one called Earth . On Earth buildings crumble , people scream and run . But is it really helping anyone ? Iron Man is hovering on the edge of space trying to gather better readings on certain off-planet energy signals . He suspects they have something to do with the great disappearance . Suddenly , every gauge of the sensor unit redlines . The force wave hits Iron Man like a runaway train . It shorts out every circuit in his suit . Fortunately his back-up systems are able to kick in . That is when he saw it . From his altitude it must be quite a sight , one that will surely it will give Tony Stark nightmares for the rest of his life . Helplessly Stark watches as the entire Western Coast of the United States breaks off and falls into the ocean . There is nothing Iron Man can do to help , but he will try . At Asgard , there was truly no method available to predict the approach of Thanos's destructive psychic onslaught . How would anyone know how devastating it could be ? One moment beautiful Asgard sat peacefully , a jewel in the heavens . A mere moment later the home of the proud Norse gods was torn asunder its spires toppled . The rainbow bridge shattered , and Odin and the Sky father are trapped in Asgard . Namor felt tremors and traced them across the Atlantic Ocean floor to their source . What he discovered was the incredible . Not even Namor the Sub-Mariner has never seen such a magnificent sight . But then his awe is tempered by the realization that the creation of these isles will have cataclysmic results . There will be title waves , probably even now heading toward the Eastern Coast of the United States . By sheer chance Namorita is flying over Atlantic City . It's early morning and a young couple walk along the boardwalk , alone . Probably honeymooners . They hear a roar and look up to see approaching death . The wave is nearly a quarter mile high . There will be no escaping it . Namorita soars down and swoops up the young couple . The young lovers are the only two people she manages to save . Strange's mansion is the only building left standing thanks to a hastily cast spell of protection .


Infinite power at play . An ego gone wild , depraved creativity . Earthquakes , tidal waves , volcanic eruptions , cities burning , many thought Earth was bad before . A Professor Harding down in S.H.I.E.L.D's Geo-Sciences was the one who laid the bad news on Nick Fury . The damage caused by the stellar wave of force has thrown Earth off of it's orbit . It is now drifting away from the sun . In Strange's mansion , Adam Warlock is weaving a strategy . Dr. Doom and the Silver Surfer are attempting to talk Adam Warlock and Dr. Strange to attack Thanos now , but that would end in disaster . Dr. Strange casts a spell and the four vanish . Elsewhere , the situation isn't looking too great at Avengers HQ . They have had difficulty calling in their reserves . Suddenly , Dr. Strange and the other appear in Avengers HQ . The Avengers question Dr. Strange's company , Strange says that they fight on the good side . Adam Warlock goes to buisness . He raises an army . Dr. Strange summons them . They are Iron Man , Spider-Man , Wolverine , Drax the Destroyer , Firelord , Nova of the New Warriors , Prince Namor , Cloak , Cyclops , the Scarlet Witch , and the Hulk . And so Adam Warlocks little army is complete . Adam Warlock tells the group that they all know nothing of the mysterious workings of the Infinity Gems or the arrangements he has mad to gather additional cosmic allies . The Silver Surfer , and Adam Warlock go through a vortex conjured up by Strange . They travelled to a far distant corner of the galaxy . Elsewhere , Quasar tells Epoch that he has set up the cosmic summit . Then the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock appear . All space turns white . All around stands the Astral Deities of the Universe . They are Chronos , the titan god of time . The mysterious Watcher . Lord Chaos and Master Order , the Galactic balance . The powerful and enigmatic Stranger . The mysterious embodiments of Love and Hate . The mighty destroyer of worlds , Galactus . The Living Tribunal ,the cosmic judge of all realities . Eternity , and two giants that can only be Celestials . Adam Warlock wasn't expecting Eternity nor the Living Tribunal . Eternity mentions that he is the actuality that Thanos strives to usurp . And so the Living Tribunal stands present at Eternity's request to hear his case . Eternity says that the Mad Titan seeks to unbalance that which is , throw the nature of the universe into a maniacal entropy . The Tribunal has considered that matter and cannot concur . Thanos only strives to replace Eternity's importance in the universe with his own . Natural selection is one of the universe's oldest canons : The strong replace the weak . It is as it should be . No cosmic crime is being commited . The Living Tribunal shall not become involved in this matter . Eternity and the Living Tribunal vanish . The Watcher says that he cannot be involved because it his duty to watch and take no action . Adam Warlock says ," Nonetheless I believe the powers gathered are more than sufficient to execute my plan of attack ." Mighty Galactus replies ," YOUR PLAN OF ATTACK ?! You expect Galactus to follow one such as you into battle ?" Warlock tells Galactus that that is why he is there . Galactus continues " Galactus does not heed the empty words of insects , even golden ones ." Warlock states ," Then Galactus is a fool ." Lord Chaos and Master Order back up Adam Warlock . After that everyone backs Warlock , even proud Galactus . Never have things been so tense around Avenger HeadQuarters . She-Hulk asks the Vision what the chance of beating Thanos are . The Vision replied that they are next to zero . Vision said that In both battles Thanos provided the Avengers with the means to thwart his dark plans . Whether he did so consciously or subconsciously Vision doesn't know . The only way the Avengers can win is if Thanos wishes to be defeated . Quasar , The Silver Surfer and , Adam Warlock appear in Avengers HQ . Elsewhere , a Watcher appeares . His coming heralds the beginning of hostilities . Thanos knows this , and he is ready . Thanos asks Mistress Death to stand at his side . She shuns him and walks away . So Thanos creates the perfect woman . She is called Terraxia . At Avengers HQ , Adam Warlock tells everyone to prepare themselves for battle most fierce and awesome . Dr. Strange creates a vortex . Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer go through it . They appear little more than a light year away from Thanos of Titan . Adam Warlock explains that Thanos is truly invincible , utterly omnipotent . Such statements are not grandiose rhetoric . They are reality . Our allies' power is less than nothing against Thanos' might . They stand defeated before the battle has even begun . The true purpose of their attack is merely diversionary . They are sacrificial lambs . and may the stars forgive me this is exactly as I planned . Warlocks army goes through Dr. Strange's pathway .


The battle is described in the words of Eros , Thanos's brother . My brother , Thanos , is insane . He beholds four of the Earth's mightiest heroes - Thor , Firelord , Namor , and Iron Man pouncing to the attack , and what does he do ? The madman smiles . But he has good reason to . Power is one thing Thanos has in abundance . The power to freeze Earth's defenders in time . It appears this conflict will not live up to expectations . Of course , Thanos has spared his entourage the indignity of being ripped loose from the time flow . Mephisto .. Mistress Death .. Nebula .. Terraxia .. and myself Eros . Even the enigmatic Watcher has been spared . What use is godhood if you have no audience to flaunt it before . The Mad Titan is about to kill Earth's fighting force when Mephisto tells Thanos that in order to win the heart of Mistress Death he should show courage . Thanos agrees and wills his power level down . He has cut off all sensory input from all but the power gem . Earth's heroes now have a .05 % chance of winning . What game is Mephisto playing here ? It was most subtly done , but that devil just saved the lives of Earth's heroes ! And engineered the possibility of Thanos's defeat ! The master of deceit is playing upon the confusion Thanos is experiencing adjusting to his newly elevated state of being . It seems the forces of life have a most unlikely comrade . Let the battle begin ! Time resumes it's normal flow with bone-jarring results . Then ... The unbelievable occurs ! Drax the Destroyer and the monstrous Hulk take Thanos by surprise ! He truly has dampened his cosmic senses ! Thanos is actually playing by the rules ! How out of character . Yet , do even these mighty warriors stand a chance against Thanos' vast powers ? I doubt it . They are but bothersome fleas to Thanos . Though their cause is hopeless , I must hand it to Earth's defenders . Their battle strategy is first rate and flawlessly executed . A lesser foe would surely fall before their assault ! But not Thanos . Of course it's Captain America who leads this fighting force . Vain hopes ... I can already sense Thanos adjusting to his situation , taking control of the battle . The She-Hulk must be merciless if they hope to prevail . Thanos has narrowed the scope of his godhood just as he was beginning to adjust to it . His mind must be reeling from the changes . Of course that makes him no less dangerous . Thanos throws a small brown object onto the chests of Namor and the She-Hulk . Namor screams " remove it quickly ." Sorry , Namor , my brother would never lay a trap so easily evaded . To your sorrow , there are truths that cannot be denied . He is Thanos and his name means Death . The old campaigner in Thanos begins to return . This type of battle has always been his forte . Any hope I foolishly of Earth's heroes triumphing quickly fades , Yet Hope never dies . It is a universal condition within the species . Unfortunately , treachery also resides in some hearts . As Dr. Doom cuts in front of Thor to grab the Infinity Gauntlet . Such greed always creates it's own reward . Doom tastes the bitter nectar of Thanos's wrath . Fortunately , his armor's defensive systems save him from suffering total defeat and destruction . But once again a valuable lesson goes unappreciated . Doom will not be denied those gems . While Thor , one who has always known such truths fights on despite the odds . And , in turn discovers new , more horrifying realities . A transportational portal conjured up by the power supreme . Takes away Thor's hammer . Without his hammer he will revert back to plain old' Eric Masterson in mere 60 seconds . So savage is the thunder god's attack that even mighty Thanos is momentarily taken back ! Sadly , spirit will only carry one so far in an encounter such as this . Power is the only capital honored in this high stakes game . And Thor was the highest card in our hand . Thanos throws him into deep space . Firelord swoops in for the attack , but one blow from Thanos is enough to take him out . Then the truly unexpected happens , the miraculous ! He is one of the X-Men -- goes by the name of Wolverine . Of all the combatants , he would have been one of the last I thought capable of delivering the death blow . But then my hopes plummet from the mountain heights to the depths of the dark valley . Adamantium bone transforms into spongy rubber , and the most vicious of Earth's defenders flops to the ground , helpless . My heart is deeply touched by the valor I witness here this day . The might of the Scarlet Witch and Cyclops wield is nothing compared to Thanos's power . They know this , yet still they press the attack ! Thanos turns his attentions first to lovely Wanda . Her mutant Hex power easily fall before his will . I avert my eyes . I've no wish to remember such horror . Now Thanos turns to face Cyclops . A masterful move cutting off the force beam when least expected . My brother pitches forward , off balance . And the Avenger Iron Man swoops in for the kill . Unfortunately , the metallic warrior's naked power is not equal to his battle prowess . Then Thanos's newly created perfect woman , Terraxia , joins the fray . The Mad God allows her to vent her anger and frustration on the golden avenger . My brother sets his sights on the X-Man , Cyclops . A clear block of force envelops the mutants head . Cutting off his force beam in mid-stream , and cutting off oxygen to the warrior . Captain America rushes to the fallen mutant's aid , while a once successful ploy is tried again . But Thanos never falls for the same trick twice . He turns and rips the circuitry out of the Vision . And yet another valiant soul falls . Thor is almost back to Deaths Monument . He grabs onto the ledge just as he changes back to Eric Masterson . But perhaps too late . For the mystic spell Dr. Strange cast so the thunder god could breathe in the depth of dark space apparently does not extend to this mortal Eric Masterson . Captain America cry's to Thanos about the death of his comrade Cyclops . An emotional outburst wasn't something Thanos expected from the legendary Captain America . Unless it serves to create a clever diversion . The being known as Cloak draws the crazed Titan into the folds of his cape into a dark and fearful dimension . But Supremacy cannot be contained . Thanos's divinity is absolute . Drax the Destroyer and Firelord double team Thanos . Thanos laughs at their defiance . And I am chilled to the soul . For there is unholy truth in that insane howl . Mistress Death knows this I can see it in her eyes . She has no doubt of this conflict's outcome . No battle is this . Just slaughter to feed an already over-sized ego . The only person not fascinated by this outrage is my grandniece , poor Nebula . For her shattered body and mind are beyond all caring . She is but another twisted creation of Thanos's black soul and infinite power . He made her the charred caricature on the brink she now is . She would be far better off dead . Still , some dreams refuse to die . Some souls never know when the cause is lost . As Eric Masterson grabs the hammer which turns him into Thor . Such ignorance can be truly awe-inspiring ! A Time portal opens . And mighty Firelord and Drax the Destroyer find it's pull irresistible . They fall lost within Earth's prehistoric past . Terraxia walks up to Thanos holding the head of Iron Man . Thanos is all of a sudden blinded by Spider-Man's webbing . Terraxia dives at Spider-Man . Thor pounds Thanos to the ground . That's it Thor ! stay not your hand ! THANOS MUST DIE !! Or all is lost . Thanos turns Thor into glass . And Terraxia beats Spidey's head in with a rock . A grim , bottomless acceptance of our fate finally claims me . Thanos is inevitable . All light is lost . All that is left are tears . And the echo of dreams shattered . Echoes . Thanos shatters the thunder god . Quasar , the replacement of the late Captain Marvel confronts Thanos . He is the wielder of the Quantum Bands . With but a thought Thanos burns off the hands of Quasar then finishes him off . Echoes . Captain America is the only one left on the battle field . He confronts Thanos . Elsewhere , Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer wait . On Adam Warlock's call it will be so . Captain America dodges Thanos's attacks . The ground itself grabs the Avenger's legs . Thanos shatters Captain America's indestructible shield . Echoes . Thanos slowly raises his hand in preparation for a final blow . Warlock screams NOW !! The Silver Surfer races in the direction of the Mad God Thanos at light speed . The Surfer is carefully heading towards the gauntlet . The Surfer misses his mark and Thanos retains his godhood . The echoes of failed plans and good intentions wasted in futile acts . Nothing remains of hope . Nothing remains but sweet oblivion and an end to this nightmare . Thanos kill Captain America . He walks away upset about his near loss of godhood . he wills himself back to full power , and wishes the battlefield cleared of all remnants of the folly Thanos nearly allowed . For Thanos senses a far greater struggle about to begin . Adam Warlock speaks " We tried to do this the easy way -- and failed . Now begins the conflict I strove to avoid . It may well prove to be a battle the universe cannot survive ! Eternity ... It is now your turn ." Despite my best efforts , I cannot shut my eyes to the awesome sight no mortal was ever meant to see . Armageddon commences in but seconds , and I have a front row seat for the event . I pray my end comes quickly , for the universe is about to become a place I no longer wish to be part of .


A contingent of Cosmic Entities challenges Thanos's might, such a conflict may well prove more than this fragile reality can bear. The powers unleashed in the initial clash are beyond the power of words to describe. Many of the edicts of nature fall victim to the assault. There is a near collapse along the entire spectrum of reality. Entire solar systems in the immediate vicinity are ravaged by the effects of this celestial clash. Calculating the billions of lives lost as a result of this confrontation will have to wait. But even in the midst of such destruction, I am awestruck by mysteries of the soul. The Titan Eros, felt that certain death was near to claiming him. The only thing greater than his surprise at finding himself among the living is discovering who his savior is! Mistress Death has saved both Eros and Nebula. Her hatred for Thanos must reach unfathomable depths. A perilous universe where each second reveals a new and greater danger . Case in point : The planet Earth , jarred loose from its orbit, and drifting away from its sun, is about to have a new doom visited upon it. A dimensional distortion cascade spirals too near the fragile world, and its woes increase a thousand fold as inter dimensional scavengers , such as Annihilus , swarm down upon the once emerald jewel. Yet such worries seem hardly worth mentioning when considered in context. For this universe waits a mere breath away from all-encompassing cosmic destruction. A doom birthed and nurtured within the mad ambitions of a black soul. Thanos defends his divinity. Let the heavens tremble. The two Celestials draft helpless planets into the conflict, using them as weapons of war. The fact that some of these worlds are inhabited by sentient life cannot be considered in this galaxy spanning contest. With the speed of thought their menacing potential is neutralized by power without limit. But a second later it becomes apparent that their sacrifice was but a ploy , a diversionary tactic . For the true thrust of the assault comes from Chronos, who seeks to bury the Tian deep within the layers of time long forgotten. A futile hope. For one of the Infinity Gems on Thanos's gauntlet gives him mastery over that which seeks to over-whelm him. It be like striving to drown an ocean. Yet defeat is answered with renewed vigor: a two-front assault by Lord Chaos and Master Order. They hope to dichotomize the Titan . A divided enemy is an easier foe to deal with. But Thanos refuses to surrender his individuality. And the battle continues to rage without pause. Forces combined to add up to more than the sum of their total. The temporal is abandoned for pure force of energy. And the sheer intensity of Galactus, the Stranger and Eon's blitzkrieg catches the mad titan off balance. Yet it is but a minor setback for Thanos, one that can be overcome with a mere wish. Mistress Love and Master Hate attempt to manipulate Thanos's emotions. The conflicting emotions are tearing the Ma Titan apart . Thanos stops them his way . But also beware deceivers, Titan. Thanos is surrounded by hell's fire . Mephisto is trying for the gauntlet. A utter folly for Thanos is going to kill Mephisto for his lack of loyalty, but is stopped by Mistress Death. Thanos is hurt deeply by Mistress Death's hate for him. All the Cosmic Entities attack Thanos as one. The Mad God is vaporized into mere atoms, but only for a moment. Because with a mere though Thanos traps the entities in suspended animation. 'Tis truly the best way! Divinity calls for clear thinking, unburdened with chaotic emotion. Let Thanos be rid of all illusions. For he is Thanos, and Thanos is Supreme. Who is there to argue with that sentiment? Now that his foot soldiers have fallen proud Eternity at last deigns to show himself. To reclaim that which Eternity believes to be his and himself. Control of this reality. The battle lasts a mere second. Thanos retains his godhood. Adam Warlock along with the Silver Surfer return to Dr. Strange's mansion . A retrieval is in order. The nature of energy is to disperse. The nature of despots is to contain . Conflicting tendencies. As Thanos did once before when in possession of the Cosmic Cube. Thanos leaves his body and is now an invincible celestial form . Thanos is now reality. His body discarded. It now sits soulless on his throne. Then as now, Thanos underestimated the strength of the flesh. Especially charred flesh , spurred on by hatred. Deep within withered Nebula, vengeance stirs. A senses shattering return to flesh. And a reversal of dire fortunes. Nebula takes the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos's soulless body. There is now a new supreme being in this reality. Nebula's first wish is revenge. She sends Thanos into deep space along with his newly made woman Terraxia. Trapped and alone. Thanos had not the foresight to create Terraxia capable of breathing in deep space without of his now-forfeited godly powers. An eternity of floating in space . An infinity to mull on his sins and follies . A mystic portal opens and Thanos is sucked into it. Thanos finds himself inside Dr. Stranges mansion with many other super heroes that had once battled him . Nebula has attained sudden omnipotence . It would be a crushing load for even the finest mind . For Nebula's scarred psyche it must be overwhelming . Total confusion reigns as she strives to adjust to the deluge of universal sensory input . Suffering the nightmare of abruptly becoming aware of all life and matter . Most certainly the thought of escaping into catatonic oblivion enters her chaotic soul . Pray she does not surrender to the urge . For an entire reality would join her in that dark journey . In Strange's mansion Warlock develops a plan . Everyone agrees to follow it . But of course Dr. Doom objects , but majority rules . Adam Warlock has a word alone with Thanos of Titan . Warlock discusses with Thanos that his aid is greatly needed . Adam Warlock tells Thanos of the truth about the Titan . Warlock tells Thanos to look back into his life . A man always seeking ultimate power and losing it as soon as it is attained . Why ? Because deep down in his soul he knows he is not worthy of it . Three times Thanos has triumphed over incredible odds to gain the ends he's desired . And three times he has subconsciously supplied the means to his own defeat . Thanos let Nebula wrest the Infinity Gems from him just as he allowed Captain Marvel to shatter the Cosmic Cube . Thanos decides he will aid Warlock . They send the Hulk , Firelord , Thor , and Dr. Doom to fight Nebula . They strike as one . Their combined might could easily rend asunder a small planet . But against Nebula and the Infinity Gems ... they are nothing . Nebula traps them in a chunk of cement . Nebula tells Eros that there are three who seek to challenge her might . And one of them is Eros's brother Thanos . Thanos , Dr. Strange the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock enter through a portal . Nebula says to Thanos " Do you seek to defeat me with the help of your two little friend ?" The Silver Surfer wonders "Two little Friends?"


On a free floating satellite many light years from Earth Nebula speaks to Thanos of Titan . But the strangest thing is that she allows Adam Warlock to walk so freely around her . It is as if she isn't even aware of his presence . Nebula imprisons the gloating Thanos in cement . Nebula dislikes what Thanos has done with infinite power . So she makes everything as it was 24 hours ago . The wish became reality . Half the universe is resurrected , mere moments after its unexpected death . Most will remember nothing of what has occurred . Some will have a nagging feeling that something is or was amiss . While others will remember , but that memory will prove maddening . For it will justify just how truly helpless they are . Powerless against a force beyond their comprehension . A will capable of either causing galactic genocide or returning a frozen planet to its proper orbit . So let there be celebration throughout the heavens . For a false god has fallen . The reigns of power once again shift hands , the game continues , behold a new day dawning . For dear Nebula willed that everything be as it was . When one has the power of a god , she should be careful about what she wishes for . Wishes are sometimes fulfilled . Thanos has been freed from his cement prison , and Nebula returned to the rotting husk she once was . Thanos walks up to the shattered body of Nebula to reclaim what is rightfully his . But it was a mistake even the wretched thing that Nebula was with but a thought . While Thanos's error , of gloating when he should have been grasping the power he craves , will not be so easily remedied . Thanos is again imprisoned . Wasn't that inevitable for Nebula is Power . Warlock walks up to Nebula unnoticed and touches the Soul Gem on it . A beam hits the Silver Surfer . Both their bodies appear lifeless . The discharge surprised Nebula and she blamed , the Mage , Dr. Strange and encases his hands in solid force . Nebula has been fortunate thus far , but she is about to learn that some mistakes are worse than others . When you least expect it they return to haunt you . Behold the Cosmic Beings ! The Silver Surfer awakens finding Adam Warlock and himself back in the Soul World . They are there because Adam Warlock's power is greater there than anywhere else , and its all part of his plan . The threat to the universe could not be neutralized until the gauntlet was in other hands . Because Thanos would have sensed Warlock and stop him . Nebula's inexperience and current confusion are their only edge . From the beginning Warlock knew Thanos would lose the gauntlet . For Adam Warlock knows how Thanos's mind works . The Silver Surfer asks Warlock "What now?" Warlock replies ," I do what must be done . But I will need your assistance . I am in need of a spiritual Anchor . In order to fulfill that function we must..." Back to Nebula , The Cosmic Entities have learnt well from their initial encounter . They attack now en masse , rather than diffusing their might in individual efforts . Nebula's bewilderment with omnipotence and her light grasp on this new-found power must be sensed by them . Their strategy is obviously to hammer her with an unrelenting assault . Thus keeping her from concentrating on a multi-level plane of existence . And so her full strength is not allowed to be brought into play . As expected Nebula doesn't see this and has fallen victim to the ploy . Of course such a tactic would have proven futile against Thanos . In the Soul World " Now you know all that is Adam Warlock and I , Norrin Radd . The scope and particulars of my plan are now clear to you ?" The Silver Surfer replies ," Yes but illumination and understanding are not one and the same . I still cannot fathom your attitude toward this entire situation toward all life in general . So detached ." Warlock answers ," Emotional nerves cauterized I suppose . Somehow , I manage . It is of no import at the moment . Once again the universe needs saving ! It all sounds mundane when said like that , doesn't it ? But that is what beings like you and I do ; we defend reality . Especially a reality in which a soul can expand to fill a need . Where one such as I can reach out into the Infinite . And perhaps change the face of the cosmos !" It was only a matter of time before Nebula gained the upper hand . She possesses the Power Infinite . With such might , any dullard would eventually prove victorious . Now everything depends on Warlock's timing . It must be perfect or all is lost . From within the Soul Gem the universally huge Warlock says ," Nowhere ! Everywhere ! At one with the universe of the Soul Gem !From The One I Reach Out To The Five !" A new order exists within the Universe ! All Hail The Coming Of Omnipotent Nebula ! LET THERE BE DISHARMONY ! The Infinity Gauntlet flames on with cosmic energies . It causes such pain to Nebula that she throws the gauntlet to the ground to end the displeasure . Dr. Strange calls in the reserves from his mansion . Thanos breaks out of the cement prison for it is nothing to him but putty without being backed by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet . Then starts a Mad Rush for Infinity Power . Everyone goes for the gauntlet . Some want it for greed . Others just wish to save the universe from tyranny and death . A brilliant light flashes and the conflict ends for there is a new Omnipotent Being . He is Adam Warlock and he will deal with all matters in his own fashion . The Infinite Power is now Adam Warlock's . Seek not to dispute that claim . Thanos presses a button on his belt and says ," I suggest you puny fools put some distance between yourselves and mt person . A Thermal Nuclear Device on my person , set to detonate in 15 seconds . Why ? Because I prefer death to imprisonment ! Pride : My one fatal flaw ." Thor hits Thanos with a mighty blow with his hammer . Thanos flys deep into space and explodes . Eros claims custody of Nebula . Titan shall judge and imprison her . Warlock sends everyone to where they wish to be except three . Thor , Dr. Strange , and the Silver Surfer remain with Adam Warlock . They remain because each of them has gazed into the depths of his heart . Warlock tells them to go forth and tell the masses that he is a god who can be trusted . Adam Warlock sends them away and Gamora and Pip the Troll arrive . Warlock brings them 60 days into the future . to pay a visit to Thanos . They discuss their recent experiences and Warlock , Pip , and Gamora depart . Thanos thinks to himself " Power . Such an ephemeral commodity ; hard to gain , easy to lose . And I once thought I understood it . What vanity . Adam Warlock , a being who wished nothing more than to spend the rest of his days within the peaceful environment of the Soul Gem . He now possesses the Infinite Power and all the responsibility that goes along with it . While I , whose entire life was dedicated to the pursuit of power , now find myself scraping out a living from the soil . Irony worthy of a drama . Yet strangely enough though , I envy not Adam Warlock . Somehow I feel , that in the long run , Thanos of Titan came out ahead in this particular deal."


The Best story ever written and excellent art . Great characters . Great everything .


There are no cons . This is the greatest of comics .


ART - 9.7 Soul Points

STORY - 10 Soul Points

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