(part 2)

Short summary

Adam Warlock bibliography (part 2)
by Mystic & Mauro

B) Pre-Reborn

ISSUE : The Thanos Quest/1/????
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/John Beatty
Thanos is back from the dead thanks to Mistress Death. Gazing into the Infinity Well he discovers that the six Soul Gems hide the biggest secret in the Universe. Without revealing it to Mistress Death, Thanos convinces her to allow him to start his search promising to the end the imbalance of number of living beings versus the number of dead. The first gem he wants is the Soul Gem (once owned by Adam Warlock and with his soul still inside). The gem is owned by the In-Betweener, now being punished by Lord Chaos and Master Order in between their universes. Thanos promises his freedom in exchange for the Gem. The In-Betweener accepts, but as soon as he has his freedom, he changes his mind about the gem. He soon realizes that Lord Chaos and Master Order placed him there because his powers are minimal there. Thanos then tells him that he should worry more about his masters who are on the way now that they know he’s been freed. Thanos then teleports away leaving the In-Betweener to suffer the rage of his masters. The second gem Thanos looks for is the Power Gem. He goes to the planet Tamarata, where he meets the Champion (one of the Elders of The Universe). Thanos defeats him by appearing to use brawn and then outsmarting Champion. As Champion levels a planet, Thanos swoops in and makes a deal with Champion to drop him off at the closest planet for the Gem. Champion agrees so he doesn’t end up floating in space for eternity. Later, Thanos literally drops him off as per his agreement. The power of the first two gem increases Thanos’ powers. When he meets the Gardener (another Elder) he easily uses them to win the Time Gem.

ISSUE The Thanos Quest/2/????
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/John Beatty
The Collector (one of the Elders) is admiring his collection, when he gets a message from Thanos proposing to exchange the Collector’s gem with something really unique. He accepts the exchange. Thanos promises to deliver the unique object. He then goes to meet the Runner (another Elder) and explains to him that the gem are what remains of the Soul of a God who decided to put an end to its own existence, and that together they can make the owner a God himself. When the Runner thinks to be the winner of the fight, Thanos, with the help of the Time Gem, easily defeats him by aging, and then regressing him to a baby. Thanos takes the Space Gem off the Runner’s brow. Then Thanos goes to the Collector and exchanges the baby-Runner with the Reality Gem. The Collector is enthusiastic about having an Elder in the collection and agrees quickly. As Thanos leaves, he tells the Collector that his spell is temporary and that the Runner will revert. No sooner is that said, that the Runner reverts and becomes very agitated towards the Collector and they begin fighting. Thanos leaves. The last gem is owned by the Grandmaster (leader of the Elders), the most powerful of the gem owners. Thanos transports to the planet where the Grandmaster challenges Thanos to a mental battle in one of his games. The Grandmaster places the gem in a stasis field that will only be removed upon the loss of one of the participants. They both sit a table and place their virtual helmets on. They fight on a mental field and the Grandmaster cheats by sabotaging Thanos’ weapons. He thinks to have defeated Thanos, but discovers it is a robot. The real Thanos transports down and destroys the virtual helmet machine leaving the Grandmaster trapped inside, and his shell of a body, a vegetable forever. Thanos has won the sixth gem, the Mind Gem. Now Thanos is a God and he can sit at the side of the Death. But she still refuses to talk to him. Now he is superior to her. Thanos is still alone, but he is an omnipotent God.

ISSUE Silver Surfer/44/12-90

Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher Silver Surfer is on Titan with Mentor, Eros and Drax the Destroyer. They discover that Thanos is not dead. Meanwhile Thanos practices using his newfound might. He renames the Soul Gems, Infinity Gems and places them together on a gauntlet. He looks to what the four on Titan are doing and decides to have a bit of fun with them. Thanos kidnaps Silver Surfer and the Destroyer, plays with them and makes them fight against each other. Silver Surfer and the Destroyer attempt a final attack, but Thanos takes their souls into the Soul Gem. Meanwhile, Mephisto is watching...

Silver Surfer/45/01-91
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher
Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer are unconscious at thanos' feet. Their souls are in the Soul Gem. Thanos discovers that Nebula is not dead. Mephisto appears to Thanos and reveals he was created (with his similar counterparts) by the same God who created the Infinity Gems. Then Mephisto says he wants to be Thanos' servant and tries to convince Thanos to use his powers to touch every soul of the universe to get the knowledge of every mind. Thanos does it and gets shocked. Mephisto takes his infinity gauntlet and...discovers Thanos only played with him. Then Thanos thinks about destroying Mephisto or making him a real slave, but decides to keep him as a servant, knowing he is omnipotent.

Silver Surfer/46/02-91
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher
Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer wake up in the Soul World. They meet Kray-tor and he explains to them that they are imprisoned inside a gem on Thanos' gauntlet. Hearing that, and feeling Thanos so near and so far at the same time, Drax gets (more) crazy and decides to destroy the Soul World as the only way to reach Thanos. Silver Surfer meets Gamora, Pip and Autolycus and explains them the danger their world is undergoing. Gamora tries to stop Drax fighting, while the others decide to climb the mountain where Adam Warlock is meditating on the top to ask him for help. When Warlock meets Silver Surfer he reveals him that his soul was altered in the past by Galactus .Then Warlock leaves to stop Drax.

Silver Surfer/47/03-91
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher
Drax the Destroyer has just defeated Gamora when Warlock appears naming himself the Protector of the Soul World. Adam tries to convince Drax not to destroy the Soul World, but Drax is completely crazy and refuses any talk. They fight until Warlock catches Drax' throat, not allowing him to breath and making him become unconscious. Then Silver Surfer and Warlock talk about Thanos and the fact that the Soul World is part of the whole universe and will be affected by Thanos plane sooner or later. Warlock then sends Drax and Silver Surfer back to their bodies, with the promise to be on their side in the moment of need. Then Silver Surfer and Drax meet Mephisto who warns them against Thanos, now on the other side of the Universe. Thanos is irritated by Silver Surfer's escape from the Soul World and seeks some enemies to send against him.

Silver Surfer/48/04-91
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher
Silver Surfer feels the presence of Galactus and lets Drax alone meet his former master. Before meeting Galactus, he talks briefly with Nova, the current herald. Then he meets him, and they talk abut what Silver Surfer just heard from Adam Warlock. Galactus admits that he altered the soul of Silver Surfer in the past to make him less sensitive to the millions of lives he sent to their deaths searching planets for his master. Silver Surfer asks him to remove his soul alteration and when Galactus agrees, he sinks in a ocean of blood symbolic of the pain he caused. Galactus wakes up Silver Surfer and offers him to restore his former situation. Silver Surfer refuses it claiming a need to deal with his responsibilities. Before leaving, he warns Galactus against the danger of Thanos. Silver Surfer leaves and suddenly Thanos appears to show Galactus his power, making disappear the planet he was about to feed of and warning him not to interfere in his plans. Meanwhile, inside the Soul Gem on Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock tells his friends he is going to leave to fight Thanos, for the safety of the universe and of the Soul World itself.

Silver Surfer/49/05-91
Jim Starlin/Ron Lim/Tom Christopher
Silver Surfer is surfing to advise Earth heroes against the danger of Thanos. He is hit by the former stone body of Thanos revitalized by Thanos himself. While they fight on a physical level, Thanos makes Silver Surfer remember his past on Zenn-la, trying to destroy him psychologically. Silver Surfer wins the physical duel, but Thanos leaves him a bit shocked having revealed to him the obscure side of his soul. Silver Surfer barely has the energy to fly to Earth and falls through Dr. Strange's window.

Silver Surfer/50/06-91
Doctor Strange/32/??????

C) Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet/1/07-91
Silver Surfer/52/early 08-91
Infinity Gauntlet/2/08-91
Infinity Gauntlet/3/09-91
Silver Surfer/55/end 09-91
Infinity Gauntlet/4/10-91
Infinity Gauntlet/5/11-91
Infinity Gauntlet/6/12-91
Doctor Strange/36/01-92?????
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/1/02-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/2/03-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/3/04-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/4/05-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/5/06-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/6/07-92

D) Infinity War

Infinity War/1/06-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/7/08-92
Infinity War/2/07-92
Infinity War/3/08-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/8/09-92
Marvel Comics Presents/108-109-110-111/1992
Infinity War/4/09-92
Infinity War/5/10-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/9/10-92
Fantastic Four/369/10-92
Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme/47/11-92
Fantastic Four/370/11-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/10/11-92
Infinity War/6/11-92

E) Warlock - Resurrection

Warlock and the Infinity Watch/11/12-92
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/12/01-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/13/02-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/14/03-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/15/04-93
Silver Surfer & Warlock:Resurrection/1/03-93
Silver Surfer & Warlock:Resurrection/2/04-93
Silver Surfer & Warlock:Resurrection/3/05-93
Silver Surfer & Warlock:Resurrection/4/06-93
Quasar 50?
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/16/05-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/17/06-93

F) Infinity Crusade

We need help in this section . If someone has a summary of the Infinity Crusade I will put it here and give you credit .

The Infinity Crusade/1/06-93
The Warlock Chronicles/1/07-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/18/07-93
The Infinity Crusade/2/07-93
The Warlock Chronicles/2/08-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/19/08-93
The Infinity Crusade/3/08-93
Silver Surfer/83/08-93
The Warlock Chronicles/3/09-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/20/09-93
The Infinity Crusade/4/09-93
Silver Surfer/84/09-93
Silver Surfer/85/10-93
The Warlock Chronicles/4/10-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/21/10-93
The Infinity Crusade/5/10-93
The Warlock Chronicles/5/11-93
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/22/11-93
The Infinity Crusade/6/11-93

G) Blood and Thunder

Quasar 53?
Starblast 1?
The Mighty Thor/468/11-93
Silver Surfer/86/11-93
The Warlock Chronicles/6/12-93
Quasar 54?
The Mighty Thor/469/12-93
Silver Surfer/87/12-93
The Warlock Chronicles/7/01-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/24/01-94
The Mighty Thor/470/01-94
Silver Surfer/88/01-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/25/02-94
The Warlock Chronicles/8/02-94
The Mighty Thor/471/02-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/26/03-94

H) Infinity Watch

Warlock and the Infinity Watch/27/04-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/28/05-94
Silver Surfer/93/06-94
Silver Surfer/94/07-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/29/06-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/30/07-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/31/08-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/32/09-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/33/10-94
The Incredible Hulk 418?
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/34/11-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/35/12-94
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/36/01-95
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/37/02-95
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/38/03-95
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/39/04-95
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/40/05-95?
Cosmic Powers Unlimited/1/05-95
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/41/06-95?
Warlock and the Infinity Watch/42/07-95?

I) Rune

The Silver Surfer/Rune 1?
Curse of Rune 4?
Rune 0??
Ultraverse Unlimited/1/?????

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