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ISSUE : Fantastic Four 67 10/67
Bee Hive
Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnot

ISSUE : The Mighty Thor 165 06/69
Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Vince Colletta

ISSUE : Thor The Mighty Thor 166 07/69
Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Vince Colletta (They wrote Vinnie, but I think It's a joke)

ISSUE : Man-Beast Marvel Premiere 1 04/72
Roy Thomas/Gil Kane/Dan Adkins

ISSUE : Marvel Premiere 2 05/72
Rhodan and the hell-dogs (servant of the Man-beast)
Roy Thomas/Gil Kane/Dan Adkins

ISSUE : Warlock 1 08/72
Man-beast (Prophet)
Roy Thomas/Gil Kane/Tom Sutton
The High Evolutionary has doubts about Counter-Earth but Adam persuades him not to destroy it. Adam meets the Prophet then discovers he is the Man-beast.

ISSUE : Warlock 2 10/72
Roy Thomas & Mike Friedrich/John Buscema/Tom Sutton
Warlock is captured by Man-Beast who hypnotizes him. He dreams of becoming evil and destroying Counter-earth. Then he wakes up and defeats Man-Beast.

The Incredible Hulk/158/12-72
Roy Thomas & Steve Gerber / Herb Trimpe / Sal Trapani
Hulk and Rhino are fighting on a space ship. They reach Counter Earth. Hulk throws Rhino off the ship. Warlock and his friends hear the impact of Rhino crashing on the surface but they decide not to investigate any further. (Two panels cameo with Warlock). The star ship crashes too and Hulk falls in the middle of a battle between good and bad "animal-men" (created by the High Evolutionary). Hulk sides with the good side and meets the Counter-Earth Bruce Banner, who didn't evolve in Hulk. Rhino survives and takes the bad "animal-men" side. Rhino and Hulk fight. Hulk wins and takes Rhino back to Earth.

ISSUE : Warlock 3 12/72
''Apoll-Triax (servant of the Man-beast)
Mike Friedrich/ Gil Kane /Tom Sutton
Adam is full of doubts about his mission to free Counter-Earth from the evil influence of Man-Beast. He convinces the High Evolutionary not to destroy it again. Then Warlock is attacked by Apoll that, during the fight becomes Triax. He kidnaps two of Warlock friends.

ISSUE : Warlock 4 02/73
Mike Friedrich/ Gil Kane /Tom Sutton
Triax and Warlock fight on the top of a building. Triax throw one of Warlock friends off the building and Warlock is not able to save him. Then Warlock is full of anger, defeats Triax and lets him fall too.

ISSUE : Warlock 5 04/73
President of U.S Carpenter
Ron Goulart/ Gil Kane /Tom Sutton
Warlock emerges from the cocoon still full of anger from the death of his friend. Dr. Doom (here a good guy) tells President Carpenter about the danger of the rocket-bombs. The U.S still has them as a secret weapon. They are activated by an earthquake and start killing people. Warlock tries to stop them and with the help of Dr. Doom is able to destroy them

ISSUE : Warlock 6 06/73
President of U.S Carpenter and The Brute (Reed Richards)
Mike Friedrich & Ron Goulart / Bob Brown /Tom Sutton
President Carpenter decides that Warlock is a danger to the Nation. He sends the Army against him. Reed Richard is here in secret the Brute, a sort of Thing. He is hypnotized by a secret person and sent to fight against Warlock who defeats him.

ISSUE : Warlock 7 08/73
The Brute
Mike Friedrich / Bob Brown /Tom Sutton
Richards is hypnotized again. He goes to the center of the Earth to find always more energy to keep it from the terrestrial nucleus. He again fights Warlock until Dr. Doom with a special weapon turns him back into a human. But the weapon explodes and Doom dies for the safety of the Earth.

ISSUE : Avengers 118
Steve Englearth / Bob Brown / Mike Esposito & Frank Giacoia
It's the final episode of the Avengers/Defenders fight against the Dread Dormammu. Adam Warlock, still on the Counter-Earth, appears in a little cameo (one panel on pg.17) fighting monsters mutates created by the Dread Dormammu.

ISSUE : Warlock 8 10/73
Two demons without names and President Carpenter
Mike Friedrich / Bob Brown /Tom Sutton
People are adoring Warlock as saver of the Earth. Two demons appear and Warlock fights them. Then he discovers that president Carpenter is the Man-Beast.

The incredible Hulk # 176?

ISSUE : The incredible Hulk 177 07/74
'Man-Beast and Hulk
Gerry Conway / Herb Trimpe / Jack Abel

ISSUE : The incredible Hulk 178 08/74
Gerry Conway & Tony Isabella / Herb Trimpe / Jack Abel

ISSUE : Strange Tales 178 06/75
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin
Warlock tries to save a girl on a far planet, but she is killed despite his attempt to save her. She was an opponent of the Universal Church of Truth. Warlock uses the Soul Gem to bring the girl's soul back. She tells him her story and that of the church. Then he meets the head of the church, Magus who tells him they're the same person. He tell him he has no way out and his destiny is to became the Magus. Then Warlock decides his new mission is to stop the Magus.

ISSUE : Strange Tales 179 07/75
Captain Autolycus
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin
Warlock is captured by the Magus's star ship of Captain Autolycus. In the prison he meets Pip the Troll who tells him the story of his origin. The prisoners try to escape and Warlock refuses to lead them. But he'll help them win. Warlock must fight against Autolycus. When Autolycus is about to shot him, Warlock uses his Soul Gem to take the soul of Autolycus. Then he leave the ship with Pip who has decided to become his friend and help him against Magus.

ISSUE : Strange Tales 180 08/75
The Matriarch and Kray-tor
Sam Jiltrin / Jim Starlin / J.L.Minitras (It's another joke. They are Starlin's anagrams!)
Warlock and Pip are on the mother world of the Magus Empire. Warlock tries to remove the Soul Gem and discovers it has taken his soul and without it he will die. Then Warlock is captured by the Matriarch, the temporal head of the church. She send him to a trial (a crazy one). The judge is Kray-Tor. Warlock is found guilty and attempting to escape he takes the soul of Kray-tor. Meanwhile Pip meets Gamora.

ISSUE : Strange Tales 181 09/75
Clowns and Magus
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin
Warlock is still a prisoner and goes through a crazy circus world made by the Matriarch's Psycho-machine. Pip and Gamora are fighting to free him when Warlock destroys the machine with the power of his mind. Then Magus appear.

ISSUE : Warlock 9 10/75
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Warlock , Pip , and Gamora are in the house of Magus who tells them his story. He knows Warlock's future because it is his past. He knows every single word Warlock will say. But he can't see Gamora (who works for a secret person). To make Warlock become the Magus, Magus must use his gem on him at a precise moment. Gamora tries to stop him but she fails, and the plan of Magus can go on. Then Magus leaves and the secret boss of Gamora appears...Thanos.

ISSUE : Warlock 10 12/75
Magus' Army and Magus
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Pip, Gamora, Thanos and Warlock are attacked by Magus's soldiers and escapes to the underground by breaking a hole in the ground . There is an interlude with Thanos's story told by Captain Marvel. Thanos helps Warlock against Magus for his own secret reasons (W/M is champion of life while Thanos is champion of death). Thanos's plane is to defeat Magus making Warlock kill himself using a time machine. Magus understands the plan and tries to stop it.

ISSUE : Warlock 11 02/76
Magus and The In-Betweener
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Magus attacks with his soldiers trying to stop Thanos plan. Warlock must use his Soul Gem to take the souls of many soldiers. Thanos helps him to go into the time machine. While Thanos and Magus are fighting, Warlock meets the In-Betweener who is about to take him away. But Warlock with his Soul Gem makes his future path clean. While Magus is disappearing Warlock finds himself almost dead and take his own soul with his gem. The Magus is made to have never existed. The universe is reborn without any memory of The Magus . Thanos can go on with his plan of universal genocide.

ISSUE : Warlock 12 04/76
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Interlude story. Warlock is busy thinking about himself, knowing he will kill himself in a short time. Then he notices that stars are disappearing. Meanwhile Pip tries to free a beautiful woman slave of Pro-Boscis. He fought against him. Pip wins but then he discovers she is in love with Eros of Titan.

ISSUE : Warlock 13 06/76
The Stars Thief
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Stars are disappearing. Warlock with the power of the Soul Gem discovers that an terrestrian is doing that. He is a man born with no link between mind and body, who learned to use his brain at its maximum capacity. Angry against humanity who didn't care about him he wants to blow out all the stars to let humanity feel alone in the universe. Warlock meets him and decides to go back to Earth and defeat him.

ISSUE : Warlock 14 08/76
The Stars Thief and Elemental Demons
Jim Starlin / Steve Leialoha / Jim Starlin
Warlock fights against Elemental’s demons created by The Star Thief A rocky giant, a shark and a fire giant, symbolizing earth, water and fire. Warlock defeats them . Then, to reach Earth in the fastest way he goes into a black hole. When he emerges near the Solar System he discover that this part of universe expanded less. Now he is an incorporeal giant with no power to stop the Star Thief Then a nurse, slave of Star Thief wakes up from his mind control and kills the Star Thief And now Warlock is without a purpose, a giant with no home planet.

ISSUE : Warlock 15 11/76
Warlock's Soul Gem
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin (I guess It's not really clear)
Warlock can't reach the Earth because he is now a giant and starts to seek another planet to call home. Meanwhile Thanos is preparing his universal genocide. Warlock saves an old man from star merchants. Gamora, who is looking for Warlock is attacked by the Destructor. Warlock is trying to find a purpose in his life. He meets a sage who predicted his death in less than an year. Then Warlock goes to an uninhabited planet and tries to get complete control of the Soul Gem with success.

ISSUE : Marvel Team-Up 55 03/77
The Stranger
Bill Mantlo/John Byrne/ John Byrne (I guess It's not really clear)
SpiderMan is in rocket in the space near death. He is saved by Warlock who uses his Soul Gem's power to reach the Moon's blue zone. In that way Warlock returns to his normal size. Then they are attacked by the Stranger who wants Warlock's Soul Gem to add its power to his gem's power. Spider-Man, and Warlock fights and looses , Warlock is imprisoned. Spider-Man meets the Gardener (owner of a third gem). They free Warlock and the powers of Warlock and Gardener's gems defeats the Stranger. The Gardener leaves to space with his gem corrupted by the battle while Warlock and Spider-Man fly back to Earth.

ISSUE : Avengers Annual 7 11/77
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Joe Rubinstein
Warlock finds Gamora in agony and takes her soul. Captain Marvel and Moondragon reach the Avengers' headquarters. There everybody is waiting for an unknown danger. Then Warlock appears to say the danger is Thanos. Warlock tells the past story of Thanos. The new plan of Thanos is to extinguish all stars of the universe as a tribute to death. To do that he wants to use the power of the six Soul Gems concentrated into a synthetic gem. The Avengers tried to reach Thanos's space-ship defended by Thanos's army to stop him. They reach the ship and keep fighting. Warlock finds Pip lobotomized by Thanos and take Pip's soul. Captain Marvel and Warlock reaches a second ship where Thanos is with his weapon. Thanos defeats Warlock and Thor, then Iron Man destroy the artificial gem (Thanos weapon). Then the Warlock from the past (Warlock 11) arrives to take his soul. Warlock wakes up in the Soul World and meets Gamora and Pip for a future of peace and love.

ISSUE : Marvel Two-in-one annual 2 12/77
Jim Starlin / Jim Starlin / Joe Rubinstein
Thanos goes back to his first ship where he helps his army defeat the Avengers. Then Thanos defeat Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Thor, who just returned from the second ship. Thanos takes Warlock’s Soul Gem from Warlock's body to use it to destroy the sun. Peter Parker has dreamed all of it as a plan of Lord Chaos and Master Order. Spider-Man looks for the help of Ben Grim to reach space. They find Thanos's space ship and start fighting Thanos's army. Meanwhile Warlock is living in peace and serenity in the Soul World. Spider-Man escapes Thanos and destroys the apparatus that keep the Avengers unconscious. They all attack Thanos but he defeats them again. Spider-Man with his last energy breaks the globe with the soul gem inside. Warlock came back for the last time to turn Thanos into a Stone statue. Warlock is buried on an asteroid near Pip and Gamora, In the Soul World he kept enjoying their company. Thanos's statue is crying for his desperate love , Mistress Death.

Marvel two-in-one # 61 03-80
Mark Gruenwald /Jerry Bingham / Gene Day
A cocoon is found in the waters near Manhattan. A mysterious female being (called Her) emerges from it and reaches Alicia Master's house. She reveals to have been created by the same scientists who created Adam warlock. The female being kidnaps Alicia despite Thing's attempts to stop her. She wants only information about Warlock. She wants to generate the perfect race with him. Moondragon enters the picture and reveals that Warlock had been killed in his last fight against Thanos. She is not shocked by this news. She says death is not the same for them as for human beings and decides to find Warlock's body. The Thing, with the help of Star Falcon, of the Guardians of the Galaxy tries to stop them, but they are easily defeated. Her, Alicia and Moondragon leave on Moondragon's space ship, and head for Counter-Earth.

Marvel two-in-one # 62 04-80
Mark Gruenwald / Jerry Bingham / Gene Day
Ben Grimm and Star Falcon reach the Baxter building and take a Skrull space ship to follow Her, Alicia and Moondragon. The three women have reached the position where the Counter Earth should be but the planet has disappeared. They find the artificial satellite that was the base of the High Evolutionary. Inside they find his body. The Thing and Star Falcon join them. Her and Star Falcon start fighting but Alicia stops them. The Thing understands Alicia was not kidnapped. Her and Moondragon use their powers together to rejoin the High Evolutionary soul to his body bringing him back to life. The High Evolutionary tells them that Warlock has been there. He was very angry and accused the High Evolutionary of having destroyed Counter Earth. But the Counter-Earth was still on its place and Warlock only seemed to see it destroyed. In his anger, Warlock attacked the High Evolutionary with his soul. The High Evolutionary's soul escaped the body just before Warlock attacked. Warlock regretted what he had done since the High Evolutionary soul could not return to his body. The Thing tells the High Evolutionary that Adam Warlock was killed by Thanos.. Now the High Evolutionary sees that Counter Earth really has disappeared. In his former soul condition he hadn't notice that. With his instruments he can follow the Counter Earth outside the solar system and they all decide to go in search of it.

Marvel two-in-one # 63 05-80
Mark Gruenwald /Jerry Bingham / Gene Day
The High Evolutionary and his companions have found the Counter Earth. The planet is surrounded by a complex of artificial satellites. The satellites generate a stasis field which surround the whole planet. All inhabitants are in stasis. Her can't reach the surface. They decide to face the beings who did that. Her, Star Falcon and Moondragon teleport themselves inside a satellite. There they meet an unknown alien race. They fight them until the High Evolutionary, the Thing and Alicia are teleported there by the aliens captain, Sphinxor. The High Evolutionary and Sphinxor start talking. Sphinxor says they were hired by an other race, the Beyonders, to take Counter Earth. He tells them they observed the Counter Earth from its beginning, but they were worried about Warlock's power. So they created a suggestion to let him think he was as big as the whole solar system. They didn't succeed and subsequently let him think Counter Earth had been destroyed. Sphinxor doesn't know what the Beyonders want to do with Counter Earth. The High Evolutionary admits that he knew the Counter Earth was in danger because it did not have enough mass in its nucleus. He wants to meet the Beyonders to see if they can save his world. Her gets permission to reach the surface of Counter Earth. With her companions, she finds Adam Warlock's tomb. Using her powers she brings Adam Warlock's body to life, but all she gets is a body without a soul because Adam Warlock's soul is inside the Soul Gem owned by the Gardener. Her understands she failed and puts Warlock back into his grave. She then leaves to stars without saying a word, while Ben and Alicia talk about what it means to find real love.

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