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An Ultraverse: A New Twist character, created by James Pedrick III

The Ultraverse was made up of several characters that were inspired by classic heroes from other comic companies. One thing I always liked about Marvelís Captain America was that he brought a sense of history to the Marvel Universe. He was a hero with a past deeply engraved in Americaís own history.

Liberty is my way of bringing a character like Captain America to Ultraverse: A New Twist. The characterís name originated from a guest-starring ultra that only appeared in Prime/Captain America #1.

This Liberty isnít exactly like Captain America, just as all of Ultraverseís characters bring new approaches to classic comic book heroes. This Liberty is not afraid to kill, both friends and enemies. And he is not afraid to turn against his own government.

But, like Captain America, he definitely represents the people of the United States.

After three years, I have finally completed the story. Check out issue #4 now and come back next month for the stunning conclusion!

Fan Fiction

Liberty #0 - A Special Preview of the upcoming six-part mini-series, titled Liberty-Legend of World War II, as the Ultraverse: A New Twist brings you its first title starring a brand new creation!

Liberty - Legend of World War II #1 (of 5) - In this first issue of an exciting new mini-series, which takes place in the Ultraverse's World War II, the origin of the Legend of World War II is revealed!

Liberty - Legend of World War II #2 (of 5) - This new mini-series continued, as we find out how Scott Phillips became the Legend of World War II and we see him on his first mission!

Liberty - Legend of World War II #3 (of 5) - The Day That Will Live In Infamy has arrived and Liberty enters a World War, along with his nation. But trouble is still brewing at home.

Liberty - Legend of World War II #4 (of 5) - The time has finally come for Liberty to enter the Second World War. How will America's first ultra turn from hero to legend?

Liberty - Legend of World War II #5 (of 5) - Liberty faced the Nazis, now he has to deal with his own government. The conclusion of "Legend of World War II" as we learn how Liberty went from hero to legend.

Prime vs. Liberty - In Prime: The New Adventures #4, Prime takes on Liberty at the UN Building. Can the Legend of World War II take down the world's most powerful ultra? The story began in Prime: The New Adventures #1, though Liberty does not make his appearance until this startling conclusion.

Pictures, Articles, & Links

Sketches of Liberty - See sketches of what some artists believe Liberty should look like.  Send in your own sketches or vote for the best!

World War II Links - Information on World War II, the Holocaust, and WWII conspiracies.

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