THE SILVER SURFER THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART THREE (#1875-03) WRITTEN BY LARRY BRODY REV. PAGES * FEBRUARY 13, 1997 REV. PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 FINAL DRAFT FEBRUARY 10, 1997 THE SILVER SURFER "THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART THREE" TEASER FADE IN: EXT. A SERIES OF SCENES - (ALL SEQUENCES ARE FROM EPISODES #1875-01 AND #1875-02 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED) A QUICK RECAP of what has happened so far, SHOWING: THE IDYLLIC PLANET OF ZENN-LA Where NORRIN RADD and SHALLA BAL are in the Academy Courtyard with the MASTER and other students, welcoming the KREE and the SKRULL. THE WATCHER (V.O.) For millennia, the peaceful teachings of the world of Zenn-La have brought the universe wisdom and hope. GALACTUS' SHIP As Galactus' cables of destruction emerge from it, shooting down toward Zenn-La. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Attempting to ease his eternal hunger for energy, the unvanquishable being called Galactus struck at Zenn-La... PLANET-WIDE DEVASTATION The web of BLACK NOTHINGNESS engulfs the planet. Animals stampede. People flee from earthquakes. The BLACKNESS GROWS! THE WATCHER (V.O.) And the destruction of the planet appeared imminent. NORRIN RADD AND SHALLA BAL Reaching out to each other futilely as Galactus' ENERGY BUBBLE carries Norrin Radd upward from the devastated world. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Then Norrin Radd, a brilliant young student, made a fateful covenant with the despoiler! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 2. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER As GALACTUS TRANSFORMS Norrin Radd's body and mind. THE WATCHER (V.O.) In return for the sparing of Zenn- La, Norrin Radd gave up his home and his love to become Galactus' herald and scout. DEEP SPACE As the SILVER SURFER slaloms through a swarm of meteors. THE WATCHER (V.O.) As the Silver Surfer, he soared to the ends of the universe, finding planets for his master to devour. The Surfer's eyes GLOW BRIGHTLY, and he shoots forward into the tube of a COSMIC WAVE, FORESHORTENING INTO WARP AND VANISHING as: SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO A flotilla of starships leaves the system, the Surfer watching them go. THE WATCHER (V.O.) With his memories hidden from him, the Silver Surfer never understood why he was so moved by the plight of Galactus' victims... THE SURFACE OF EGO THE LIVING PLANET As a volcano grows up from nowhere, attacking the Surfer with BOULDERS OF FIRE! THE WATCHER (V.O.) Until, trapped by Ego -- a Living Planet possessing a consciousness of its own... INSIDE THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND The Surfer and THANOS SHOOT ENERGY BLASTS at each other within the surreal version of Galactus' Control Center that is the Surfer's mental world. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 3. THE WATCHER (V.O.) He was forced into mental battle with the tyrant Thanos, an entity dedicated to universal annihilation! THE HATCH Struck by one of the Surfer's ENERGY BLASTS. His memories start to pour out of the hole! THE WATCHER (V.O.) During the conflict, the mental barrier erected by Galactus was breached, and the Silver Surfer's awareness of his past returned... ANOTHER ANGLE ON THE HATCH As the hole closes on itself, leaving only a scarlike crack. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Only to be lost once more, leaving an even greater sense of loneliness and betrayal! A SOLAR SYSTEM - (NEW FOOTAGE) As the Surfer flies past various planets to Galactus' ship and soars up to the Control Center. The Watcher's head appears, with everything else SUPERIMPOSED OVER it. THE WATCHER As the Silver Surfer confronts his master about this treachery, it is my duty to observe all that occurs here. For I am the Watcher... GALACTUS' CABLES ANGLING WITH them as they SHOOT down to a familiar blue planet that is mostly oceans and clouds. THE WATCHER (V.O.) And this is the site of Galactus' latest depredation...a small, blue and green world its inhabitants call -- Earth! END RECAP SERIES OF SCENES and DISSOLVE TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 4. EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - GALACTUS' CABLES - MATCHING SHOT As more and more of the cables attack the planet, piercing its cloud cover. We ANGLE UPWARD, to the hatch where the cables enter Galactus' ship, as: SILVER SURFER (O.S.) Galactus! The time has come for us to talk! We WIDEN TO SHOW the entire vessel as, totally absorbed in what he's doing: GALACTUS (O.S.) There is no need, my herald. I have found a planet with more life energy than I ever dared imagine... And, as Galactus' enormous ship FILLS THE SCREEN: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - THE COMMAND CHAIR In it sits Galactus, although all we can SEE of his huge form is one enormous shoulder. Across from him, an advanced technology projects a constantly changing series of images of the events on Earth. Between Galactus and the images is the Silver Surfer. Standing on his board, the Surfer loops back and forth before his master, like a man pacing angrily. GALACTUS And for that reason I forgive your failure to perform your duties -- for now. SILVER SURFER But I do not forgive you! GALACTUS' EYES Widen in surprise. GALACTUS (O.S.) Those are audacious words, Silver Surfer. And, as he speaks, we ANGLE WITH HIS POV TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 5. ONE OF THE IMAGES OF EARTH - MIDDLE EASTERN DESERT - DAY With a WHIRRING ROAR, a group of Galactus' cables bore into an oil field. Huge cracks radiate from the cables, and the ground around them bucks like a bronco! SILVER SURFER (O.S.) I want my life back, great Galactus! THE SILVER SURFER Flies closer to Galactus' head. SILVER SURFER I demand my soul! GALACTUS' HELMETED HEAD Snaps back as Galactus starts to laugh. We ANGLE PAST his head TO: SECOND IMAGE OF EARTH - AFRICAN VELDT - DAY As a herd of zebras stampedes away from the shaking ground as Galactus' cables bore into it. The parts of the cables that are above ground twist and writhe, pounding the grassy countryside! SILVER SURFER (O.S.) You violated our agreement, Galactus... THE SILVER SURFER Flies away from Galactus, then back at him again. Galactus' laughter continues as: SILVER SURFER I pledged that I would serve you, not give up my past! GALACTUS' EYES Starting to CRACKLE and GLOW. Now his laughter stops, and Galactus' voice takes on a hard edge: GALACTUS (O.S.) We will discuss this another time, my Silver Surfer... And, as he speaks, we ANGLE TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 6. THIRD IMAGE OF EARTH - HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS - DAY As another group of cables bore into the ground, which heaves in a series of earthquakes that flatten a group of buildings, causing the men and women inside them to flee! GALACTUS (O.S.) For now, it is your duty -- your obligation -- to seek out my next source of energy! THE SILVER SURFER Soars upward, on a level with Galactus' pupilless eyes. SILVER SURFER No, Galactus! It is your obligation to return my memories -- for now and evermore! GALACTUS' EYES Within them, the ENERGY CRACKLES like lightning! No longer does he see anything humorous here -- now there is only anger. GALACTUS (O.S.) I said GO!!! GALACTUS' HAND He presses a control on the command chair -- WIDER A BOLT OF ENERGY ARCS from the chair -- EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP BLASTED by the energy bolt the Surfer is hurled backward from the ship, turning ass-over-teakettle, and falling to: EXT. THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE OF EARTH - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Eyes closed, unconscious, as he and his board plummet down, down, down toward the surface, and we FADE OUT: END OF TEASER LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 7. ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. DEEP SPACE PANNING ACROSS the brilliant field of stars TO: A SMALL DRONE SHIP Projectile-shaped, covered with protuberances of various shapes and sizes. Colored lights turn and FLASH as we WIDEN TO SEE that it's one of a myriad of such small ships, all of them surrounding: A FLEET OF STARSHIPS DRACONIAN REFUGEE SHIPS, moving through a planetary system revolving around a double star. We TIGHTEN ON the enormous mother ship as: FIRST MINISTER IVAR (O.S.) The database has analyzed the probes' data, Lord Glenn... INT. DRACONIAN FLAGSHIP - THE BRIDGE So hi-tech that it is almost a clockwork environment. LORD GLENN sits in the command chair, FIRST MINISTER IVAR at his side. Various subordinates perform their tasks in b.g. LORD GLENN Process. Ivar nods. A panel in his chest opens up. He reaches into it and pushes a BEEPING SERIES OF BUTTONS. CLOSER ON IVAR'S CHEST PANEL A SCREEN FADES IN, digital and pictographic data FLASHING ACROSS IT at high speed. FIRST MINISTER IVAR (O.S.) I am sorry, my lord... BACK TO SCENE As Ivar's chest panel closes. He shakes his head sadly. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 8. FIRST MINISTER IVAR This star system lacks the essential elements. We cannot build an advanced technology here. Lord Glenn's metal hand BANGS down on the console before him -- hard. Then: LORD GLENN We will continue our search, Ivar. Somewhere in this universe must be a place where we can settle in safety... His voice is restrained. But as he talks we TIGHTEN ON the console and learn Lord Glenn's true feelings: His blow has left it a smashed piece of wreckage! EXT. DEEP SPACE - THE DRACONIAN REFUGEE FLEET Speeding up as: LORD GLENN (O.S.) And recover from the doom brought upon us by Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer! The fleet FORESHORTENS, VANISHING INTO WARP as we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. EARTH - PACIFIC OCEAN - DAY - GALACTUS' CABLES As THICK LINES OF BLACK NOTHINGNESS BURST into being all around them. The Blackness CRACKLES AND SIZZLES, and we WIDEN TO SEE enormous waves CLASHING together before it. ANOTHER ANGLE FINDING a long, silver object being tossed by the waves. We HOLD ON it: The Silver Surfer's board. WIDER A huge wave CRASHES down nearby, and within the wave we SEE another form: The Surfer himself! CLOSER ON THE SILVER SURFER Floating, unconscious. He gets a face full of water, opens his eyes. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 9. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) What happened...? (realizing) Galactus brushed me away, with as much thought as I might give a speck of dust! From O.S., we hear the SOUND OF ENGINES COMING CLOSER. Treading water, the Surfer looks out at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE OCEAN Where a United States Navy Destroyer heads toward him, big guns aimed. From onboard SPEAKERS comes an AMPLIFIED CALL VOICE FROM DESTROYER (V.O.) (filtered) This is the United States Navy...Remain where you are! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Another big wave washes over him -- with no effect. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Do these beings not realize that their world is coming to an end? I must help them understand! Holding up one hand, he calls out: SILVER SURFER To me, my board! THE SILVER SURFER'S BOARD Skims along the water to: THE SILVER SURFER He leaps atop it, rides the board up from the ocean. WIDER As the Surfer heads toward the Destroyer, calling out: SILVER SURFER My planetary brothers! You must gather yourselves and flee this world while there is still time! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 10. THE DESTROYER For the first time, we can SEE the SAILERS on deck, both men and women. They stare at the Surfer in shock. FIRST SAILOR SECOND SAILOR It's a man! A silvery man! Whatever he is, he's wiping out our world! THE SILVER SURFER Is equally incredulous as he regards them. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) They look so familiar...How can this be...? We TIGHTEN ON his face and SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH ENERGY CRACKLES around the crack in the hatch, and it opens just a little wider, a MEMORY IMAGE streaming out at us and FILLING THE SCREEN! We HOLD ON the image, SEEING a young version of NORRIN RADD in the Academy courtyard with the MASTER and various students. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) What is this? What am I seeing? THE MASTER Allow me to demonstrate the true importance of weapons here on Zenn- La. (holding out his hand) Norrin Radd, if you would assist me...? Nodding eagerly, young Norrin Radd takes a dented old blaster pistol from the niche in which it rests. He hands it to the Master, places it on a large, flat rock. With a SOUND LIKE THE RINGING OF A GONG, the weapon dissolves as we SMASH CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 11. EXT. EARTH - PACIFIC OCEAN - DAY - BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Staggering on his board from the shock of the memory he has just seen. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) "Zenn-La...?" "Norrin Radd...?" I do not understand...And yet within me those names strike a chord -- He breaks off as: THE DESTROYER Its guns swivel upward at him -- and FIRE! ANOTHER ANGLE As the BARRAGE RICOCHETS off his silver skin! The Surfer climbs steeply, then levels off as he sees: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - SQUADRON OF USN JET FIGHTERS Coming at him through the clouds. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Aircraft! But how primitive they are...! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Flying closer to the jets. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (curiously) Is it possible that the inhabitants of this world are unable to leave it? And, as he says it, he clamps his hands to his head in sudden pain. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) No! Am I going mad? This cannot be happening again... We TIGHTEN ON his anguished face and SMASH CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 12. INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH The ENERGY CRACKLES MORE STRONGLY, the crack in the hatch opening still wider as a MEMORY IMAGE streams out at us and FILLS THE SCREEN! We HOLD ON the image, and SEE the young Norrin Radd running his hands along the old spaceship in the museum on Zenn-La. With him is another child: The young SHALLA BAL. SHALLA BAL But Norrin Radd -- this ship is so primitive, so old. I can't understand why it fascinates you! NORRIN RADD It's not the ship, Shalla Bal, it's what it means -- the adventure of soaring through space...! And as he turns his attention back to the ship we SMASH CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - PACIFIC OCEAN - DAY - BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER He reels backward, once again trying to grasp what his brain is playing out. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Again, "Norrin Radd..." And now "Shalla Bal..." The words taunt me. (falling to one knee) Are they indeed madness -- or are they real somehow -- ? The Surfer breaks off as: A GROUP OF MISSILES Streak at the Surfer from the Navy Jets -- THE SILVER SURFER Unable to react in time. The missiles converge on him, EXPLODING! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 13. THE JET FIGHTERS TIGHTEN ON the SQUADRON COMMANDER'S jet. He starts to give a thumbs up. SQUADRON COMMANDER (filtered; into radio) Nice work, guys. Looks like we just took out our first E.T. -- Suddenly, the Commander stops. His hand drops. WIDER As we SEE why: In the midst of the clearing smoke, the Silver Surfer is staggered but unharmed. We TIGHTEN ON the Surfer as: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Cannot concentrate...Must clear my head... He soars away unsteadily -- still moving faster than any jet can follow! THE SQUADRON COMMANDER'S JET In the cockpit, the Commander glares. We TIGHTEN TO the area beside him: Bolted to the bulkhead is a VIDEO CAMERA. It looks out at the sky, RED LIGHT GLOWING, as we CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Dwindling away to a tiny speck in the sky as: FRANKIE (O.S.) Wouldn't you know it? A genuine hunk of a space alien comes to visit... We WIDEN TO SEE FRANKIE RAY, 19, great-looking, the essence of hip, roller blading down the boardwalk, passing an appliance store where every television set in the window is showing the Navy's live coverage of the Surfer. FRANKIE And it turns out that he wants to blow us to smithereens! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 14. ANOTHER ANGLE With Frankie is AMBER, her Walkman-wearing buddy. Around them, the beach still looks as normal as Venice Beach ever does. AMBER (listening to headphones) Aw man, these "special bulletins" are knocking my favorite shockjock right off the air! FRANKIE (wryly) Long as they don't mess with America's Top Forty -- THE SKY Before Frankie can finish her sentence, we SEE the Silver Surfer, flying wobbily overhead. The board dives erratically -- A TRUCK Lumbering up the street. The Silver Surfer THUNKS onto its roof, caroms off, heading for: FRANKIE AND AMBER Trying to get out of the Surfer's way, they go sprawling face down onto the sand, the Surfer landing beside them. ANOTHER ANGLE The Surfer GROANS, and Frankie raises her head, looking at him in awe as he pulls himself to his feet. He shakes his head to clear it. SILVER SURFER I seem to be making a habit of falling out of this world's sky! Frankie and Amber pick themselves up. Frankie can't help herself: She's an inveterate wiseguy: FRANKIE FRANKIE (ALT LINE) Ever consider getting into Ever consider getting a twelve-step for that? professional help? LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 15. NEW ANGLE The Surfer regards here with puzzlement. Then an ominous shadow appears overhead. Amber looks up, the others following her gaze. AMBER Uh-oh... WIDER As we SEE the cause of the shadow: One of Galactus' massive cables, plunging down from the sky. THE SILVER SURFER Reaches out for the two young women and leaps onto his board. With one arm wrapped around each of them, he soars upward as: THE CABLE CRASHES down where they stood, SHATTERING the boardwalk and the street. With a WHIRRING ROAR, the cable begins boring into the ground, the earth around it shaking violently. THE SILVER SURFER AND THE OTHERS Look down at the cable. The board rocks as the Surfer's body starts to shake. FRANKIE So tell me -- this a mechanical problem...or something more personal? The Surfer can't respond. He grimaces in pain, and, TIGHTENING ON his face, we SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH CRACKLING MORE POWERFULLY, the crack becoming even wider as another MEMORY IMAGE streams out, FILLING THE SCREEN! We HOLD ON the image, SEEING a cable plunge down at the Academy courtyard on Zenn-La. Standing there, transfixed, is an older Shalla Bal. An older Norrin Radd grabs her hand, and the two of them race away! SMASH CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 16. EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Careening through the sky with Frankie and Amber. The two young women CRY OUT WORDLESSLY. SILVER SURFER My mind reels...Is that my past! Is that me...! Unable to control the board, the Surfer dives toward the ground, and again the young women CRY OUT -- ANOTHER ANGLE As the Surfer straightens out just in time. He deposits his two charges -- just as the ground buckles and cracks. WIDER All the buildings near the beach begin rocking and shaking -- and crumbling. SCREAMING men and women run for their lives. A HUGE CHUNK OF MASONRY Falls from one of the buildings. It is headed right at: A FRIGHTENED COUPLE As they run. The woman falls, and the young man stumbles with her. They cling to each other -- THE SILVER SURFER Seeing it as he crumples to the ground. His eyes widen, and, TIGHTENING ON his face, we SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH The ENERGY CRACKLES as the crack opens wider still. Another MEMORY IMAGE streams out, FILLING THE SCREEN! We HOLD ON the image of the garden on Zenn-La, SEEING a tearful Shalla Ba reaching out to Norrin Radd. He reaches toward her as well, but they move right through each other as an ENERGY BUBBLE forms around Norrin Radd and: SHALLA BAL Galactus! Take me with him! Take me with him! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 17. Norrin Radd presses against the BUBBLE desperately. NORRIN RADD I will never forget you, my Shalla Bal! SMASH CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER A look of recognition comes over his face. SILVER SURFER Shalla Bal! Without hesitation, he thrusts out his hand, and the POWER COSMIC BLASTS from his fingers at: THE FALLING MASONRY One instant it's about to hit the two lovers...and the next it EXPLODES INTO NOTHINGNESS, the man and woman untouched! THE SILVER SURFER He straightens, starting up from the ground as, for one last time we SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH The ENERGY BLASTS LIKE THE POWER COSMIC, and the hatch itself EXPLODES INTO NOTHINGNESS, leaving only the IMAGES of: THE IDYLLIC PLANET OF ZENN-LA THE MASTER'S ACADEMY THE ATTACK OF GALACTUS NORRIN RADD'S ROCKET FLIGHT TO GALACTUS' SHIP THE IMAGES COME SO QUICKLY THEY ARE ALMOST SUBLIMINAL, FLASHING OVER AND OVER as we SMASH CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 18. EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER AND THE OTHERS No longer puzzled, or shaken. No longer wobbly or weak. He stands amid the turmoil, tall and straight. SILVER SURFER My Shalla Bal...! FRANKIE Sorry, Silverado, but the name's Frankie Ray -- ANOTHER ANGLE More debris falls, and, trying to dodge it, Frankie slips, her head hitting the ground. Amber hovers over her unconscious friend's GROANING form. AMBER Frankie! (raging at the Surfer) This is your fault! Who are you? Why are you doing this to our planet? CLOSER The Surfer's only response is to kneel before Frankie. He looks down at her. From his eyes comes a BEAM OF SILVER HEALING ENERGY, which bathes Frankie in its light. AMBER Mouth agape, incredulous, as she witnesses: FRANKIE Opening her eyes. She looks up at the Surfer. FRANKIE You have a hard time making friends, don't you? (realizing) Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore. WIDER The Surfer smiles at her. SILVER SURFER I used my power cosmic to heal you. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 19. FRANKIE Not bad. How about giving some of that action to the rest of the planet? THE SILVER SURFER TIGHTENING ON him as, with incredible resolve: SILVER SURFER Now that I know who I was -- and who I am -- that is exactly what I shall do! Leaping on his board, he soars skyward. We ANGLE WITH him, his face set with defiance as he shouts out: SILVER SURFER (continuing) Galactus! Our bargain is over! You have deceived me, and I serve you no more! (beat) I will stop your carnage! Even if it costs me my life! And, as he continues higher, higher, heading out of the Earth's atmosphere, we CONTINUE ANGLING WITH the Silver Surfer and FADE OUT: END OF ACT ONE LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 20. ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' EYES Within them, ENERGY CRACKLES. We WIDEN TO SEE as much of Galactus' huge head as we can -- and to realize that he is gazing at projections of various images of Earth, including: ONE OF THE IMAGES OF EARTH - MIDDLE EASTERN DESERT - DAY Strands of Blackness are coalescing into a SIZZLING web of destructive ENERGY, while towering oil wells collapse and an entire oil field starts to burn! SILVER SURFER (O.S.) Galactus...! GALACTUS' EYES The Surfer's VOICE IS LOW AND DISTANT, and Galactus pays it no attention. He simply continues to gaze at: SECOND IMAGE OF EARTH - AFRICAN VELDT - DAY Covered by Blackness. All that remains is a waterhole, where zebras and giraffes -- even lions and hyenas -- wait together, trapped, as the Blackness closes in. SILVER SURFER (O.S.) Galactus...! GALACTUS' EYES The Surfer's VOICE IS CLOSER NOW, but still Galactus' ignores it, preferring instead to look at: THIRD IMAGE OF EARTH - HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS - DAY Blackness SIZZLES over flattened mountains, and a massive earthquake opens a fissure that swallows up a convoy of Chinese Army trucks. SILVER SURFER (O.S.) GALACTUS -- ! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 21. GALACTUS' HELMETED HEAD The Surfer's VOICE IS MUCH CLOSER, but all Galactus can do now is throw his head back in pleasure from the energy he is absorbing. Oh...and one more thing: GALACTUS' HAND Presses a button on his command chair as: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - THE SILVER SURFER Soaring to Galactus' enormous ship. From his mouth comes a BLUE COMMUNICATIONS BEAM: SILVER SURFER (calling out) Galactus! When I agreed to become your herald it was to save lives, by leading you away from sentient beings! (beat) This world is populated by men and women who think, who feel, who dream -- He heads toward the Control Center -- WIDER Before the Surfer can even get near his destination, a RING OF ENERGY FLARES out from Galactus' ship -- heading right at: THE SILVER SURFER Swiftly, he rides the board in the direction of the attack, shooting right into the center of the ENERGY RING the way he might enter the tube of a wave. ANOTHER ANGLE As the Surfer leans forward, lowering himself so he can fit through the tube. The ENERGY RING hits a large meteor, another, and they SHIMMER, POLARIZING FROM POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE and back -- and then VANISH IN A CASCADE OF POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPARKS! THE SILVER SURFER Safe within the tube. He passes through cleanly, looks to: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 22. THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE CENTRAL HATCH OF THE SHIP Where the cables of destruction join with Galactus' ship. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) This planet has not the time for me to argue with one who will not even deign to answer... BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER As he flies closer to the hatch. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Instead, I shall have to apply the power cosmic more directly -- Again, he releases twin BLASTS OF POWER -- WIDER The BLASTS SHOOT toward the cables, SPARKS FLYING as we CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - ROME - DAY Galactus' cables bore into the ground, and in the upheaval the walls of the Coliseum go CRASHING to the ground! CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - THE HATCH The cables shudder and shake, but hold firm. THE SILVER SURFER Continues to BLAST at them as we CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - LONDON - DAY The ground heaves and shakes -- and tower of Big Ben topples, engulfed by the Blackness! CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 23. EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - THE HATCH MORE SPARKS FLY -- and the nearest cable FLARES UP REDLY, a big chunk of it disintegrating as: THE SILVER SURFER Allows himself a satisfied smile. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Just as the power of Galactus created these engines of destruction -- the power he has given me shall destroy them! He pours it on, BLASTING away as we CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - PARIS - DAY The sky is a CRACKLING WEB of Blackness, lightning-like ENERGY lashing out and blowing the Arc de Triumph to smithereens! EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY - THE BLACKNESS CRACKLING AND SPARKING. We WIDEN TO SEE that the destructive force is hanging over the crest of a huge TSUNAMI WAVE which is headed right toward: A GROUP OF TERRIFIED MEN AND WOMEN SHOUTING in fear as they rush past the wrecked buildings, trying to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the wave. FIRST MAN FIRST WOMAN L.A.'s falling into the Help us! Can't somebody ocean! help us?! FRANKIE AND AMBER In the middle of the mob. Frankie looks around frantically for somewhere to go. FRANKIE There's gotta be a way out of this -- Her eyes find something we can't see, O.S. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 24. FRANKIE (continuing) There! AMBER (following her gaze) Frankie, are you nuts? We've got to get to high ground! FRANKIE Hey, we can't get any higher up than that! Everybody! This way! And, racing along on her roller blades, Frankie leads the others to: A HOT AIR BALLOON Tethered beside a deserted hut with a sign that says, "BALLOON TOURS OF THE BEACH! CREDIT CARDS WELCOME! Frankie and Amber almost crash into the basket of the balloon. FRANKIE Hope the owner doesn't freak 'cuz I didn't run my card through. She climbs inside. Amber clambers over the top of the basket to join her. WIDER As Frankie helps the others get in. She starts throwing out the ballast. Slowly, the balloon begins to rise as: THE TSUNAMI WAVE Hits the beach with a ROAR! It sweeps away the remains of the buildings as though they're made of cardboard! THE HOT AIR BALLOON As the tsunami wave hangs over it. Frankie tosses out the last of the ballast, and the balloon shoots upward, clearing the CLASHING water by mere inches! FRANKIE AND AMBER They and the others are drenched -- but alive. They look down at the flood. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 25. AMBER You did it! If there's one thing you've always been good at, it's being in the right place at the right time. FRANKIE (filled with resolve) Way I see it, the right place now is wherever those alien attackers are. I've gotta fight! AMBER I hate to break it to you, Frankie, but this is a balloon, not a rocket ship -- Amber stops suddenly -- and with good reason. With a WHOOSH OF IMPLODING AIR, her friend vanishes! Frantically, Amber starts looking all around the balloon, but it's useless as we CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - CLOSE ON THE HATCH SPARKS FLY as another COSMIC BLAST hits one of the cables. When they FADE AWAY we SEE that the cable has been severed, and it floats away. THE SILVER SURFER Swooping at the hatch. He holds out his hands for another blast. The power cosmic FLICKERS around his fingers like little silver flames, but nothing else happens. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) All this effort has drained my power cosmic. I must replenish it quickly. He looks around and sees: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE SUN As a sunspot whirls across its face. BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Starting toward it on his board. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) That should do -- LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 26. His words change to a CRY OF PAIN as: ANOTHER ANGLE A BOLT OF ENERGY SLAMS into the Silver Surfer from behind, his entire body POLARIZING FROM POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE and back! He and his board twist and spiral helplessly until: NEW ANGLE Another BOLT OF ENERGY hits both the Surfer and his board, forming a BUBBLE that whirls them around and holds them in place while: GALACTUS (O.S.) Audacity is one thing, my Silver Surfer...but rebellion is quite another! Shaken, too weak to even more, the Surfer stares at: GALACTUS For the first time, we SEE him not in his command chair, but standing out in space beside his ship. GALACTUS You have accomplished something, Silver Surfer, that no force in the universe ever has before. THE SILVER SURFER Eyes fastened on Galactus, he is barely able to speak: SILVER SURFER What is that...? We TIGHTEN ON the Surfer's hands as he raises them -- GALACTUS' MOUTH Forms a wry smile. GALACTUS You have forced me to interrupt my repast... THE SILVER SURFER'S HANDS He cups his palms, as though waiting for someone to throw him a ball. LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 27. GALACTUS (O.S.) I do not know whether to congratulate you for this unique deed... THE SUN Wisps of energy from the sunspot pull away, as though being sucked into space. We ANGLE WITH them as they glide toward: THE SILVER SURFER'S HANDS As the energy pierces the BUBBLE and reaches the Surfer's palms. They start to SIZZLE AND SPARK. GALACTUS (O.S.) Or vaporize you! WIDER ON THE SILVER SURFER As, within the BUBBLE, he gets to his feet. His voice is hard: SILVER SURFER Do what you will, my former master, but I cannot allow you to kill anymore! The ENERGY BUBBLE SHATTERS as the Surfer BLASTS through it. We ANGLE WITH the BLAST and CUT TO: INT. AN UNKNOWN LOCATION PANNING a shadowy darkness, where all we can SEE is what looks like a maze of cylindrical tunnels. The only SOUNDS are a RHYTHMIC PULSING OF ENGINES and: FRANKIE (V.O.) Frankie girl -- what've you gotten yourself into now? We FIND Frankie curled up near a junction in the tunnels, peering into the shadows. FRANKIE (V.O.) (continuing) One minute I'm dodging a tidal wave, and the next I'm in the absolute middle of nowhere... LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 28. ANOTHER ANGLE Frankie gets up, moves to the junction. FRANKIE (V.O.) Or am I? Let's see how that "right place at the right time" stuff really holds up... She picks a tunnel, starts walking through it as we CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - GALACTUS As the Silver Surfer's COSMIC POWER BLAST hits him -- and absolutely nothing happens. Galactus just laughs. GALACTUS "Former master?" "Former," you say...?" THE SILVER SURFER - INTERCUTTING AS NECESSARY WITH VARIOUS PARTS OF GALACTUS The Surfer soars closer to Galactus -- and BLASTS at him again! Again, nothing happens as: GALACTUS Can it be that I have been wrong about you, Silver Surfer -- and you are neither audacious nor rebellious -- but simply mad? SILVER SURFER Perhaps I was, to believe that I could make any agreement with you! But now I know the truth -- The Surfer BLASTS once more -- ANOTHER ANGLE - INTERCUTTING AS NECESSARY This time Galactus holds out his hand and a RING OF ENERGY catches the BLAST and turns it back at the Surfer...who barely manages to dodge in time. GALACTUS And because of that you would attempt to destroy your creator? For, make no mistake about it, your creator I am! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 29. Galactus FIRES ANOTHER ENERGY BOLT, and again the Surfer dodges it as: GALACTUS (continuing) I took away your memories because it was necessary, Silver Surfer. I knew that with them you would never be able to serve me! Galactus FIRES again. Again the Surfer dodges...but he's slowing down. SILVER SURFER Galactus, can you not understand? I no longer care about what you have done to me. It is what you are doing to this world! Another BOLT from Galactus. The Surfer barely slips away from it in time. GALACTUS This planet dies so that I may live -- a course of events that has occurred a billion times before! NEW ANGLE - INTERCUTTING AS NECESSARY Galactus is just toying with the Surfer, and the Surfer knows it. He flies in closer, watching Galactus' every move as he waits for the next attack. SILVER SURFER But it has been wrong a billion times before! This place reminds me of Zenn-La, and given time it too might become such a refuge! (beat) But even if it did not, still would its life be sacrosanct! I must make my stand! GALACTUS Your stand will destroy you! SILVER SURFER Better to perish for what I believe in than endure forever as a traitor to life! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 30. GALACTUS Then so be it! And, simultaneously, both the Silver Surfer and Galactus BLAST at each other with both hands! WITH GALACTUS' ENERGY BLAST As it HITS THE SURFER'S BLAST, VAPORIZING IT INTO NOTHINGNESS. GALACTUS' BLAST CONTINUES at the Silver Surfer, who stands on his board, arms outstretched, taking the full brunt of an EXPLOSION THAT FILLS THE SCREEN as we CUT TO: EXT. EARTH - MIDDLE EASTERN DESERT - NIGHT Where the oil field smoulders. As we WATCH, the Blackness thins, the ENERGY within them FLICKERING as they disappear. The massive cables of destruction retract, pulling up, out of the ground! EXT. EARTH - AFRICAN VELDT - NIGHT Here too the Blackness vanishes, the cables retracting. The various surviving animals start to come out of hiding... EXT. EARTH - HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS - NIGHT The ground stops moving. A holy man and his followers approach the soldiers...and offer them food... EXT. EARTH - VENICE BEACH - DAY The water ebbs back into the ocean. We TIGHTEN ON Amber in the hot air balloon. She lets out a great sigh... CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - THE SILVER SURFER - MATCHING SHOT He is in an ENERGY BUBBLE, unconscious. After a beat, his eyes open. SILVER SURFER (amazed) I live...! He looks around, his gaze going upward, to: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 31. THE PROJECTED IMAGES Where the reawakening of Earth continues as: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (shocked) And so does the planet... WIDER - INTERCUTTING BETWEEN THE SILVER SURFER, VARIOUS PARTS OF GALACTUS, AND THE PROJECTED IMAGES AS NECESSARY The Surfer turns away from the projections, looks at Galactus seated once again in the command chair. SILVER SURFER You have abandoned it. But -- why...? Galactus' eyes are steady. No longer do they GLOW...or CRACKLE with energy. He doesn't answer directly -- not yet: GALACTUS Since the dawn of time, the purpose of my life has been -- my continued survival. To that end have I devoted all my great power. (beat) But you, Silver Surfer, in your willingness to pay the ultimate price for the well-being of others you do not even know, have demonstrated a strength and courage that even Great Galactus shall never possess. Galactus sounds subdued, almost as though he's in pain. He forces himself to continue: GALACTUS (continuing) Norrin Radd, we can trust each other no more. Consider this world a parting gift. The Surfer looks at Galactus closely. The importance of Galactus' words sinks in. SILVER SURFER (incredulous) You will release me? I can go...? LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 32. Galactus' eyes narrow. His voice grows stronger, and is filled with indignation and wrath: GALACTUS You must go. And with you take the power cosmic. Not as my blessing, but as my curse. (beat) The power shall be like a brand, marking its bearer for all time. Let us see if those for whom the Silver Surfer has been so willing to sacrifice can ever overcome their fear and hatred of you. WIDER The Surfer takes this in. Then, glancing around the control room, he raises his hand. SILVER SURFER My board! From O.S., the board flies to him, the ENERGY BUBBLE VANISHING as the board reaches it. Leaping onto the board, the Silver Surfer soars from the control center to: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET EARTH - GALACTUS' SHIP As the Surfer sweeps out. He looks back for just a beat, and the communication beam forms as: SILVER SURFER Mighty Galactus, I shall prove you wrong about the people of the universe... GALACTUS (O.S.) (thunderously) Go! You are condemned! The Silver Surfer catches a COSMIC WAVE. Faster and faster he moves, FORESHORTENING INTO WARP AND VANISHING as: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' EYES Glistening, as though moist...From O.S. we HEAR A SCRAPING SOUND, and Galactus' head turns to: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 33. GALACTUS' POV - DUCTWORK A series of tubes running up to the control center from the bowels of the big ship. At the entrance to one of the tubes a female, human figure pushes back a metallic seal. ANOTHER ANGLE As Frankie Ray emerges from the tube -- and gazes at the control center in awe. FRANKIE Oh, man -- talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire... Then she sees: FRANKIE'S POV - GALACTUS His eyes are still fixed on her. BACK TO FRANKIE Terrified. GALACTUS' EYES Like the eyes of God. GALACTUS (O.S.) You are from the planet below. How do you come to be here? FRANKIE Summoning all her courage. FRANKIE Guess it just must be my lucky day. GALACTUS' EYES From them comes a GLOWING LIGHT. He seems to be looking right inside her. GALACTUS (O.S.) You have a rare gene, triggered by the power cosmic itself... FRANKIE Is BATHED IN THE LIGHT as: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 34. GALACTUS (O.S.) It enables you to unerringly find whatever you seek... GALACTUS' EYES The LIGHT STOPS. Galactus looks thoughtful. Then: GALACTUS (O.S.) I do not know what a frying pan is... FRANKIE As Galactus continues: GALACTUS (O.S.) However, I can extend to you -- the gift of fire. And, as Frankie tries to sort this out, we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DEEP SPACE Its star-blazing glory SUPERIMPOSED OVER the head of the Watcher. From the distance, a fiery orange figure BLAZES toward us, and the Watcher's eyes follow her movements as: THE WATCHER On a planet known as Earth, there lived a young woman named Frankie Ray. (beat) Now, she has a new form and a new name -- Nova, herald of Galactus! As the figure gets nearer, we SEE that here, flying faster than the fastest starship, is NOVA, a living woman of flame -- with Frankie's features! THE WATCHER (continuing; turning his attention to US) But what of the original herald -- the Silver Surfer? A free man, noble and pure, he streaks to his new life... DISSOLVE TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 35. EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET ZENN-LA - THE SILVER SURFER WARPS IN. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Zenn-La! The most beautiful planet in the universe! Soon I will be in the loving arms of Shalla Bal -- The Surfer stops short. He looks in disbelief at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - ZENN-LA'S LOCATION No planet orbits here. We PAN TO SEE a sun. Some moons. But no Zenn-La! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Stricken. His voice is filled with anguish: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) What has happened? Where is Zenn- La? WIDER Beyond the Surfer, in the place where Zenn-La should be, an ENERGY BUBBLE appears. It comes toward toward the Surfer, and when he touches it the BUBBLE EXPLODES, an IMAGE OF GALACTUS appearing! GALACTUS Norrin Radd! I said that you could leave me, and I have kept my word. (beat) But never did I say you could return to Zenn-La! ANOTHER ANGLE The huge figure vanishes, and in its place we SEE the translucent form of the Watcher. SILVER SURFER (stunned) Watcher! Where is my world? Where is my home...? Tell me -- please! LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997 36. THE WATCHER I cannot tell you. So mighty is Galactus that he has moved Zenn-La to a place where it is hidden even from me. CLOSER ON THE SILVER SURFER Drifting on his board. His face shows his pain. Behind him, the Watcher too shows his sorrow. THE WATCHER Truly, I am sorry. The Surfer doesn't reply. He's like a man who has made it through hell -- and now has to go back again! Then he lifts his head high, and his voice resonates through space: SILVER SURFER I will find you, Shalla Bal! No matter how long or dangerous the way -- no matter what travail I must endure -- never will I stop searching! This I swear by our love! We ANGLE WITH the Silver Surfer as he rides the cosmic waves, the Watcher looking on. THE WATCHER Behold the Silver Surfer, bound no one knows where! Will he find glory or tragedy? Victory or defeat? His true destiny is yet to unfold. (beat) I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in the cosmos. This task brings me great joy...and great sorrow... Faster and faster the Surfer moves, and as he FORESHORTENS INTO WARP, we FREEZE FRAME and FADE OUT: THE END LARRY BRODY 1875-03 SILVER SURFER REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 27, 1997