THE SILVER SURFER THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART TWO (#1875-02) WRITTEN BY LARRY BRODY REVISED PAGES FEBRUARY 4, 1997 REVISED PAGES * March 12, 1997 SECOND REV. FINAL DRAFT JANUARY 22, 1997 THE SILVER SURFER "THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART TWO" TEASER FADE IN: EXT. THE PLANET OF ZENN-LA - SERIES OF SCENES - (NOTE: ALL SEQUENCES ARE FROM EPISODE #1875-01) A QUICK RECAP of what has happened so far, SHOWING: THE IDYLLIC PLANET OF ZENN-LA Where predator walks side by side with prey. THE WATCHER (V.O.) The world of Zenn-La! Since the beginning of time, its teachings of peaceful co-existence have shone as a beacon of truth and enlightenment in a universe otherwise darkened by chaos and strife. GALACTUS' SHIP VAPORIZING a moon as the ship moves toward Zenn-La. THE WATCHER (V.O.) When the unassailable being known as Galactus sought to nourish himself on Zenn-La's planetary energies... THE WATCHER Appearing in the sky and alerting Zenn-La's citizens to danger -- including NORRIN RADD and SHALLA BAL. THE WATCHER (V.O.) I, the Watcher, broke my ancient vow of silence and intervened to warn its people of his coming! PLANET-WIDE DEVASTATION Galactus' cables BORE into the ground. The web of BLACK NOTHINGNESS forms. Earthquakes. Tidal waves. Destruction! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 2. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Yet I was helpless to prevent the inevitable. GALACTUS' EYES CRACKLING WITH ENERGY as: GALACTUS' FINGER Stabs a button on his control chair. An ENERGY BOLT BLASTS at: THE KREE AND SKRULL SHIPS Trying to fight off Galactus with their FIREBALLS and FORCEFIELDS -- and being destroyed by Galactus' RING OF FORCE! THE WATCHER (V.O.) Even the mighty warriors of the Kree and the Skrull fell before Galactus' power. THE WRECKAGE OF THE ACADEMY With Shalla Bal at his side, Norrin Radd uses a shard of the communication crystal to contact Galactus, vanishing as a RING OF ENERGY stabs at him! THE WATCHER (V.O.) Then Norrin Radd, a brave believer in justice and truth, confronted the dreaded foe... GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER Where Norrin Radd floats before Galactus in an ENERGY BUBBLE. THE WATCHER (V.O.) And proposed a bargain so momentous that it would affect the entire universe! THE SCULPTURE GARDEN OF ZENN-LA Norrin Radd bids a tearful good-bye to Shalla Bal, Galactus transporting him up and away from her as: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 3. THE WATCHER (V.O.) In return for Galactus' vow to spare Zenn-La, Norrin Radd made the supreme sacrifice, giving up all he knew and loved to become Galactus' herald and scout. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER As Galactus TRANSFORMS Norrin Radd's body and mind. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Norrin Radd hoped to lead Galactus to worlds devoid of intelligent life, and so save countless civilizations from annihilation. THE SILVER SURFER Appearing in Galactus' hand as the huge being opens his palm. THE WATCHER (V.O.) However, his body altered and his memories gone, Norrin Radd is no more. SPACE OVER ZENN-LA As the Surfer comes soaring from Galactus' ship on his board! THE WATCHER (V.O.) In his stead a new being searches the cosmos. Faster and faster, the Silver flies through space as: THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) In his stead soars -- the Silver Surfer! The Surfer FORESHORTENS INTO WARP as we END RECAP SERIES OF SCENES and DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DEEP SPACE Where the Silver Surfer soars amidst the blazing stars, riding the crest of a wave of COSMIC ENERGY. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 4. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Space! My home! Was ever a man as lucky as I? He flies past a magnificently ringed planet, sees: THE SURFER'S POV - A SWARM OF METEORS Jagged, threatening rocks of all shapes and sizes -- heading directly at him. BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER He cuts along the face of the ENERGY WAVE, meeting the swarm. Crouching lower on his board, the Surfer zigs and zags through the meteors like flags on a slalom. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Who but the Silver Surfer can soar the cosmic currents and be one with the many wonders of the galaxies? WIDER The Surfer squeaks between the last two meteors, slows. He raises his head. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) And yet, even now, I feel confused, and uncertain. Where do I come from? Why do I serve -- ? The Surfer stops. His gaze sweeps across: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - SPACE It's like looking at an infra-red scanner or heat tracker. Instead of the blackness of space we SEE GLOWING LEVELS OF ENERGY, each shown in a DIFFERENT COLOR. We TIGHTEN ON a HOT RED IMAGE and: BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER His eyes too start to GLOW. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Ah! My probe has found possible nourishment for my master! He slides into the tube of another COSMIC WAVE. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 5. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) I must learn more! The Surfer shoots forward, FORESHORTENING INTO WARP as we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. ANOTHER PART OF SPACE - THE PLANET DRACO Hanging in the darkness, the home of a flourishing technological civilization. Orbiting around Draco are various artificial satellites, bristling with protuberances. TIGHTENING PAST the satellites, we SEE that the surface too is a construct, an interlocking series of constantly moving structures that make Draco one huge, mechanical -- almost clockwork -- city. THE SILVER SURFER His GLOWING form WARPS IN high above the planet, and he looks down thoughtfully. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Strange...the surface of this world is entirely artificial. I shall search past it... The Surfer skims down into the upper reaches of Draco's atmosphere. ONE OF THE ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES As the Silver Surfer passes it. It's various surfaces turn, keeping the Surfer in view. Within them COLORED LIGHTS FLASH. We TIGHTEN ON the lights and: FIRST MINISTER IVAR (O.S.) Lord Glenn! The monitor satellites are picking up an intruder! CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - DAY - PLANETARY COUNCIL BUILDING An imposing edifice marked with a stylistic PLANETARY SEAL. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 6. FIRST MINISTER IVAR (O.S.) The planetary database confirms it: The Silver Surfer has entered our space! INT. PLANETARY COUNCIL BUILDING - DAY - A VIEWSCREEN Covering the entire dome of the council room. Upon it, we SEE various views of the Silver Surfer. CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - THE SILVER SURFER His eyes GLOW EVEN MORE BRIGHTLY as he looks down at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - DRACO Again, we get the SCANNER EFFECT, but this time the various layers of the planet APPEAR to be stripped away, one by one, each succeeding layer GLOWING MORE REDLY. First the natural surface of the planet APPEARS to the Surfer, then the lower layer of bedrock -- and then the ENERGY-RICH CORE! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Nodding with satisfaction. His board pulls up as: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Yes! The necessary energy lies within. This planet can indeed ease great Galactus' hunger! He turns his head back toward the depths of space. CUT TO: INT. PLANETARY COUNCIL BUILDING - DAY - A VIEWSCREEN All the images of the Surfer raise both hands in the air and bring them together. A BEAM OF PALE BLUE ENERGY SHOOTS out from the Surfer's raised hands: This is a COMMUNICATION BEAM, stabbing out to space. As this is occurring, we WIDEN TO SEE, silhouetted below the dome, the shadowy figures of the Planetary Council. All we can make out is that they're humanoid. FIRST MINISTER IVAR (O.S.) My Lord! He's sending out the call to Galactus! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 7. REVERSE ANGLE Now, at last, we can see the DRACONIANS: Humanoid ROBOTS clad in richly ornamental robes, they match their planet perfectly. FIRST COUNCILMAN SECOND COUNCILMAN Oh no! He must be stopped! From his place at the head of the table, LORD GLENN turns to IVAR. His voice is harsh: LORD GLENN You know the procedure. Ivar nods. A panel in his chest opens up. He reaches into it and pushes a BEEPING SERIES OF BUTTONS. EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - FORTIFIED AREA - DAY A complex, robotic fortress. Huge BLASTERS, like rocket tubes, thrust outward from it, WHIRRING as they aim at the sky. INT. PLANETARY COUNCIL BUILDING - DAY - LORD DRACO Leans forward, his robotic finger stabbing at a BLINKING RED LIGHT in Ivar's chest. EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - FORTIFIED AREA - DAY - THE BATTERY OF BLASTERS FIRE! The SOUND IS EXPLOSIVE as a series of HIGH-POWERED ENERGY BEAMS FLASH upward! CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - THE SILVER SURFER Hears the EXPLOSIONS from below, O.S. He whirls, sees: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE ENERGY BEAMS Heading directly toward him! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER The communication beam DISSOLVES as the Surfer realizes he's under attack. Bending his knees, the Surfer catches another COSMIC WAVE, flying faster, angling toward space. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 8. WIDENING, we SEE that he's moving perpendicularly to the ENERGY BEAMS -- and they're getting closer, closer, as we FADE OUT: END OF TEASER LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 9. ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - THE ENERGY BEAMS Piercing the blackness of space as they head directly at: THE SILVER SURFER Slaloms around the first ENERGY BEAM, and then he and the board dive under a second. But then: ANOTHER ENERGY BEAM Hits him directly. The Surfer staggers on his board, then regains his balance. But now he's in the thick of the attack, as: ANOTHER ANGLE Another ENERGY BEAM catches the Surfer, and he GRUNTS with the impact as it whirls both him and the board around. A third ENERGY BEAM hits, and the Surfer drops to one knee. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Do they not understand? Nothing can stand in my way! CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - FORTIFIED AREA - DAY - THE BATTERY OF BLASTERS FIRE ANOTHER ROUND! CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - THE SILVER SURFER Still on one knee, he thrusts out his arms, pointing at the oncoming ENERGY BEAMS. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (impressed) These beings know that it is impossible for them to prevail, and yet they fight on! COSMIC ENERGY BLASTS from his fingers! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 10. CLOSE ON THE COSMIC BLASTS Striking the Draconian ENERGY BEAMS, one after another. Where they hit, the BEAMS and the Surfer's BLASTS FLARE UP together like miniature novas -- and vanish, cancelling each other out! THE SILVER SURFER Dodging and weaving through space to avoid the NEXT ROUND OF ENERGY BEAMS, the Surfer picks up speed again. Only this time he's heading down, right at the planet! SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Their struggle moves me in a way I do not understand, yet I cannot allow it to sway me -- We ANGLE WITH him, going faster and faster as we CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - FORTIFIED AREA - DAY A bright light in the sky grows larger and larger -- and we SEE that it's: THE SILVER SURFER He extends one arm this time, and FIRES A COSMIC BLAST at: THE NEAREST BLASTER TUBE EXPLODING! WIDER As, in a chain reaction, the rest of the battery BLOWS UP! THE SILVER SURFER Shakes his head sadly. For the first time, he calls out: SILVER SURFER I sorrow for you, my planetary brothers... INT. PLANETARY COUNCIL BUILDING - DAY - A VIEWSCREEN Where, without slowing, the myriad images of the Surfer wheel around and head back upward. Once again, the Surfer's communication beam appears, directed out to space. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 11. REVERSE ANGLE Lord Draco and the others watch with dismay. FIRST MINISTER IVAR We have other weapons, Lord Glenn. There is still time -- But Lord Glenn is already rising, heading from the room. LORD GLENN No, Ivar. The Silver Surfer's power is awesome, and all our data indicates that it is as nothing compared to that of his master. (beat) This is the day we have dreaded since Galactus first arrived in this sector... He sweeps through the doorway. Ivar and the others follow. CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - A STARSHIP BLASTING away from the planet. LORD GLENN (O.S.) Only by evacuating do our people have a chance to survive! We WIDEN TO SEE a huge flotilla of starships following a large Mother Ship out of the system. We ANGLE FROM the fleet TO: THE SILVER SURFER On his board, watching the refugees go. Sadly: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Time after time have I borne witness to wanderers forced from their homes. Yet never does the sight cease to be a bitter one -- From O.S., we HEAR A DEEP ROAR, and even though we're in space a huge shadow seems to blot out Draco's sun. The Surfer turns toward: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 12. GALACTUS' SHIP As the enormous vessel WARPS IN. We TIGHTEN ON the central hatch, where Galactus' massive cables of destruction emerge, shooting down! CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET DRACO - DAY The first of the huge cables pierces the artificial shell of the planet. The surface RUPTURES with a CRACK AND A ROAR! A COMPLEX OF BUILDINGS Sways and then topples, CRASHING down! We TIGHTEN ON the flying fragments and CUT TO: EXT. A RUINED STAR SYSTEM - MATCHING SHOT Two huge planetary fragments EXPLODE as they collide with each other. OVER this, in a deep, forbidding VOICE trying desperately to be gentle and loving, we HEAR: THANOS (O.S.) Ah, the beauty of it... We WIDEN TO SEE that we are in an area of space populated only by planetary ruins and hulks of starships with gaping holes in their hulls. THANOS (O.S.) (continuing) The majesty... As he speaks, we CONTINUE PANNING TO: EXT. THANOS' SHIP An environment more than a spaceship, entirely biological in nature. The ship is like a gigantic BLACK flower, slowly moving through the cosmic debris. THANOS (O.S.) Does it not touch your heart, my love, to witness such ruinous grandeur? LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 13. We HOLD ON the ship, SEEING that much of the flower is covered by a translucent, asymmetrical capsule. Within the capsule we can SEE a shadowy, malignant garden. INT. THANOS' SHIP - NIGHT (NOTE: IT IS ALWAYS NIGHT ON THANOS' SHIP!) Like a garden, filled with BLACK AND PURPLE plants and thick PURPLE grass. PURPLE LIGHTNING FLASHES in the "sky." THANOS (O.S.) You are absolutely correct... We PAN ACROSS a bank of botanical computers, growing and alive, TO: THANOS' VIEWSCREEN Like a black tulip, genetically engineered to display images on its waving, fan-shaped leaves. On the viewscreen now is an image of Draco, more of its buildings toppling. THANOS (O.S.) Galactus is the very definition of destruction! We WIDEN TO FIND that we're looking over the thickly muscled purple shoulder that is all we can make out of THANOS. He pauses as though listening to someone else -- who we also can't see. Then: THANOS (O.S.) (continuing) Yes, my dear, I quite agree... CLOSER ON THANOS' VIEWSCREEN Where Draco's artificial ground heaves convulsively as Galactus' Black Nothingness springs out of one of the cables. THANOS (O.S.) Control his power, and the entire universe will fall beneath our heel! CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 14. EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - COMMAND CENTER - MATCHING SHOT OF DRACO WIDENING TO SEE that the area is being PROJECTED against the stars, and viewed from: GALACTUS' COMMAND CHAIR Resting upon the Planetary Energy Converter, which is now starting to GLOW. All we can SEE of Galactus are his booted feet, absorbing the GLOW. As the ENERGY that he's draining from the planet works its way up his body we ANGLE UP WITH IT TO: GALACTUS' HELMETED HEAD SEEING only the GLOWING LINE OF HIS JAW. Galactus' head turns from the image of the building to: THE SILVER SURFER Soaring up to the Command Center. SILVER SURFER Master! The Surfer leaps off the board and onto the console built into the chair. GALACTUS' EYES ENERGY CRACKLES in their pupilless depths. GALACTUS (O.S.) My herald, never have I fed as well as I have since you joined me. THE SILVER SURFER - INTERCUT WITH PARTS OF GALACTUS AS NECESSARY The Surfer hesitates. Then, bravely: SILVER SURFER Master? Often have I wondered -- when did I join you? And why -- GALACTUS (eyes CRACKLING) Ah, my herald, always are you questioning, always restless... (more) LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 15. GALACTUS (cont'd) (beat) And to think -- once I foolishly thought that, unlike myself, lesser beings could be content. Galactus laughs. The Surfer doesn't understand. SILVER SURFER Do I amuse you, mighty Galactus? Galactus becomes serious. His voice takes on an edge: GALACTUS It is of no consequence. All that must concern you is that I obtain the energy I need. (quickly) Now go, my Silver Surfer! Soon this planet will be drained -- and the Great Hunger will be upon me once more! WIDER The Surfer needs no more encouragement than that. He holds out his arm. SILVER SURFER To me, my board! THE SILVER SURFER'S BOARD Sails to the Surfer from across the Command Center. He leaps atop it, soaring out as: GALACTUS' HEAD GLOWING. Galactus throws back his head, and from him we HEAR A VERY LOUD, VERY SATISFIED SIGH... EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - THE SILVER SURFER Flies out past the GLOWING cables that bring the energy of Draco up to Galactus. He slips into the pocket of a peeling COSMIC WAVE, as we CUT TO: INT. THANOS' SHIP - NIGHT - MATCHING SHOT The Surfer slides along with the COSMIC WAVE as: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 16. THANOS (O.S.) The Silver Surfer, beloved. I could crush him with a gesture... Again, we WIDEN TO SEE that we are LOOKING at the botanical viewscreen. But this time we SEE all of THANOS, standing in the garden. He smiles -- and the expression is as frightening as a frown would be from anyone else. THANOS But if anyone knows Galactus' secrets, it is he. I must find a way to entrap him, so I can rip that knowledge from his brain. Again, he stops as though listening, looking at someone, O.S. THANOS (continuing; nodding) Yes, my love, I know exactly what is necessary. And I have the perfect pawn to put into play... Thanos flicks a finger. A BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT SHOOTS from it to: THE BOTANICAL COMPUTER BANK A cluster of computer buds swells and darkens. Within them, PURPLE SPARKS FLY. We TIGHTEN ON the computer buds and DISSOLVE TO: EXT. A NEW PART OF SPACE - THE SILVER SURFER Rides the crest of a COSMIC WAVE. Straightening on his board, he looks out into space, and once again his eyes start to GLOW. ANOTHER ANGLE From O.S. comes a PURPLE FLASH, followed by a WHITE FLASH, and the Surfer is jolted back, the GLOW vanishing from his eyes. He regains his balance, looks out at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - A NEARBY STAR FLARING UP IN A SERIES OF EXPANDING CIRCLES OF LIGHT! A series of COSMIC WAVES ripples outward. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 17. BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Staring in awe. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) A nova! The first of the COSMIC WAVES crests over him. Whether he likes it or not, he's in the tube! SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) Never have I felt such force! WIDER The COSMIC WAVE propels the Surfer at breakneck speed. He fights to stay upright. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) I cannot control my direction, nor my speed -- ! He breaks off. A second COSMIC WAVE is breaking behind the first, and a third one after that. They push the Surfer faster, faster, until, without doing anything of his own volition, he FORESHORTENS INTO WARP and we CUT TO: EXT. ANOTHER NEW PART OF SPACE - THE SILVER SURFER WARPING INTO a dark, starless area of space. He lies sprawled face down on his board, like a shipwrecked sailor -- and in a way that's just what he is. CLOSER ON THE SILVER SURFER Opening his eyes. He lifts his head, looks around. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Where am I -- ? (beat; remembering) The nova -- its waves blew me like a speck of cosmic dust! Quickly, he pulls himself to his feet. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) I have lost precious time, and Galactus must soon feed -- LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 18. Suddenly, the Surfer stops. He looks out at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - A PLANET Far enough away so that we can see the entire sphere, is a planet of DEEP RED AND BLUE. BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER The tracking beam emerges from his forehead. THE TRACKING BEAM Extends outward -- and goes directly to the planet! THE SILVER SURFER GLOWS like the beam. We ANGLE WITH him as he soars to: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET Now that we're closer, we SEE that the RED COLOR comes from rich fields of red vegetation, while the BLUE COLOR is from a pair of large oceans. There are no signs of civilization, or even of any animal life. EXT. THE PLANET - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Flies down lower, orbiting the planet within its upper atmosphere. In spite of the fact that there are no nearby stars, the planet's sky shines brightly. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Daylight? Plant life? How can this be in a world with no sun? He flies still lower, and we TIGHTEN PAST the Surfer TO the twin oceans. Their tides move with his movement, so that it looks almost as though the seas are watchful eyes! REVERSE ANGLE - THE PLANET'S POV - THE SILVER SURFER As the Surfer flies on. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) This planet contains energy in abundance! How fortunate I was to be carried here! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 19. The Surfer starts to regain altitude, and CAMERA MOVES DOWN, BENEATH THE WATER, TO: THE OCEAN FLOOR CAMERA CONTINUES DOWN, through the ocean floor, TO: THE PLANETARY CORE With its molten, fiery interior. We HEAR A RHYTHMIC POUNDING, like a heartbeat! Then, in a DEEP EARTHY ROAR: VOICE (O.S.) NO ESCAPE!!! THE SURFACE OF THE PLANET The ground RUMBLES like a continuation of the Voice. The RUMBLING GROWS LOUDER AND LOUDER, and the red earth HEAVES UPWARD, turning into: A GIANT VOLCANO Growing straight up from the ground and ERUPTING! THE SILVER SURFER Finds himself heading straight into a cloud of smoke and flame, belching from the volcano. He flies higher, trying to get over it -- THE VOLCANO From within its huge crater a fiery, massive boulder hurtles upward, flying unerringly at: THE SILVER SURFER We TIGHTEN ON his eyes as an ENERGY BEAM SHOOTS OUT from them! CLOSER ON THE BOULDER The ENERGY BEAM strikes the boulder, and the fiery rock RIPPLES -- and is transmuted into a harmless shower of powdery ash. WIDER Another fiery boulder hurtles skyward, and an ENERGY BEAM from the Surfer's eyes transmutes this one as well. But then there are more and more of them, hurtling upward from the volcano like bullets fired from a gun! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 20. THE SILVER SURFER The air around him is so dense with flaming rock that the Surfer can't possibly SHOOT anymore beams. Instead, he dodges and weaves -- CLOSER ON THE SURFER'S BOARD One of the huge boulders CRASHES against it, and we WIDEN as both the board and the Surfer are engulfed in flame! DOWN ANGLE The board bobs free in the air as the Surfer is catapulted from it. CRYING OUT, he plummets into the side of the volcano, continues bumping and falling, down, down, as we FADE OUT: END OF ACT ONE LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 21. ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. THE PLANET - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Continuing to half-fall, half-skid down the side of the volcano. A ROCK SHELF The Surfer grabs at the rock, hanging onto it. WIDER For just a short beat his fall stops -- but then, as the rock breaks off in the Surfer's hands, we HEAR: THANOS (O.S.) An intriguing development, my you not agree? The Surfer resumes his tumble down the steep slope as we CUT TO: EXT. A RUINED STAR SYSTEM - THANOS' SHIP Moving swiftly through the system, plowing through the debris. THANOS (O.S.) The Silver Surfer is nowhere near as powerful without his board. It is as though they are one... INT. THANOS' SHIP - NIGHT - THANOS' VIEWSCREEN Where the Surfer is just instants away from hitting the ground. We WIDEN TO SEE Thanos moving closer to the black flower. THANOS I wonder what other weaknesses our reluctant ally will expose. (over his shoulder) Another flawless plan. You are indeed the mistress of strategy! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 22. Again, Thanos smiles his frightening smile. Again, he points at the botanical computer, and another BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT SHOOTS from Thanos to a computer pod. We HEAR THE SUDDEN WHINE OF MASSIVE ENGINES and: EXT. THANOS' SHIP Gains even more speed, FORESHORTENING INTO WARP as we CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Beneath him, the ground RUMBLES, and another CRACK opens up. ANOTHER ANGLE As the Surfer falls into the new fissure. Immediately, it starts to close over him -- CLOSER ON THE SILVER SURFER Powerful silver hands grab onto each edge of the crack, holding them apart! REVERSE ANGLE - THE PLANET'S POV - THE SILVER SURFER The Surfer hangs there, ABOVE CAMERA. Once more, we HEAR THE RHYTHMIC PULSE. THE SILVER SURFER He too hears the PULSE. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) That sound! It is like a heartbeat -- ! And he looks down at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE PLANET'S CORE Where the lava boils. The HEARTBEAT-LIKE PULSE GROWS LOUDER! BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Still pushing, keeping the crack from closing over him. There's an AIR OF EXPECTANCY, as though something within the planet is awaiting the Surfer's next move. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 23. DOWN ANGLE ON THE CRACK The earth starts to buck wildly, and the Surfer's grip weakens. In spite of his efforts, the crack starts to close. CLOSE ON THE SILVER SURFER Straining, as, calling out: SILVER SURFER My board! THE SURFER'S BOARD Diving down from the sky. THE SILVER SURFER As his board dives through the crack, the Surfer lets go of his handholds, grabbing the board and flipping himself onto it! WIDER As the Surfer positions himself solidly, the board arcs upward again -- REVERSE ANGLE - THE PLANET'S POV - THE SILVER SURFER Flying out of the fissure, just as it THUDS SHUT behind him! ANOTHER ANGLE As suddenly as it started, all the planetary motion stops. THE VOLCANO Cools and retreats, dropping back down into the earth. Immediately, the red vegetation returns, until there's no sign that it was ever there. THE SILVER SURFER Slowing curiously. He circles, looking down around him. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) These growth cycles should take eons, not moments, to occur. Truly, this is a world of impossibilities! His gaze goes back upward. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 24. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) But my speculations are pointless. Soon this world will be no more! The Surfer starts to gain altitude again. We ANGLE PAST him TO: THE TWIN OCEANS Instantly, the seas grow dark and roiling. REVERSE ANGLE - THE PLANET'S POV - THE SILVER SURFER Flying away. We HEAR THE PLANET'S HEARTBEAT and: VOICE NO!!! You cannot go! It's the same RUMBLING VOICE as before, but this time it seems to come from all around, the words REVERBERATING OVER AND OVER: "YOU CANNOT GO! YOU CANNOT GO!" THE SILVER SURFER The very air around him thickens, WHIRLING INTO: A HURRICANE LIGHTNING FLASHES, and a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR BEGINS! THE SILVER SURFER Is sucked into the hurricane, whirling faster and faster! SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Can it be? Is this whole world attacking me? The Surfer grows wobbly, visibly weakened. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) The area around me -- it is a perfect void. My power cosmic has no source from which to draw... ANOTHER ANGLE Again we HEAR the VOICE -- but now it comes as though torn from the gusting wind! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 25. VOICE Silver Surfer! Your place is here! SILVER SURFER (shouting) No! Whoever you are -- know that my place is at the side of Galactus! Now and evermore -- ! WIDER ON THE HURRICANE Where the rain is coalescing into snow, then slush, then ice. CLOSER ON THE SILVER SURFER The ice encrusts his body. Desperately, he tries to move, but his arms are pinned to his sides. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) I must free myself! For Galactus -- We WIDEN as the ice becomes thick sheets and the Surfer DISAPPEARS FROM VIEW. We WIDEN MORE, and the sheets become solid blocks. WIDER ON THE PLANET The blocks become ONE SOLID MASS OF ICE, stretching from horizon to horizon! We CONTINUE WIDENING TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET Nothing remains of the lush red and blue vegetation. Instead, the Silver Surfer is entombed somewhere within a planet now made entirely of ice! We HOLD ON the planet, gleaming like a white pearl against the black backdrop of space, and DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET DRACO - MATCHING SHOT ANGLING DOWN at a world that is nothing but gray rubble, pierced by massive cables buried deep into the empty ground. GALACTUS (O.S.) My herald! This world is no more, its energy absorbed... LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 26. With a METALLIC SNICK AND HUM, the cables pull out of the ground, retracting back to: GALACTUS' SHIP The cables close on themselves as: GALACTUS (O.S.) Never before have you failed to summon me to a new planet by the time I was finished with the old...! The cables vanish into a seamless compartment and we TIGHTEN TO: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - COMMAND CENTER - GALACTUS' EYES NO LONGER CRACKLING WITH ENERGY, as: GALACTUS (O.S.) Now you are strangely silent! Is it possible that you have gone back on your word? The pupilless orbs look at: GALACTUS' POV - THE STARS PANNING ACROSS the visible universe as: GALACTUS (O.S.) Silver Surfer...! I HUNGER! And, as Galactus' VOICE THUNDERS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET - THANOS' SHIP WARPING IN above the icy world, as: THANOS (O.S.) Ah, my darling...success is just a heartbeat away. Soon, the chains to bind great Galactus will be yours to lock into place! The ship moves into orbit around the planet as we CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 27. EXT. THE PLANET OF ICE - DAY TIGHTENING ON its whiteness. For a beat, there is neither SOUND nor movement anywhere. Then, from within the ice we HEAR A QUIET RUMBLING. THE RUMBLING GROWS LOUDER, LOUDER -- And the ice DIRECTLY BEFORE US SHATTERS into thousands of jagged fragments, revealing: THE SILVER SURFER BLASTING the ice from within, using ENERGY BLASTS from both hands! His board beside him, the Surfer collapses, exhausted, onto onto the remaining ice. From before him, O.S., comes a RUMBLING SOUND, and the Surfer forces himself to look up at: THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - A HUGE CLIFF OF ICE Before the Surfer, the cliff MORPHS, its crags and protrusions becoming the gigantic face of a bearded, powerful middle-aged man. BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER Forcing himself to rise. He speaks with great effort: SILVER SURFER In all my service with Galactus never have I beheld such as this! THE FACE IN THE CLIFF Opens its mouth and begins to speak! EGO I am Ego, the Living Planet! Within my planetary field I can create anything. Stay with me, Silver Surfer -- and I will give you all you ever could desire. EGO's voice is a deep RUMBLE, the SAME VOICE WE HEARD CALL OUT before. WIDER The Surfer looks up at the enormous face. Angrily, he moves closer to it, standing poised for battle. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 28. SILVER SURFER Indeed, you are a unique and powerful being. But I cannot allow even you to prevail over my master's needs! (beat) To me, my board! ANOTHER ANGLE The board soars to him, and the Surfer leaps upon it, heads upward once more -- CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER THE PLANET - THANOS' SHIP A WIDE BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT stabs out from it. We ANGLE WITH THE BEAM as it strikes downward! CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET OF ICE - DAY - WITH THE WIDE BEAM OF BLACK LIGHT As it hits: THE SILVER SURFER Crying out, he falls back to the ice, lies there beside his board. CLOSER ON THE BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT It too strikes the ground, where it COALESCES into a FIELD OF PURPLE ENERGY! Within the field stands Thanos' imposing form. THANOS Your incompetence depresses me, Ego. We will discuss the proper punishment when I have finished with him. WIDER Thanos indicates the Surfer, who MOANS, opening his eyes. Thanos smiles. THANOS You should have remained in the ice, Silver Surfer. (more) LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 29. THANOS (cont'd) Now, this may hurt you -- although not for long... Thanos points at the Surfer, and another BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT lashes out -- SILVER SURFER No -- ! THE SILVER SURFER The Surfer tries to leap aside, but he's too late. The BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT strikes his forehead, and the Surfer goes tumbling backward as we SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT At first, it's all we SEE. The BEAM DISSOLVES, and we find ourselves in a DISTORTED, SURREALISTIC VERSION OF GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER. On his back within it, in the same position as on the planet, is the Surfer. Over him stands Thanos. SILVER SURFER Where have you taken me? THANOS We have entered your mind. (looking around) It is not as I expected... Shakily, the Surfer rises. He follows Thanos' gaze. THEIR POV - THE SURFER'S MIND Galactus isn't here, but all his machinery is, TWISTED AND ELONGATED NIGHTMARISHLY, SO THAT IT SEEMS TO STRETCH OUT TO INFINITY! THANOS (O.S.) Your whole life should be here. Your accomplishments. Fears. Failures. Instead -- there is emptiness. Darkness. A void... BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER AND THANOS The Surfer shakes his head, still weakened. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 30. SILVER SURFER My life is serving Galactus. I am nothing else. This infuriates Thanos. He gestures with the back of his hand, and a BEAM OF PURPLE LIGHT knocks the Surfer across the "room." THANOS Serving Galactus? I have no interest in how to serve anyone! I want the secret of controlling your master! ANOTHER ANGLE The Surfer pushes himself up from where he lies slumped against a grotesque version of Galactus' command chair. He laughs. SILVER SURFER Do you not understand? Galactus can never be controlled! If every being -- every power -- in the universe came together just for that very purpose, still would they fail! THANOS (frustrated) He cannot be invincible! He is not a God! The answer is here! It must be here! Thanos stalks through the Surfer's mind. He stops before: THE HATCH OF A STARSHIP A DISTORTED VERSION OF THE POINT WHERE GALACTUS' CABLES ENTER GALACTUS' SHIP. The hatch is huge, looming over everything else, and it CRACKLES WITH BLACK NOTHINGNESS. THANOS (O.S.) What might this be? Your past perhaps? Mountains of memories hidden from you, locked away like a silver treasure! THANOS Gathers himself, and begins to grow, larger and larger, so that he is no longer dwarfed by the hatch, as: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 31. THANOS I will possess that treasure! And PURPLE ENERGY SHOOTS from his hands! THE HATCH As the PURPLE ENERGY HITS IT! The Black Nothingness FLARES UP, everything POLARIZING from positive to negative. THE SILVER SURFER Holds his hands up to his head, crying out in agony. SILVER SURFER No! You must stop! I have no answers!!! THE HATCH The POLARIZING STOPS -- and the hatch is unscathed! THANOS Speaks without looking away from the hatch: THANOS This is where the truth lies, Silver Surfer. Do you not want to be set free? And he FIRES again! THE SILVER SURFER Again cries out. SILVER SURFER I am afraid! And the Surfer FIRES A COSMIC BLAST! THANOS The giant form of Thanos reels back. He FIRES once more, this time with both hands, directly at: THE SILVER SURFER The Surfer's hands go up. He too FIRES. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 32. WIDER The Silver Surfer's BLASTS meet Thanos' BEAMS, but instead of exploding the two forces BOUNCE OFF EACH OTHER, breaking up into A MYRIAD OF LINES OF ENERGY that BOUNCE off each other, CAROMING all around the Surfer's mind, until: THE HATCH As the Surfer's own COSMIC ENERGY hits it. A HOLE appears in the hatch -- and out of the hole spills: NORRIN RADD'S LIFE ON ZENN-LA - SERIES OF SUBLIMINAL SCENES We could call this "Great Moments in the Life of Norrin Radd," as IMAGE AFTER IMAGE FLASHES. It's all there, streaming out of the hole: THE IDYLLIC PLANET OF ZENN-LA Peaceful and serene. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY Where Norrin Radd studies with the Master. THE GROUNDS OF THE ACADEMY Hand in hand, Norrin Radd strolls with Shalla Bal. THE ZENN-LA SKY Where the Watcher appears. THE GROUNDS OF THE ACADEMY As Norrin Radd contacts Galactus. THE SCULPTURE GARDEN Norrin Radd assuring Shalla Bal: NORRIN RADD I will never forget you, my Shalla Bal... THE IMAGES COME SO QUICKLY THAT WE CAN BARELY SEE THEM, FLASHING OVER AND OVER, EACH TIME IN A DIFFERENT ORDER. THEY APPEAR FASTER AND FASTER, BLURRING INTO A BLINDING GOLDEN LIGHT that throbs and HUMS and KEENS with ENERGY! LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 33. THE SILVER SURFER Watching all this, dropping to his knees in awe. THANOS He too falls to his knees -- but in pain! His giant figure SHRINKS, becoming smaller and smaller. THANOS No! You are from Zenn-La! Eons ago, did I study there! Eons ago, did I fail! Never again can one such as I face Zenn-La's shining light!... We WIDEN, THE GOLDEN LIGHT FILLING THE SCREEN as we SMASH CUT TO: EXT. THE PLANET OF ICE - DAY - EGO'S GIANT FACE Staring in wonder at: THE SILVER SURFER AND THANOS The Surfer is on the ground before Ego's giant face. Within his PURPLE ENERGY FIELD, Thanos too is on his knees. CLOSER ON THANOS Writhing in pain. THANOS My lady -- protect me! His voice rises to a SCREAM. For just a beat Thanos is surrounded by the GOLDEN LIGHT WE SAW within the Surfer's mind. Then, with a THUNDEROUS CLAP, the GOLDEN LIGHT IS GONE -- and so are Thanos and the PURPLE ENERGY FIELD! SMASH CUT TO: INT. THE SILVER SURFER'S MIND - CLOSE ON THE HATCH As the hole melts in on itself like a quickly healing wound, resealing. We TIGHTEN ON the area where the hole was: A small, narrow CRACK still remains! SMASH CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 34. EXT. THE PLANET OF ICE - DAY - THE SILVER SURFER Still on the ground, a look of confusion on his face. Slowly, he rises, and we WIDEN TO INCLUDE EGO, who nods toward where Thanos was. EGO Silver Surfer! I am in your debt. (at the Surfer's look) The nova that brought you here was caused by that being. If I had not aided in your entrapment, I would have perished like that star. ANOTHER ANGLE The Surfer holds up his hand, and his board flies to him. He leaps upon it, circles the giant head. SILVER SURFER Are you not afraid you will still perish, when I summon Galactus? EGO I am not without resources, as you have seen. And with Thanos gone, my mobility has returned -- And, as Ego says this, the entire planet RIPPLES -- and vanishes, leaving the Surfer on his board -- in deep space! EXT. DEEP SPACE - THE SILVER SURFER Stares into the blackness where Ego was. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) Mobility, indeed... The Surfer's tone is wry. Then, very serious now: SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) Thanos! I will remember the name of one who is so evil -- yet has given me so much to think about...! The Surfer peers into the blackness. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 35. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) So many memories! But as swiftly as they appeared, did they vanish, returning to their prison inside my own mind... THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - THE UNIVERSE SCANNING the levels of energy. One huge ENERGY SIGNATURE stands out in the distance. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) I must find Galactus... BACK TO THE SILVER SURFER His eyes start to GLOW. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) For now I know that my master has stolen my past, my life! Face set determinedly, the GLOW in his eyes BRIGHTENING, the Surfer moves in the direction of the huge ENERGY SIGNATURE, faster and faster. SILVER SURFER (V.O.) (continuing) Galactus! There will be a reckoning! (beat) I will regain my soul! And, as he FORESHORTENS INTO WARP, we CUT TO: EXT. THANOS' SHIP Spinning wildly through space. It begins to slow, righting itself as: THANOS (O.S.) My lady, I have failed you. I am not worthy, I know... INT. THANOS' SHIP - NIGHT - THANOS Move through the dark garden. Above him, the "sky" FLASHES WITH PURPLE LIGHTNING. His voice is a whimper. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 36. THANOS Please -- do not turn away from me now. Let me right this grievous wrong. Thanos kneels before something we can't see. THANOS (continuing) I will give you the universe, I swear! He reaches out, takes what looks like THE SHADOWY, OUTSTRETCHED HAND OF A WOMAN. THANOS (continuing) And then, my beloved Lady Chaos -- together we shall destroy it! We WIDEN, and, illuminated by MORE LIGHTNING FLASHES, we SEE that Thanos has been talking to a STONE STATUE OF AN EXOTICALLY GARBED WOMAN. Pressing his lips to the cold, damp stone hand of the statue of LADY CHAOS, Thanos kisses it, and we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. A NEW SOLAR SYSTEM - THE SILVER SURFER WARPS INTO the system. He soars past a small planet that is little more than a chunk of ice. WIDER He continues past two more small planets, each with a variety of rings around them. ANOTHER PLANET Green and yellow, with vast layers of rings that cast dark shadows, making this world appear striped. The Surfer moves past it to: AN ENORMOUS GAS GIANT PLANET Yellow and orange, with a great red hurricane spinning within it. The tracking beam and the Surfer continue on. LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 37. A PLANET OF RED ROCK Emerging from an asteroid belt, we ANGLE WITH the Surfer as he continues past the planet. Finally, he reaches: GALACTUS' SHIP In orbit around a planet we can't see. The Surfer flies up to: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - COMMAND CENTER - THE SILVER SURFER Comes barreling in. SILVER SURFER Galactus -- ! GALACTUS' HELMETED HEAD Doesn't move from where it's facing. GALACTUS (cutting him short) You have failed me, my herald... GALACTUS' HAND He presses a control on the command chair. GALACTUS (O.S.) But I will let it go -- this time... EXT. GALACTUS SHIP - CLOSE ON THE CABLES OF DESTRUCTION As they emerge from the hatch at the center of the ship. GALACTUS (O.S.) For now I am well pleased. I have found a world with more life energy than any I have encountered before! EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - COMMAND CENTER The Silver Surfer circles Galactus, following Galactus' gaze and looking out at: LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97 38. THE SILVER SURFER'S POV - PROJECTED IMAGES The massive cables of destruction are shooting toward a planet that is mostly blue, the color coming from its large oceans. Much of the world, though, is covered with white clouds. From up here, the planet looks peaceful, serene -- and familiar. As well is should. Because there can be no doubt that the place intended to be Galactus' next meal is: EARTH!!! FADE OUT: THE END LARRY BRODY 1875-02 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 3/12/97