THE SILVER SURFER THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART ONE (#1875-01) WRITTEN BY LARRY BRODY REV. PAGES December 18, 1996 REV. PAGES December 19, 1996 REV. PAGES January 6, 1997 REV. PAGES * January 8, 1997 FINAL DRAFT DECEMBER 16, 1996 THE SILVER SURFER "THE ORIGIN OF THE SILVER SURFER: PART ONE" TEASER FADE IN: EXT. THE UNIVERSE As it literally EXPLODES ONTO SCREEN! We PAN ACROSS clouds of interstellar dust spinning into galaxies, stars coalescing, planets being born, and, OVER this we HEAR: THE WATCHER (V.O.) Behold the universe! Incredibly complex, yet wonderfully simple, it encompasses all creation while racing toward its ultimate end. Suns go nova and supernova, the planets near them exploding. Black holes collapse in on themselves. We CONTINUE PANNING, TO a group of galaxies -- a Milky Way of Milky Ways. THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) Within this maelstrom of growth and destruction blaze millions of galaxies, billions of stars and planets. We TIGHTEN within the group of galaxies, so that we can see various individual stars, with planets circling around them. THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) This sector of the universe alone is home to uncountable civilizations... EXT. SERIES OF SCENES INCLUDING: EXT. FIRST PLANET We SEE the COTATI, a species that resembles mobile plants, living around a flowering oasis. EXT. SECOND PLANET We SEE the HWINNIM, a horselike but intelligent species on a desolate planet, staring into space like house cats...Or Zen masters. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 2. EXT. THIRD PLANET We SEE a radially symmetrical species made of gleaming crystal, moving through a crystalline city. EXT. FOURTH PLANET We SEE an intelligent aquatic species, swimming through cities deep under an ocean. And, OVER this all: THE WATCHER (V.O.) Sentient life so varied that no one race would ever have been able to imagine the others. CUT TO: A SPACE STATION Huge and complex. Various space vessels enter and exit its various apertures and gates. The spaceships differ widely: some are sleek rockets. Others are complicated groups of machines. Others look like biological pods. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Throughout the ages, these civilizations have encountered each other time and time again, and have mingled their cultures and beliefs... CUT TO: THE KREE HOMEWORLD A super-scientific planet with huge, spiring cities, and human-like inhabitants of all different skin colors and shades. The dress here is militaristic: it's like the Sparta of the future. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Two societies, however -- the Kree, a race so old that it is the basic stock from which developed all others... DISSOLVE TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 3. THE SKRULL HOMEWORLD A planet like a giant hive, one vast, bulbous nest, populated by green, reptilian creatures. As we look on, various individuals change size and shape at will, to assist with their various tasks. THE WATCHER And the Skrull, avaricious upstarts who live only to serve their Hive Mother -- CUT TO: EXT. SERIES OF SCENES INCLUDING: EXT. FIRST PLANET The first planet we saw before. Its inhabitants kneel ceremonially before representatives of the KREE. EXT. SECOND PLANET The second planet we saw. Its inhabitants perform the same act -- before representatives of the SKRULL. EXT. THIRD PLANET The third planet we saw. Its inhabitants pay homage to the Kree. EXT. FOURTH PLANET The fourth planet we saw. Its inhabitants bow to the Skrull. And, OVER this all: THE WATCHER (V.O.) ...Have dedicated themselves to the subjugation of all others. EXT. AN AREA OF SPACE Where vessels from the two civilizations FIRE on each other in an ENERGY BLASTING space battle. THE WATCHER (V.O.) For countless eons, they have battled each other for supremacy, with neither side able to gain a definitive advantage. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 4. Hit, a Kree ship spirals away. Then a Skrull vessel is also blasted, and it too "falls" off. We ANGLE in the direction in which both ships have gone, then past them TO: EXT. A DEVASTATED PLANET - DAY Nothing but gray rubble, all the way to the horizon. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Now a new power has entered this sector, a power so great that it makes everything else in the universe pale... Massive cables have pierced the planet, and are buried deep in the empty ground. We follow one of the cables upward to its source, ANGLING through the gray atmosphere TO: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP So huge that we can't see all of it at once. It's the size of a not-so-small continent. The cable we've been seeing converges with countless others at the center of the spaceship. We PAN UP this masterpiece of intricate technological design, TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER Here, seated on an enormous command chair that connects him to his planetary energy converter, is GALACTUS. Like his ship, he is a being so huge that we can see only one part of him at a time. Both Galactus and his converter are glowing as, beginning with his booted feet, we ANGLE UP dizzyingly as: THE WATCHER (V.O.) Galactus! An immutable force as old as Time, Galactus possesses incalculable knowledge and strength... We reach Galactus' helmeted head, where we can only see one set of features at a time. We HOLD on his eyes, which appear as pupil-less places of incredible depth. Within those eyes, ENERGY HUMS AND CRACKLES as both Galactus and the converter absorb the energy of the planet below. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 5. THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) Like a shark gliding through an intergalactic sea, Galactus uses his knowledge for only one thing: To find planets whose cores contain the nutrients that will enable him to survive. Galactus' eyes start to glow. Even more ENERGY CRACKLES in them. THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) When Galactus has found such a planet, all his strength is devoted to feeding upon its energies. Galactus' glow grows brighter still. He puts his head back, and from his mouth comes a deep, satisfied sigh. GALACTUS' HAND A finger presses one of a series of studs embedded in the arm of the command chair. EXT. THE DEVASTATED PLANET - DAY With a METALLIC SNICK AND HUM, the cables pull out of the ground, retracting back to the ship. There they close on themselves and vanish into a seamless compartment. We ANGLE DOWN TO the planet: the only sign that Galactus' machinery was ever there is the wasted world below. THE WATCHER (V.O.) So great are his needs that he cares naught for any consequence save his own nourishment... WIDER ANGLE As Galactus' ship starts moving away from the planet. THE WATCHER (V.O.) And after he has fed, shark that he is, all Galactus can do is move on. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 6. EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP The ship moves faster and faster, until the vessel foreshortens into warp and disappears! We HOLD ON space. Its very fabric seems to RIPPLE in a series of waves. Out of the waves, an enormous image appears. It is the translucent head of THE WATCHER. THE WATCHER I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note them...and never interfere. The watcher's head turns as he looks around. THE WATCHER (continuing) This task brings me great joy -- Suddenly, he sees something, O.S., and he stops short. CUT TO: EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA Where Galactus' ship comes out of warp at the far edge of the system. We ANGLE TO a green planet much closer to its sun: EXT. ZENN-LA COUNTRYSIDE - DAY PANNING a pastoral landscape that could pass for the garden of eden. A hilly green meadow. A running stream. Various animals, with predator and prey co-existing side by side. it's the epitome of everything we're teaching our kids that we want Earth to be. THE WATCHER (V.O.) And great sorrow! FADE OUT. END OF TEASER ACT ONE FADE IN: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 7. EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - GALACTUS' SHIP The huge craft moves past the planet farthest from the sun, roaring inexorably nearer to: EXT. ZENN-LA MEADOW - DAY Walking purposefully among the animals is SHALLA BAL, a beautiful young woman who -- like all the others on Zenn- La -- looks so human that this could be happening on Earth. THE SKY ABOVE HER Where a bird that resembles an eagle zeros in as though hunting her. With a HARSH CRY it dives down. SHALLA BAL Looks up at it, and the CRY turns into a COO as the "eagle" nudges against her for its head to be petted. Shalla Bal pats it absently as, looking O.S. with dismay: SHALLA BAL Norrin Radd! I knew I would find you here. EXT. SCULPTURE GARDEN - DAY Where beautiful works of wood, steel, even glass seem to grow out of the grass. Standing before a large sculpture of a spaceship leaving Zenn-La is NORRIN RADD. NORRIN RADD Think of the courage our ancestors had, Shalla Bal -- to leave Zenn- La and soar out to the unknown! SHALLA BAL But we have had no need for space travel since the Enlightenment. We know that the path to peace and harmony lies within our own souls! (beat) Beings from all over the universe come here to learn our ways! ANOTHER ANGLE Norrin Radd moves to the sculpture, running his hand along it. With another CRY, the "eagle" flies away. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 8. NORRIN RADD And yet never have I felt either peace or harmony within me. Instead, I am driven by dreams of other places! SHALLA BAL But your place is here. There are even those who say that you will be the next Master. NORRIN RADD How can I become Master of Zenn- La, Shalla Bal, when I cannot even be master over myself? Shalla Bal hesitates, then puts her arms around Norrin Radd. SHALLA BAL I believe in you, my love. Whatever happens, I will be at your side. Norrin Radd returns her smile. They're about to kiss when: THE SKY With a TREMENDOUS ROARING OF ENGINES, a heavily armed space cruiser with the markings of the KREE EMPIRE appears, descending toward a nearby meadow. ANOTHER ANGLE The NOISE GETS EVEN LOUDER as another armed space cruiser, this one bearing the emblem of the SKRULL CONFEDERATION, also descends. NORRIN RADD AND SHALL BAL Gaze upward in bewilderment. NORRIN RADD The Kree and the Skrull! SHALLA BAL Never before have their soldiers come to Zenn-La. What can this mean? And, as they hurry from the Sculpture Garden, we CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 9. EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - GALACTUS' SHIP As it nears: AN ASTEROID Almost as big as the ship, and lying directly in Galactus' path. A SILVER BEAM OF CHAIN LIGHTNING darts from the ship and BLASTS the asteroid into powder! CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Large but unpretentious, so well designed that it looks almost a part of its green surroundings. The Kree and Skrull ships are hunkered nearby, heat waves still emanating from their silent engines as they cool down. THE MASTER (O.S.) Allow me to present our newest students... EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY Greek in feeling, covered by the spreading branches of a giant, flowering tree. Strolling through the courtyard is the MASTER, a robed man of indeterminate age. With him are two beings in military uniforms: KALEK, a Kree Captain, and HUSSERL, a Skrull Commander. The two soldiers regard each other uneasily as the Master brings them to where Norrin Radd, Shalla Bal, and a dozen or so other HUMAN AND ALIEN STUDENTS FROM VARIOUS CIVILIZATIONS have gathered. THE MASTER ...Captain Kalek of the Kree Empire and Commander Husserl of the Skrull Confederation. KALEK My crew and I are honored to be accepted in your Academy, Master. HUSSERL My crew and I are more honored -- especially since we were accepted first. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 10. THE MASTER There is neither first nor last on Zenn-La. Defying your leaders, you have bravely chosen to come to us in peace and take the first step toward stopping the strife between your cultures. HUSSERL The war is senseless. All beings know it is the Skrull Mother's Destiny to rule the universe! KALEK It is the Skrull Mother's "Destiny" to be ground beneath the Kree Supremor's heel! Kalek and Husserl reach for their energy blasters. NORRIN RADD AND SHALLA BAL Norrin Radd leans closer to her. NORRIN RADD If these are the peaceful ones, I would hate to see the warlike members of their kind... CUT TO: EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - A MOON WIDENING TO SEE that it is slowly rotating into the path of Galactus' ship. The moon is much bigger than the vessel -- but still the SILVER BEAM OF CHAIN LIGHTNING darts from the ship and BLASTS the moon into fragments as we CUT TO: EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY Kalek and Husserl face each other tensely. The Master is unperturbed. THE MASTER Norrin Radd, would you demonstrate the true importance of weapons here on Zenn-La? Norrin Radd steps forward, gestures to the guns. Kalek hesitates, then hands his over. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 11. Quickly, so he isn't outdone, Husserl does the same. Turning, Norrin Radd places the weapons on: A LARGE ROCK With a SOUND LIKE THE RINGING OF A GONG, the weapons dissolve. BACK TO SCENE Norrin Radd turns back to the two soldiers. NORRIN RADD You will find our world unlike any to which you have ever been. HUSSERL (contemptuously) Oh? Perhaps someday you can tell me about all your travels. This is the ultimate put-down. Before Norrin Radd can reply: THE WATCHER (O.S.) People of Zenn-La! WIDER Everyone looks up through the branches of the tree. They gape at: THE SKY ABOVE THEM The same RIPPLE EFFECT we saw in space occurs, and the image of the Watcher's face fills the sky over Zenn-La. EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY Where everyone stares. Several of the STUDENTS CALL OUT: FIRST STUDENT SECOND STUDENT By the Sacred Crystal! What can this mean? NORRIN RADD (in hushed tones) The Watcher! KALEK I have seen him before. At the Massacre of the Horseshoe Nebula. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 12. HUSSERL My Nest Brother perished there. It was a dark day for both sides. Only the Master seems to take it in stride. THE MASTER I sensed your presence, Watcher. You are in pain. THE SKY ABOVE THEM The Watcher peers down at the landscape. THE WATCHER Master of Zenn-La, by speaking to you I am breaking my most sacred vow... CUT TO: EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - CLOSE ON THE PLANET OF ZENN-LA As Galactus' ship closes in. THE WATCHER (V.O.) For millennia, the teachings of Zenn-La have been a beacon of light and sanity in a universe darkened by chaos and strife... A GROUP OF METEORS Crossing the path of the ship. The SILVER CHAIN LIGHTNING ENERGY BLASTS, and the meteors are no more! THE WATCHER (V.O.) Now, in the hope that this light shall not be extinguished, I bring you the most dire of warnings. CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - THE SKY Where the Watcher's face shows grave concern. THE WATCHER Know, all of you, that the being called Galactus is approaching! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 13. EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY PANNING ACROSS Norrin Radd and the others as they react with dismay. CRIES OF ANGUISH fill the air. THIRD STUDENT FOURTH STUDENT No! Master, what will we do?! SHALLA BAL I thought Galactus a myth! NORRIN RADD And I hoped him one! The Master raises his arms, and the NOISE DIES DOWN. THE MASTER We are listening, Watcher! EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - GALACTUS SHIP Slowing, as it reaches Zenn-La. THE WATCHER (V.O.) Galactus comes with a single purpose: To feed on your world. He himself is neither good nor evil. Whether or not you survive is of no significance to him... Galactus' ship moves into orbit around the planet. THE WATCHER (V.O.) (continuing) You on Zenn-La have the power to reach into the hearts and minds of others. Your ways have changed the destinies of whole galaxies. (beat) Now you must change your own! CUT TO: EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY - THE SKY ABOVE The Watcher RIPPLES away as a dark, enormous SHADOW blots out the sun. It is Galactus' ship, dropping lower into orbit. NORRIN RADD AND THE OTHERS Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal hold each other's hand tightly, as, realizing what's happening: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 14. FIRST STUDENT THIRD STUDENT Galactus has arrived! Is this the end of Zenn-La? Everyone turns to the Master as we CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP Orbiting Zenn-La, just above the atmosphere. We ANGLE TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' EYES As they gaze out at: A SERIES OF IMAGES OF THE LANDSCAPE OF ZENN-LA An overview of various parts of the planet, shimmering against the blackness of space as an incredibly advanced technological force projects them before Galactus. GALACTUS' HAND His finger presses a control stud. EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP The cables of destruction that we saw earlier emerge from the ship. Spreading like quills from a porcupine, they shoot down toward Zenn-La. CUT TO: EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY A massive metallic cable plunges toward it, and everyone runs for dear life. NORRIN RADD Grabs Shalla Bal's hand. The two of them race away as the cable CRASHES down where they were standing, crushing the giant tree like a twig. THE CABLE With a WHIRRING ROAR, it begins boring deep into the ground. Huge cracks radiate from the cable, and the ground around the cracks bucks like a bronco! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 15. EXT. ZENN-LA MEADOW - DAY We hear the CRIES of wild birds, and a frightened flock takes to the sky. Beneath them, sheeplike animals stampede through the Sculpture Garden, trashing it as they speed away! INT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY An uneasy refuge for Norrin Radd, Shalla Bal, the Master, and the others. From O.S. come RUMBLING NOISES, and the floor rocks and heaves. THE MASTER Quickly! We must begin the Ceremony of Outreaching! He heads for the center of the room. Kalek speaks wryly. KALEK These are most unusual circumstances for learning about peace! But he joins the others at: THE COMMUNICATION CRYSTAL Dominating the room. The Crystal is twice the size of a man, its myriad facets not only catching and reflecting light but somehow generating light of their own. The Master places both hands on the Crystal, and Norrin Radd and the others array themselves around him, doing the same. The Crystal GLOWS MORE BRIGHTLY and VIBRATES, HUMMING what almost sounds almost like a chant...or a mantra -- CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' FINGER Pressing another control on the command chair. CUT TO: EXT. ZENN-LA MOUNTAIN RANGE - DAY THICK LINES OF BLACK NOTHINGNESS burst into being around a group of the giant cables. Within the Blackness STATIC ENERGY CRACKLES, and the parts of the cables that we can see twist and writhe, smashing into the mountainside! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 16. EXT. ZENN-LA COUNTRYSIDE - DAY MORE Blackness appears, as the ground heaves in a series of giant earthquakes that flatten a group of country cottages. Men and women flee from their homes! EXT. ZENN-LA OCEAN - DAY It roils and bubbles as the Blackness overwhelms it, monstrous waves CLASHING TOGETHER EXPLOSIVELY. CUT TO: INT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - THE COMMUNICATIONS CRYSTAL Its glow BRIGHTENS STILL MORE, the FREQUENCY OF THE HUMMING GROWING HIGHER as we CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' EYES Starting to CRACKLE and GLOW as Galactus begins absorbing the energy of Zenn-La! REVERSE ANGLE A HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE forms in the air before Galactus. Within the hologram is the likeness of the Master. It is smaller in size than Galactus' head. THE MASTER Mighty Galactus, hear my words... GALACTUS' EYES CRACKLING with even more energy. Otherwise, they show no reaction as: THE HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE OF THE MASTER From it, other HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES appear, STREAMING OUT at Galactus: We SEE the beautiful countryside of Zenn-La -- the animals living together -- students from all different worlds gathered around the Master to learn, as: THE MASTER For countless centuries, Zenn-La has taught the civilizations of the universe harmony, balance, and peace... LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 17. Faster and faster the Images emerge. We ANGLE WITH them as they appear, TRANSLUCENT, over the various parts of Galactus' face. As though assaulting him, they DISSOLVE INTO Galactus. THE MASTER (O.S.) We ask nothing for ourselves, but you must know that if you destroy us, you condemn the entire universe as well -- Now the Images change, growing DISTORTED and DARK, MORPHING INTO hideous, battling beings. These Images also STREAM at Galactus, seeming to enter his head, his very being, as: GALACTUS' EYES CRACKLE AND SIZZLE. GALACTUS' FINGER Presses another control on the command chair. WIDER As a BOLT OF ENERGY ARCS from the chair -- THE HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE OF THE MASTER The energy bolt BLASTS it, and all the other Images disappear. The Image of the Master shimmers and shakes, POLARIZING FROM POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE TO POSITIVE again, only to VANISH in a CASCADE OF POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPARKS! CUT TO: INT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - THE COMMUNICATIONS CRYSTAL Where the Master is enveloped in the same SPARKS, his hands clinging to the crystal like those of a man stuck to a high voltage line. His body writhes. NORRIN RADD Master! Swiftly, Norrin Radd wraps his arms around the Master. He too is surrounded by the CRACKLING ENERGY OF THE SPARKS as he pulls the Master to the floor, away from the crystal. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 18. ANOTHER ANGLE Shalla Bal and the others fall back from the crystal as it EXPLODES into a million shards! The EXPLOSION is all that we can SEE, the SHARDS FILLING THE SCREEN, as we FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 19. ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP - THE JUNCTION WHERE THE CABLES ENTER The cables glow brightly. We PAN UP from them TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' HELMETED HEAD TIGHTENING ON his eyes. The CRACKLING ENERGY within them increases as he absorbs more energy. He looks out at: A SERIES OF IMAGES OF THE LANDSCAPE OF ZENN-LA Projected against the blackness of space we SEE the whole planet cracking and rocking as the Garden of Eden that was Zenn-La turns into Hell! The thick lines of Black Nothingness are everywhere, forming a giant grid. Within them, ENERGY EXPLODES! On the surface of the planet, color is vanishing, draining away and leaving everything drab and gray. ANGLE ON GALACTUS' MOUTH Showing a satisfied smile as we CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY The grass has lost all its color, and chunks of meadow break off from the ground and hurtle upward, toward space. We ANGLE FROM the Kree and Skrull ships, rocking with each BOOMING SHAKE of the ground, TO: EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - DAY The Blackness CRACKLES all around the nearby cable, and a SIZZLING finger of it STABS out at the Academy, EXPLODING a wall! We TIGHTEN THROUGH the wreckage TO: INT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Devastated. O.S., the RUMBLING and EXPLOSIONS CONTINUE as we PAN ACROSS the shards of crystal and piles of debris that are all we can SEE. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 20. For a beat, the only movement is the GNASHING of the ground. Then, at last, the rubble stirs -- and Kalek and Husserl dig themselves out. Grimly, they start looking for other survivors. HUSSERL Over here! A CORNER OF THE RUINS Where the Kree and Skrull warriors unearth Shalla Bal. She looks around frantically. SHALLA BAL Norrin Radd...?! ANOTHER PILE OF RUBBLE From beneath it we hear a GROAN. Shalla Bal hurries to it, she uncovers Norrin Radd and the Master. Both men are still. Then, in Shalla Bal's arms, Norrin Radd opens his eyes. NORRIN RADD The Master, is he -- ? Norrin Radd breaks off as he sees Kalek and Husserl help the undeterred Master to his feet. THE MASTER I must try again! (to Kalek and Husserl) Flee while you still have your ships. Take my disciples with you. SHALLA BAL Master, we cannot leave you! NORRIN RADD We all belong to Zenn-La! THE MASTER If I fail, it will be your task to spread our message! (beat) Norrin Radd, I know you have always wanted to go. NORRIN RADD But not like this, Master. Not like this! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 21. ANOTHER ANGLE The Master doesn't reply. From the debris, he picks up the largest shard of the communication crystal he can find, clutches it tightly. It starts to VIBRATE and HUM. CLOSER ON SHARD OF CRYSTAL The CRACKLING ENERGY OF THE SPARKS erupts from it, striking the Master, and, with a gasp, he falls unconscious to the ground. KALEK AND HUSSERL Look from the fallen Master to Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal. KALEK It would seem that our destiny is to fight, after all. We will blast Galactus out of the sky! HUSSERL My crew will strike the fateful blow! The ground ROCKS with another earthquake. Kalek and Husserl look at each other challengingly -- and a turning point is reached. Simultaneously, they raise their hands in salute, then push through the wreckage. NORRIN RADD AND SHALLA BAL Tending to the Master, watching the Warriors go. NORRIN RADD The Kree and the Skrull, side by side at last. SHALLA BAL I pray it will not always take the destruction of a planet to bring them together! CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - A CRACK IN THE GROUND WIDENING as it opens between the running Kalek and Husserl and their ships. Husserl leaps over it -- but Kalek slips, falls, holding on to the edge of the crevasse. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 22. Husserl doesn't hesitate. His arms stretch out, longer, longer, and he pulls the Kree to safety. WIDER The two men continue into their vessels, ENGINES IGNITING as the warships take off! CUT TO: EXT. SPACE OVER ZENN-LA - GALACTUS' SHIP ENERGY CRACKLES all around it like lightning as the Kree and Skrull warships draw near. The two cruisers are dwarfed to insignificance alongside the huge ship. INT. SKRULL WARSHIP - THE BRIDGE Husserl sits in the command chair, staring at Galactus' vessel on the viewscreen. The FIRST OFFICER follows his gaze. HUSSERL What manner of being can create a vessel so huge? FIRST OFFICER Captain, this doesn't have to be our fight. HUSSERL If Galactus isn't stopped now, we will surely waken one day to find him feeding on our Nest! INT. KREE WARSHIP - THE BRIDGE Kalek and his crew are equally mesmerized by Galactus' ship on their viewscreen. Kalek speaks into a communicator. KALEK Husserl! You know what to do. May you bring honor to the Skrull Mother! INT. SKRULL WARSHIP - THE BRIDGE As Husserl responds: HUSSERL And may you bring victory to the Kree Supremor! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 23. EXT. SPACE OVER ZENN-LA The two warships FIRE their ENERGY WEAPONS at Galactus' ship! From the Kree come what look like FIREBALLS, while the Skrull FIRE what resembles huge FIELDS OF FORCE. CLOSER ON GALACTUS' SHIP The weapons have no effect! INT. KREE WARSHIP - THE BRIDGE Kalek frowns, leans forward in his command chair. INT. SKRULL WARSHIP - THE BRIDGE Husserl does the same. EXT. SPACE OVER ZENN-LA The two ships dive to where the cables join with Galactus' ship. Again they FIRE. Still, nothing happens! WIDER Suddenly, a RING OF ENERGY FLARES out from Galactus' ship, catching first the Kree, then the Skrull. Like the Image of the Master earlier, the ships SHIMMER and shake, POLARIZING FROM POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE and back, until they too VANISH IN A CASCADE OF POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPARKS! Then the SPARKS too are gone, and all that is left is Galactus' ship. Its CRACKLING ENERGY GROWS STRONGER as we CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY PANNING ACROSS the devastation. The CRACKLING Blackness is spreading, and a TURBULENT STORM OF SOOT AND ASH darkens the air. From deep within a crevasse comes an EXPLOSIVE TORRENT OF LAVA AND ROCK. NORRIN RADD (O.S.) Shalla Bal! Did you sense that?! NORRIN RADD AND SHALLA BAL Near collapse, they run from the ERUPTION, supporting the weakened form of the Master between them. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 24. SHALLA BAL Two great flames have been extinguished... THE MASTER I fear it is the end of Zenn-La! Let us prepare. Composing himself, the Master lowers himself to the ground, sitting cross-legged and closing his eyes. SHALLA BAL No! The beauty, the meaning of our world, must not be lost! The Master doesn't stir. He's a man in a trance. But Shalla Bal's words have deeply affected Norrin Radd. NORRIN RADD Zenn-La cannot bring peace to the universe if there is no Zenn-La! We cannot give up. We will not! CLOSER ON NORRIN RADD He looks at the devastation around them. NORRIN RADD Watcher! If this world means so much to you, show yourself! EXT. THE SKY - DAY Where we SEE nothing but the soot and ash -- growing thicker and darker by the moment. EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - NORRIN RADD Raises his fist at the sky. NORRIN RADD I know you are there! EXT. THE SKY - DAY The RIPPLE EFFECT occurs, and the Watcher looks down at them. THE WATCHER I feel great pity and sorrow for you all. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 25. EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Norrin Radd grows even angrier! NORRIN RADD "Pity?" "Sorrow?" You dare? (beat) What kind of monster are you, to claim sorrow but refuse to help those in need? EXT. THE SKY - DAY The Watcher's eyes widen. No one has ever spoken to him this way! EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Again, Norrin Radd calls out angrily. NORRIN RADD You have already broken your vow! Now, you who have witnessed the depredations of Galactus for eons -- must tell us more! (even harder) You will tell us more! EXT. THE SKY - DAY The Watcher stares down. THE WATCHER For what purpose? Galactus cannot be swayed! EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Norrin Radd looks to Shalla Bal, gains even more strength. He turns back to the Watcher. NORRIN RADD You must know something we can use to save our world! Tell me his secret -- now! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 26. EXT. THE SKY - DAY The words sound as though they have been ripped out of Norrin Radd's throat, and they touch the Watcher to the very heart. Slowly, the Watcher's massive head nods... CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER ANGLING UP from Galactus' enormous boots. The Energy Converter, Galactus control chair, and Galactus himself glow intensely as we ANGLE TO: GALACTUS' EYES Awash with CRACKLING, SIZZLING ENERGY. From O.S. comes a HUMMING SOUND, like that of the communication crystal, but SOFTER and WEAKER. Galactus ignores it as we CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal stand in the gathering DARKNESS outside the wrecked Academy, their hands wrapped around: THE CRYSTAL SHARD The same one that the Master tried to use before, GLOWING AND VIBRATING. The CRACKLING ENERGY STABS OUT, and Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal reel. But they refuse to fall! NORRIN RADD AND SHALLA BAL Exchange intense gazes. NORRIN RADD Hold on! Do not let go! They close their eyes, concentrating even harder. THE CRYSTAL SHARD The CRACKLING ENERGY FADES, and the crystal itself brightens, the VOLUME INCREASING again as we CUT TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 27. EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' HEAD THE VIBRATING MUSIC OF THE CRYSTAL GROWS EVEN LOUDER, and the holographic image of a desperate Norrin Radd forms faintly in the air nearby. CLOSER ON THE IMAGE OF NORRIN RADD It fades out, then back in several times, finally remains stable. The Image of Norrin Radd opens its eyes. NORRIN RADD Galactus! I am Norrin Radd, of the planet Zenn-La! CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Shalla Bal's eyes too are opened. She watches Norrin Radd worriedly as: NORRIN RADD I am not here to beg, nor ask for your mercy... EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' HEAD What we see of him shows no expression. We don't even know if he's aware of: THE IMAGE OF NORRIN RADD The most earnest-looking face in the world! NORRIN RADD Instead, I come to make you an offer... GALACTUS' FINGER Is poised above one of the controls on the command chair. But it remains there as: THE IMAGE OF NORRIN RADD Looks O.S., at Shalla Bal, then back at Galactus. NORRIN RADD I can help you. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 28. GALACTUS' EYES The ENERGY-FILLED orbs open just a bit wider. NORRIN RADD (O.S.) I can give you the one thing that even the great Galactus needs! GALACTUS' MOUTH Opens. At last, we hear our first sound from this fantastic being. We hear a LOUD, ROARING, DISDAINFUL LAUGH! CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY Norrin Radd can't hear the laughter. He has no idea if he's getting anywhere. Again, he looks to Shalla Bal, and, summoning all his strength and courage: NORRIN RADD Galactus -- are you listening to me -- ? CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - GALACTUS' FINGER Plunges down on a button on the chair! EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP A RING OF ENERGY FLARES, BEAMING DOWN as we CUT TO: EXT. THE MASTER'S ACADEMY - DAY - THE RING OF ENERGY STABBING at: NORRIN RADD His body SHIMMERS WITH THE POLARIZING EFFECT! The SPARKS FILL THE SCREEN, and then they and Norrin Radd are gone! SHALLA BAL Throwing herself at the empty space where her lover had stood. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 29. SHALLA BAL Norrin! Norrin! CUT TO: EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - A BUBBLE OF ENERGY In which stands a rightfully terrified Norrin Radd! We WIDEN TO SEE that he and the energy bubble float directly before: GALACTUS' EYES CRACKLING with absorbed energy, as we finally hear Galactus speak: GALACTUS Your presumptuousness amuses me, Norrin Radd of Zenn-La. Galactus' voice is deep, full, with nothing mechanical or enhanced about it. If it reminds us of anything, it is of how we imagine the voice of God. NORRIN RADD - INTERCUT AS NEEDED WITH VARIOUS PARTS OF GALACTUS' FACE Norrin Radd has never experienced anything like this -- no one has. He's speechless. Galactus seems amused. GALACTUS You have set yourself a lofty goal. How could one such as you "help" one such as I? I, who need nothing, who desire nothing -- Norrin Radd psyches up, forces himself to speak. NORRIN RADD Great Galactus, you do desire -- to survive. Galactus' eyes narrow. Then he laughs once more. GALACTUS Ah, the tiny mite grows even bolder! (beat) Tell me -- what is it Galactus "needs" to survive? Norrin Radd hesitates. This is it: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 30. NORRIN RADD Planets! An endless supply of planets to consume! Your constant search depletes you, and that day is coming when you will not find you next "meal" in time. (beat) It need not be so. Spare Zenn-La, and I will serve you as a net serves a fisherman. Cast me out into the sea of space, and I will find the new worlds you need! GALACTUS' EYES Within them, the ENERGY STOPS CRACKLING. Galactus roars: GALACTUS I am Galactus! My power is limitless! In all the universe, there is nothing I cannot do! But then he stops, his eyes clearing -- and becoming empty. At last, in a voice like a whisper: GALACTUS (continuing) Yet I grow so weary of the endless search... CUT TO: EXT. ZENN-LA MOUNTAIN RANGE - DAY A mass of dead rock intertwined with Galactus' cables and the Black Nothingness. As we WATCH, the areas of Blackness thin, the ENERGY within them FLICKERING as they disappear! The glow around the cables stops. One cable, then another, then all of them retract and pull up out of the ground! Timidly, a few animals come out of hiding. More join them... EXT. ZENN-LA COUNTRYSIDE - DAY The heaving of the ground stops. Now we SEE not only animals but the people of Zenn-La, looking around with great wonder at still being alive. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 31. EXT. ZENN-LA OCEAN - DAY Growing calmer, its monstrous waves falling back. Water ebbs back into the ocean from the coast. We TIGHTEN ON the still water. A fish arcs out gracefully... CUT TO: EXT. THE ACADEMY COURTYARD - NIGHT - GALACTUS' CABLE Pulls out of the ground and retracts back into the sky. We WIDEN TO SEE the Master opening his eyes and seeing what's happening as: SHALLA BAL (O.S.) You have saved us, Norrin Radd! But the price -- ! EXT. SCULPTURE GARDEN - NIGHT Although there isn't much sculpture left. Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal stand near the twisted wreckage that was the spaceship sculpture Norrin Radd looked at earlier. He rubs his hand over it. NORRIN RADD -- Must be paid. And only I, of all those on this world, can pay it! SHALLA BAL But how can anyone of Zenn-La serve Galactus? It is against all we stand for. NORRIN RADD I know what we stand for! SHALLA BAL Then how can you help him destroy thousands of worlds? NORRIN RADD You do not understand! I will guide him only to planets whose cores burst with energy, yet which have no intelligent life. I will save countless civilizations! (beat) This is the true philosophy of Zenn-La. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 32. Shalla Bal turns away thoughtfully. Then, turning back to him: SHALLA BAL I do understand, Norrin Radd. This is what you have longed for all your life. (smiling sadly) It truly is your chance to explore the stars. Use it well, my love. Use it wisely -- GALACTUS (O.S.) (interrupting) I am waiting, Norrin Radd! NORRIN RADD (calling upward) Just another moment -- please! GALACTUS (O.S.) It is time, Norrin Radd! Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal reach out to each other -- and Norrin Radd's body SHIMMERS AND GROWS TRANSLUCENT, the young woman's arms going right through him. NORRIN RADD I love you, Shalla Bal... SHALLA BAL Galactus! Take me with him! Take me with him! Shalla Bal's strong facade has cracked. This is more than she can take. An ENERGY BUBBLE APPEARS, but it lifts only Norrin Radd off the ground. He presses against it. NORRIN RADD I will never forget you, my Shalla Bal! Shalla Bal's arms reach up toward Norrin Radd. His arms reach down toward her. But it's hopeless. Tears fill both their eyes. Norrin Radd calls out: NORRIN RADD (continuing) I swear I will return to you someday -- somehow...! LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 33. The ENERGY BUBBLE takes Norrin Radd up, out of sight. We HOLD ON Shalla Bal and CUT TO: EXT. SOLAR SYSTEM OF ZENN-LA - GALACTUS' SHIP As it heads away from Zenn-La. EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - NORRIN RADD Suspended in the ENERGY BUBBLE. He is naked, arms and legs extended, the varying colors of the energy protecting both his modesty and ours. GALACTUS (O.S.) To perform your task as my herald, Norrin Radd, you must become far more than merely a man... GALACTUS' HEAD Just enough of it to give us his expression as he looks on. GALACTUS I bestow upon you a portion of my own power cosmic... NORRIN RADD Gazing upward in wonderment. GALACTUS (O.S.) You shall absorb boundless strength from the cosmos itself, needing no food to eat, no water to drink, and no air to breathe... GALACTUS' FINGER Presses a control on his chair. THE ENERGY BUBBLE More ENERGY ARCS into it! GALACTUS (O.S.) You shall be able to transmute the elements, and to heal others as well as yourself... LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 34. NORRIN RADD His expression changes, becoming one of pain as: THE TRANSFORMATION - SERIES OF SHORT SCENES - INTERCUT WITH GALACTUS' EYES AND MOUTH Norrin Radd writhes with pain and effort as he is bathed in various energies. GALACTUS (O.S.) Cosmic bolts of awesome power shall be yours to hurl -- Norrin Radd's body stiffens. He lapses into merciful unconsciousness. Still, the process continues, Norrin Radd's body twisting, his teeth gnashing as: GALACTUS (O.S.) (continuing) And neither the frigid cold of deepest space nor the blazing heat of the brightest star shall harm your shielded body... Individually, the various parts of Norrin Radd's body change from color to color, going through the entire spectrum, even while they are stretched, compressed, flattened, and pumped full until it seems that Norrin Radd must burst. He is being coated with every possible element, to protect him against every possible contingency, until: GALACTUS (O.S.) (continuing) Most importantly, I shall give you the means to travel faster than the fastest starship, so you may soar to the ends of the universe -- and beyond... Within the ENERGY BUBBLE another form appears beside that of the sleeping Norrin Radd. Long and narrow, it is shadowy, as though encased in a mold not yet broken open. We HOLD ON the two creations and DISSOLVE TO: LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 35. EXT. GALACTUS' CONTROL CENTER - NORRIN RADD A dark shadow comes over him and the ENERGY BUBBLE in which he is encased. We WIDEN to see Galactus' hand taking Norrin Radd from the BUBBLE and closing around him. GALACTUS' EYES Look down at his creation. GALACTUS (O.S.) Norrin Radd exists no more. You are newborn, my herald... GALACTUS' HAND STATIC ENERGY courses around it. GALACTUS (O.S.) Even your mind is a new page on which I shall write. The ENERGY stops. Galactus' fingers open, and kneeling on Galactus' palm is a muscular figure a rich silver in color. GALACTUS (O.S.) (continuing) Arise! NEW ANGLE - INTERCUT AS NECESSARY The eyes of the gleaming form of the SILVER SURFER focus upon Galactus. SILVER SURFER Master! I am ready to serve. GALACTUS Then go, my Silver Surfer. The spaceways beckon -- and the great hunger is upon me once more! SILVER SURFER To me, my board! The Silver Surfer holds out his arm as though he's been doing this all his life. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 36. ANOTHER ANGLE We learn what the other object in the ENERGY BUBBLE was, as in a burst of SILVER ENERGY -- a silver surfboard appears from O.S. The board soars to the Silver Surfer. The Surfer leaps upon it, positions himself easily. Riding the board, the Surfer soars around the control center, continues out beyond it, to: EXT. GALACTUS' SHIP As the Surfer sweeps from the control center. In B.G., the translucent image of the Watcher appears. THE WATCHER Behold the universe! Incredibly complex, yet wonderfully simple. Tragedy becomes triumph, and triumph turns tragic once more. The former Norrin Radd looks down from Galactus' ship, his eyes finding: SILVER SURFER'S POV - ZENN-LA A green jewel in the distance. The Surfer calls out: SILVER SURFER (O.S.) What of this planet, Master? GALACTUS (O.S.) I gave a promise once, to an honorable man. That planet is not for such as we. THE SILVER SURFER Gazes at the planet. Then he forces himself to look away, catches a wave of interstellar "current," and flies along it like a man from earth surfing an ocean wave. THE WATCHER Once, on a planet of wisdom known as Zenn-La, there lived a man of nobility and courage. (beat) Now, a new being lives in his stead. Behold, the Silver Surfer! We ANGLE WITH the Silver Surfer, TIGHTENING ON him as he rides the cosmic waves. LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97 37. Faster and faster he moves, until he FORESHORTENS into warp and disappears! FADE OUT. THE END LARRY BRODY 1875-01 SILVER SURFER REV. PAGES 1/08/97