Silver Surfer Volume 1, Issue #24

"Terminal Ferocity" Part 6

Written by Matt Hamilton,  Edited by E. A. Morrissey
Published by the Cosmic Power Fan Fiction Group
Silver Surfer created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Silver Surfer is a trademark of Marvel Comics

The electronically enhanced voice of Magneto rang out across the closing gap between his craft and the immense alien, Terminus.

"Alien! We had a deal, and Magneto expects that you will honor it!"

Terminus, after a brief pause to examine the oncoming plane, returned to his harvest of the uranium in the ground below him. He didn't seem to consider Magneto a threat at all.

Magneto's voice now had a tinge of anger in it. "Hear me, alien! Honor your deal, or feel the wrath of the Master of Magnetism!"

The taunt bounced off the armored form of the enormous alien. He continued driving his immense lance into the earth, pausing every so often to reach down and pick up huge handfuls of mineral, transferring them into the hold of his ship.

From within the massive craft, the Silver Surfer could do nothing but watch the alien tear the ground up. He was held to the wall by an energy-siphoning clasp, unable to escape. His board, though within sight, was no help - held as it was to another part of the wall by a similar clasp. Again the Surfer craned his neck, using his cosmic senses to watch the happenings outside.

Magneto looked up at the armor-clad behemoth before him. As he had suspected, the alien had not kept his word. The Master of Magnetism had struck a deal with Terminus before the alien had entered earth's atmosphere, promising to lead the alien to the resources it needed if it would grant him the power to rule over the planet.

Now he felt like a fool.

A well prepared fool, however.

"Blob!" He commanded. "While I keep him occupied, prepare our surprise!" With that, Magneto lifted himself off the ground, riding the earth's magnetic field. He spread his arms wide, and concentrated on Terminus.

"The alien's armor is obviously not made of iron," he thought to himself, "but there are enough ferrous metals in the alloy for me to make him acknowledge me!"

Terminus suddenly felt a pull on one of his arms. He ignored it at first, trying to continue the harvest of minerals, but it eventually strengthened to the point where his right hand was suspended above him. Summoning his strength, he was able to pull the arm back to his side as he stood upright and faced the insect causing the disturbance.

"You promised me great power, alien!" shouted the red-clad gnat. "I have shown you to your precious resources, now honor your pledge!"

"Mighty Terminus does not deal with ameba! Die now, puny ones!" With that, the alien lifted a massive arm, and his outstretched hand began to glow with cosmic energy. Suddenly Magneto's hovering form made a pushing motion, and Terminus felt an immense force actually push him back, almost losing his balance!

Angrier than ever before, Terminus stepped forwards and extended both his hands, intent on incinerating his assailants.

Magneto called down to his subservient mutants, now outside the plane. "Scarlet Witch! He prepares to fire! Protect us now!"

As Terminus let loose a beam of cosmic energy towards the band, the Scarlet Witch made a series of gestures, and a kind of lens appeared between the mutants and the alien. The energy passed through the lens, but was converted to harmless light!

"Excellent!" cried Magneto. "Hold it their, Witch! Now, Blob, let me respond in kind!"

"Respond in kind?" thought the Surfer. "Magneto had little power over me, and just barely enough to touch Terminus! What could he possibly do to worry the alien?" Again he turned his head to watch the fray beyond the hull of Terminus's ship.

The Blob, who had earlier retreated to the aft of Magneto's plane, now appeared outside carrying a huge tube-shaped object. "Could this be what the 'second stop' was for?" wondered the Surfer, remembering that Magneto had told him of two stops before they rendezvoused with Terminus.

While the Scarlet Witch maintained her protective lens, the Blob carried the object to the front of the group, and mounted it onto his shoulder. "Some sort of weapon, obviously," thought the Surfer.

It wasn't until Quicksilver retrieved a large metallic lump from the craft and loaded it into the rear of the tube that the Surfer realized its use. "A magnetic accelerator! Magneto is going to use the tube to propel that lump of metal at Terminus! Obviously the Blob is the only one strong enough to stand his ground with the massive recoil such a weapon would have!"

For the first time the Surfer believed that the mutants might face Terminus and survive!

"Now, Terminus," cried Magneto, "feel the power of Homo-superior!" And with that, he made a sweeping gesture from the Blob to the alien. The lump of metal rifled through the huge barrel and shot towards Terminus at nearly light speed, leaving a spiraling trail of superheated air in its wake. It struck the monstrous armor near Terminus' right shoulder, and the sheer force was enough to knock the alien over.

Almost insane with rage, Terminus rose to one knee and let loose another barrage of cosmic energy only to have it filtered through the Scarlet Witch's lens and pass through the mutants with no harm.

Suddenly another shot rose from the gun, which had been rearmed at superhuman speed by Quicksilver. This one struck Terminus square in the chest, and he fell backwards once again.

In fury, the immense alien struck the ground with both fists. The tremor, strong enough to topple the other earthbound mutants, did not shake the Blob. It did, however, dislodge the railgun from his grip, and it fell to the ground.

With the time he had bought, Terminus grabbed his lance and boarded his ship. He was obviously dismayed at the uselessness of his power, and the assault from the mutants. He made his way to the deck on which the Silver Surfer was captive, and turned to the Zenn-Lavian.

"You insect friends have cut short my visit to this world, but I shall use your power to make my escape!"

And as Terminus moved to a nearby control panel, the Silver Surfer felt the siphon begin drawing his power cosmic into the ship. The pain was almost unbearable as the craft lifted off the ground and back into the atmosphere.

Despite the blinding pain, the Silver Surfer still had the presence of mind to brace himself for the impact - for at any moment now the ship would attempt to pass through Galactus' barrier!