The following are sites hosted by Marvelite.Prohosting.Com, which were not created by James Pedrick:

Sailor Scout Central
Maintained by Jason Haynes and Kelsey
Dedicated to Sailor Moon

The Power of Adam Warlock
Created by Soul Gems
Dedicated to the Adam Warlock

The following sites are currently inactive:

Ultraverse: A New Twist
Dedicated to fan fiction on the Ultraverse.  If interested in becoming new host and web master of Ultraverse: A New Twist, or if you have an Ultraverse website, e-mail 

Prime: The New Adventures
Prime: The New Adventures was an add on to Ultraverse: A New Twist with details and pictures about the characters involved in the Prime stories.

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Silver Surfer Website
Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group
Galactus Web Page
Captain Marvel Web Page
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