Below are some original stories from Beyond Reality,
seen in our comic fan fiction webzine, Cosmic Powers Unlimited:

War of the Blood Gods by "Grim"
From the writer of Drunk Thanos, comes a more serious science fiction/horror thriller, War of the Blood Gods.  Set in the future, when humans are exploring Mars, this story will become a classic as it launches our new Beyond Reality original fiction site.
Current Editions: Issue #1 - Issue #2 - Issue #3 - Issue #4 - Issue #5
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The Long March of Ares by "Azmodi"
Azmodi, writer of the Twilight War fan fiction stories, introduces us to a new story set in World War II, starring some German soldiers who find themselves dependent on a Jewish community.  But everything may not be as it seems in this new piece by Azmodi.
Current Editions: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (End)
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Coming Soon...
"The Dimension Machine" by Fred Walker
"Liberation" by Rory O'Sullivan
and more...

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